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Banners and Advertising

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Of the entire audience of our visitors, 75% are Ukrainians. Among Ukrainian users - 87% live in million-plus cities, from Kiev - 60%. Viewing depth - 3.5 pages per unique visitor.

The main part of our audience is young active people from 21 to 35 years old with incomes above average and high. Men are just over 65%, people with higher or incomplete higher education are more than 86%.

We are ready to cooperate on advertising on our portal on the most favorable conditions and dumping prices for you in the conditions of the financial crisis! You know exactly the location of your banner, unlike banner advertising systems that can place your banner anywhere, even on a completely unvisited resource.

Our project is very flexible, the cost of long-term and complex advertising campaigns is discussed separately.

Discounts for regular customers are provided. For advertising agencies additional discounts!

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Static option (+ SEO EFFECT ? )

Static placement of products / information / goods in any quantity within reasonable limits.

This will be a unique section with its pages, content, contacts and keywords, or as you wish (for example,

Like all sections of the site, your section will be promoted on the Internet. Only white promotion methods are used: registration in bookmarks; article promotion; Filling with unique content purchase of paid advertising.

If after a month you understand that you are interested in further cooperation in this format, we leave everything as it is.


  • Placement of a full article about your product with images (free editing from and to or on a turn-key basis).
  • Placement of any types of banners, Rich banners, trizzers, links (468x60, 120x60, 120x600, 88x31, *** x ***, vertical, horizontal).
  • Placing a pass-through banner link to your section on all pages of the portal (more than 5,000,000. Pages).
  • Placing a banner in certain sections.


  • Accommodation is negotiated with the client, complexity is determined and the price is prepared (the lowest in the CIS).
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Prices for static advertising throughout the month:
- price is indicated for 100% of banner display priority
- the price for a lower priority corresponds to% ordered from 100%

The size
A place
Banner The agreed size and place on the main Month from 50 $
Banner Specified size and space for end-to-end placement Month from 50 $
Banner The agreed size and place for through placement + main Month from 100 $

Link Direct link in the agreed place on the main Month from $ 20
Link Direct link at the agreed place on the through placement Month from $ 20
Link Direct link in the agreed place on through placement + main Month from $ 20

Your option Your option Your option negotiable