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Following Yanukovych, about 5,000 Ukrainian officials and their relatives fled to Russia. Runaways buy homes for millions of dollars. LIST

Вслед за Януковичем в Россию сбежали около 5 тысяч украинских чиновников и их родственников.

Virtually the entire entourage of the former Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovich, is now on the run and has already settled in Russia. Former officials of Ukraine acquired apartments and houses in Moscow and the near Moscow suburbs and have already acquired Russian passports and permanent employment.

According to Tsenzor.NET, the list of those who hastily moved from Ukraine to the aggressor’s territory is impressive. In addition to the ex-president Viktor Yanukovych, who settled on Rublevka in the cottage village "Landscape".

According to "Our Version", the list can be continued for a long time - a total of about 5 thousand people are recruited together with the children and household members.

In Russia now live

  • former Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko,
  • former Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev,
  • ex-Minister of Justice Elena Lukash,
  • former head of the Ukrainian foreign intelligence service Grigory Ilyashov (spouse of Elena Lukash),
  • ex-head of the Security Service of Ukraine Alexander Yakimenko,
  • former first deputy head of the presidential administration Andrei Portnov,
  • former Attorney General Viktor Pshonka,
  • former First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov,
  • former Education Minister Dmitry Tabachnik.

As the former prefect of the Northern administrative district of the capital, Oleg Mitvol, told the publication, "after the Maidan and the beginning of the antiterrorist operation in southeastern Ukraine, the former officials who held high positions under Yanukovych moved to us, most of them are going to settle here for a long time, buy housing and acquires Russian citizenship. "

About 40% of official refugees from Ukraine buy real estate in Moscow at a price of one to two million dollars. Another approximately 40% invest in residential properties from two to five million dollars. The remaining 20% ​​comes from large transactions - up to $ 30 million.

Wealthy citizens of Ukraine occupied two thirds of the market of all rented elite Moscow apartments. They are primarily interested in the Prechistenka and Ostozhenka districts in Moscow and the Novorizhskoe direction in the Moscow region.

Many "refugees" buy housing without hiding. Thus, the former first deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine, Andrey Portnov, who acquired luxury housing in his name, was nearly kidnapped and not taken to his former homeland under compulsion.

The son of the ex-premier of Ukraine Mykola Azarov, the current deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Alexei Azarov acquired a plot of land in the Istrinsky district of the Moscow region in the club village Monolit in the spring of 2014. True, now the site of 35 with an area of ​​4 thousand square meters has been reissued to be Edward Fatkhullin, the father of the spouse of the son of former premier Lilia Azarova. The approximate cost of such a house is about eight million dollars.

The family of the former head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Alexander Yakimenko, recently acquired a second apartment in Moscow. The three-room living space was designed by Yakimenko’s son-in-law, Anatoly Abramenko.

The former head of the National Bank of Ukraine, former First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov, recently headed the association "Center for Research on the Economic and Socio-Cultural Development of the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe", which he himself registered in St. Petersburg. In the same place, allegedly, there is a new apartment of Arbuzov, and in Moscow he is renting housing.