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In the DNR showed their money - "the settlement signs of Novorossia"

В ДНР показали свои деньги - расчетные знаки Новороссии
В ДНР показали свои деньги - расчетные знаки Новороссии

In the unrecognized DNR, they announced their intention to introduce their "currency."

The separatists of the self-proclaimed Democratic People's Republic of Moldova showed the journalists new money, which they intend to introduce in the territories under their control, withdrawing the hryvnia from circulation.

The new monetary units were called the "settlement sign of Novorossia." Two denomination bills were shown on the frames: 100 and 25 "settlement signs".

According to the man on the video, the new money of the separatists will have nine degrees of protection. According to him, the necessary number of them has already been printed, and now lies in the warehouse, waiting to be put into circulation.

He also said that the "settlement signs" are not a full currency, they are planned to be introduced in parallel with the hryvnia in order to "wash out" the latter. And after that, the person on the video says, full money will be introduced.

Earlier it was reported that a "DNR bank" had opened in Makeyevka.