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August 20 results: The flag of Ukraine on the Moscow skyscraper and a new hryvnia fall record

Флаг Украины на московской высотке

At a skyscraper in Moscow, unidentified persons hung out the Ukrainian flag .

In Moscow, unknown persons hung out the Ukrainian flag on the spire of the Stalinist skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment.

Photos appeared on social networks that show that unknown people also painted half of the star crowning the skyscraper blue.

Three hours later, the Ukrainian flag was removed from the spire of a skyscraper in Moscow. Later, on the fact of hanging the Ukrainian flag on a skyscraper in Moscow, a case was opened.

At Kiev stations searched for explosives

In Kiev, police searched for explosives at the Kiev-Passenger and Darnitsa stations. It is reported by UNN with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on the South-Western Railway. Reportedly, they were looking for explosives because of a call from an unknown person who said, "Get ready, the station is mined."

Royal says she was attacked

Natalia Korolevskaya announced the attack of representatives of the Black Committee initiative on her and activists of the Road of Life, who were preparing to send humanitarian aid for Slavyansk. It was reported that the attackers were about 20 people, and they were "aggressive."

Ilovaisk taken under control of security forces

Fighters of the Donbass battalion, together with the military of the Armed forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense battalions of the Dnieper and Shakhtersk, control Ilovaisk of Donetsk region. According to the press service of the National Guard, “Now the Ukrainian security forces control the entire city, although the counterattacks by the terrorists continue.” Later, information appeared that the volunteer battalions were moving away from Ilovaisk, the city was not taken. Igor Mosiychuk, deputy of the City Council, wrote on his Facebook page. . "Ilovaisk by our troops was not taken. Volunteer battalions depart from this locality. According to preliminary information, in the Azov battalion one was killed and six wounded, information is being clarified, "he wrote.

The head of the Kherson regional state administration is dismissed

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko fired the chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration, Yuri Odarchenko. Note, about a month ago, on July 25, Odarchenko wrote a letter of resignation, saying that he could not hold the post of head of the Kherson Regional State Administration for ethical reasons.

Ukrainian enterprises do not sell military products to Russia

The government investigates every appeal about alleged facts of deliveries of military products and dual-use products to Russia by individual Ukrainian enterprises, but none of them has been confirmed at the moment. According to Finance Minister Alexander Shlapak: “We hear rumors of a sale through third countries, every such fact is being investigated ... No military and dual-use products are being shipped to Russia.”

New hryvnia fall record

The National Bank of Ukraine from 14.00 on August 20 lowered the hryvnia to a new historical low - 13.22 hryvnias per dollar, according to the financial regulator’s website.

Ukraine asks IMF to combine 3rd and 4th tranches of credit

Ukraine asks the International Monetary Fund to revise the allocation of funds under the stand by loan, combining its third and fourth tranches with the possibility of receiving them by the end of this year. According to Finance Minister Alexander Shlapak: “We want to combine the 3rd and 4th tranches. We expect that it will be about 2.2 billion dollars. And we expect to receive them by the end of the year.”

Debts to the military

The prosecutor's office of the Western region of Ukraine has established the fact of non-payment by the mobilized military from the Lviv region of more than 500 thousand hryvnias of monetary support, the press service of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine said. The prosecutor's office notes that as a result of inaction and lack of control of officials of one of the military units of the Lviv region, the military personnel mobilized in May and June 2014 did not accrue or pay cash collateral totaling more than 500 thousand hryvnias.

Poroshenko said that the association with the EU will be ratified in September

President Petro Poroshenko met with deputies of the Fatherland faction, with whom he discussed the ratification of the association agreement with the European Union. "We have done a lot for the association agreement to take place. There is no discussion in Ukraine whether this important document is worth it or not," the president said, assuring that the agreement would be ratified in September.

In Kharkov, canceled all events for the City Day

Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes canceled all events for the City Day, which is traditionally celebrated on August 23. As the mayor’s appeal to the residents of Kharkov posted on the official website of the Kharkov City Council says: “Unfortunately, this year’s day for Kharkiv people is overshadowed by events in neighboring regions. There are fights, people are dying. It would be wrong in these tragic and fateful Ukrainian days to celebrate City Day. ”

The deficit of the Ukrainian state budget increased

The current deficit of the state budget of Ukraine is 5% of GDP with the planned indicator of 4.5%. According to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Oleksandr Shlapak: "The budget deficit for this year is planned at 4.5%, but it has been slightly increased due to recent changes to the budget - by 7.3 billion hryvnias. Now it is 5%."

GPU transferred to Russia evidence of the presence of its mercenaries in the Donbass

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy Yarema provided the head of the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika with evidence of the participation of Russian citizens in the conflict in Ukraine and the financing of the separatists. Yarema hopes that his Russian counterpart will give an objective legal assessment of the actions of Russian citizens participating in the armed conflict. “I count on your objective legal assessment of the actions of those citizens of the Russian Federation who pose a threat to peace and stability not only in Ukraine, but also in their homeland,” wrote Yarema.

Several McDonald`s closed in Moscow

Rospotrebnadzor has found numerous violations of sanitary laws in Moscow fast food restaurants McDonald`s, the report said on the website of the department. As a result of the audit, a decision was made “on a temporary ban on the activities of McDonald`s fast-food enterprises: Moscow-McDonalds CJSC (Svobodny prospekt, 35B, 29 Bolshaya Bronnaya street), McDonalds LLC (97 Prospekt Mira, 97, Manezhnaya square, house 1, building 2). ”

The fighting in Donetsk killed nine residents

In Donetsk, as a result of shelling on the afternoon of August 20, nine residents were killed, another 13 people were injured, the press service of the City Council reports. "In the morning there were shelling in Petrovsky (the village of Trudovskaya mine) and the Kiev district (Polygraphic street) of the city. Unfortunately, there were casualties among the civilian population. Seven people died in the Petrovsky district, two - in the Kiev, 13 people were injured. severity, "the report said.

Universities of Donetsk region will begin to work in late September

In the Donetsk region, the academic year in universities will begin on September 29, said Tamara Lukyanchuk, deputy head of the Donetsk regional state administration. According to her, an introductory campaign is actively conducted in the region. Despite the fact that many graduates have undergone external independent testing in other areas, they intend to study at universities in the Donetsk region.

Dzhemilev appointed Presidential Commissioner for Crimean Tatars

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has appointed the people's deputy of Ukraine, the former leader of the Mejlis, Mustafa Dzhemilev, as his representative for the affairs of the Crimean Tatar people. Decree on this No. 656/2014 is published on the website of the head of state. Earlier, Poroshenko introduced the post of Commissioner for the Crimean Tatar people, who was entrusted with ensuring compliance with the constitutional rights of the Crimean Tatar people as the indigenous people of Ukraine.