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UPD: 05/06/2014 Putin's plan for May 9

Putin's plan for May 9

Everyone understands that Russia is terribly tired of Ukraine. Everyone understands that Russia really wants to finally send troops from Slavyansk to Chop itself to Ukraine and get rid of this headache once and for all.

But Ukraine is still playing too well the role of an innocent victim in the eyes of the West, so that this could be done without running into the status of a world aggressor and a complete blockade, which, of course, does not want to, despite all the bravado “Yes, we have your sanctions - fie and grind. "

Of course, first of all, the key to success of Ukraine in the field of theatrical exposure of itself as an innocent victim is the impotence of our authorities, which are unable to disperse the rally or neutralize the terrorist.

Therefore, the idea to expose Ukrainians as evil demons, who insidiously destroy their own population, is not entirely obtained.

Slavyansk, as a nesting place for cute peaceful angels who just want self-determination and autonomy, turned out to be a complete failure. Because Ponomarev - it’s clear what kind of angel. And then he also took hostage foreign observers. And then he also got MANPADS from somewhere, which are an ultra-rare product and their use instantly for each military is a sign that the conflict has reached a qualitatively new level.

In general, Slavyansk did not work out.

Therefore, they came from Odessa, bribing the cops there. The plan was to create another center of resistance in a barricaded building, and if it doesn’t work out, then at least take advantage of the public relations around the people killed during the assault. Plan B, as you see, worked, but badly, because the stupid Odessa cops helped the separatists too pale and handed out weapons right under the cameras.

The investigation is terribly complicated by the fact that the Odessa police are the direct organizer of the attack by pro-Russian activists on the ultras, and, obviously, their murder in the House of Trade Unions. Therefore, the reports of forensic medical experts, we obviously will not see.

But here, despite all the efforts of the Kremlin’s regular propagandists, it doesn’t work out very well. When inciting hatred, you have to consciously hush up too many obvious and recorded things in the video:

  • “So these guys were the first to attack, what kind of victims are they now?”
  • - So these innocent victims shot before a tragic death a strange procession that went not to them, but to football?
  • - So these honest independent people all collaborate with the Odessa cops?

And so on. That is, victims are made, but they are not made innocent: this is a side of the confrontation.

But innocent victims are badly needed. Because, no matter how much the Kremlin agitators shout “Get up, the country is huge!”, But the country is huge, it does not rise. He tosses and turns, asks questions, as if already ready, but still sits and grumbles, but does not run into the attack. The West also does not want to believe that "Russia has its own truth." There is not enough aggression of Ukraine against Russia. Only one stroke is missing - the one that the United States had enough to start the war in Afghanistan in 2001.

And we, unfortunately, know how to provide it.

Not enough personal resentment. So far, everything that happens for the Russians is not their problem. From the point of view of a resident of some Uryupinsk, they are invited to penetrate the problems of an incredibly distant and alien Ukraine and begin to help the inhabitants of this alien Ukraine in the struggle against some Right Sector, about which no one had heard anything in Uryupinsk three months ago, and now , frankly, also does not really know and is interested.

The Kremlin needs a personal insult to Ukraine and the Ukrainians of every Russian.

The Kremlin needs “Papa kill Bandera” not to raise questions and not require long explanations.

The Kremlin needs the war with the Right Sector to become a matter of self-defense for every Russian.

What does all this lead us to?

Moreover, on May 9, a number of bloody surprises are likely to await the residents of the Russian Federation: namely, terrorist attacks in Moscow or other large cities with Yarosh’s business cards scattered around the scene.

We know that attacks against our own population are a long-established recipe for mobilizing the population.

After the Right Sector proves its international danger and bestial hatred of Russia by organizing terrorist acts on the territory of Russia itself, no one will be able to doubt that troops must immediately be brought into Ukraine. Not in order to protect some mythical Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, whose protection raises more questions than answers (and who protects the Russian-speaking population of Kazakhstan and Latvia?), But already to protect its own population, with its full and unconditional support and a wave of noble rage, boiling like a wave.

Along the way, Putin will receive his beloved “symmetrical argument”: they say that if the United States had the right to send troops into Afghanistan after the World Trade Center bombing, then why do not we have the right to send troops to Ukraine after the worst terrorist attack in central Russia on May 9? And inside the United States itself, agents of Russia's influence will turn to their senators and sarcastically ask: do you support terrorism?

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits and bonuses from a good explosion in the center of Russia.

We recommend that Russian people in Russia just in case leave large cities on May holidays, and especially on May 9th. We also recommend not to use the subway on May 8-10, not to be in multi-storey residential buildings, in squares and not to participate in large-scale processions. If you do not want to become an innocent victim, of course.

Because if in the first act Putin posted the Right Sector on the Maidan, then in the final act Yarosh will definitely shoot. Perhaps in Red Square.

We write this probabilistic forecast because we hope for the maximum distribution of this plan. We hope that voicing the enemy’s plans will lead him to be forced to abandon their implementation. The described scenario is a catastrophe that serves only one purpose: to strengthen Putin’s position at the cost of the lives of Russian people. Therefore, we hope that we can somehow influence him by voicing it in advance. We ask for the maximum repost.