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Plants for the perfect indoor climate

Растения для микроклимата

Indoor gardening - growing plants in residential or public spaces. Plants that are able to successfully survive and grow in such indoor environments are called indoor plants. Indoor gardening is especially common in countries with long harsh winters. Most indoor plants come from the tropics and subtropics. Since residential or public premises are characterized by conditions more unfavorable for plants than when growing them in greenhouses (for example, the lateral direction of light, its small amount, dry air, abundance of dust, drafts, uneven temperature) to achieve a healthy state and proper development plants used special techniques. Conditions in public and office buildings are usually even less favorable than in residential areas, so the most unpretentious indoor plants are grown here.

Indoor indoor air is one of the main and main causes of disease. Our brick and concrete houses constantly release toxic chemicals - formaldehyde, metals, fumes. Air is also poisoned by bacteria, mold, dust, and carbon dioxide that forms near a working stove. Fortunately, we have home indoor plants. They easily solve the problems associated with poor ventilation of enclosed spaces.

Many do not know about the ability of domestic plants to influence the microclimate. Plants create a comfortable atmosphere, stabilize the humidity of the air, dry or moisturize, saturate the room with oxygen so that young children and people with allergies can breathe safely and not know the problems.

Plants that take away excess moisture from the air

Растения для микроклимата


Спатифиллум (Spathiphyllum) - Растения для микроклимата

The flower of female happiness, or white sail - there is a belief that the plant brings happiness and love to the house. Spathiphyllum not only absorbs excess moisture, normalizing the climate in the house, but also destroys mold spores. The plant feels great in the bathroom at an air temperature of +18 ° C.

Coffee Tree (Coffea)

Кофейное дерево (Coffea) - Растения для микроклимата

Of the nearly 100 species, people most often grow Arabian and Congolese coffee trees, which are Arabica and Robusta. The first fruits appear in the 5-6 year, so it is better to buy an adult plant. He likes good watering and partial shade, absorbs excess moisture from the air and fills it with a tropical smell during flowering.

Myrt (Myrtus)

Мирт (Myrtus) - Растения для микроклимата

Symbol of peace and pleasure. In the past, people believed that the tree is sacred: it returns youth to old people, gives the travelers cheerfulness and spirit. Today we know that the myrtle in the house not only restores the normal microclimate, but also takes care of health: phytoncides secreted by leaves and flowers of the myrtle kill germs in the air.

Laurel (Laurus nobilis)

Лавр благородный (Laurus nobilis) - Растения для микроклимата

In ancient times, laurels were loved by herbivorous dinosaurs, who least of all resisted the attack of predators. Thus, the predator, choosing a light prey, immediately received a seasoned meal. People considered laurel a symbol of glory, victory and greatness. The plant comes from subtropics, therefore it likes moist air, partial shade and abundant watering with warm water. Absorbing moisture from the air, forms a normal microclimate. The leaves of laurel can be dried and used in cooking.

Lemon (Citrus limon)

Лимон (Citrus limon) - Растения для микроклимата

Lemon is a plant that is pleasant in all respects: during flowering, it fills the air with a citrus scent, draws excess moisture from the air. The leaves emit a huge amount of healing substances, sterilizing the space around them. The tree loves sun bathing, regular watering and dry soil. Most lemons during the year gives Pavlovsky variety.

Plants that moisten the air

Растения для микроклимата

Cypress (Chamaecyparis)

Кипарисовик (Chamaecyparis) - Растения для микроклимата

In Japan, cypress is considered a sacred tree: they believe that the souls of the dead and the gods settle in them. This evergreen plant refreshes the interior with its appearance, moisturizes the air, fights dust and eases headaches and migraines. Instead, expects penumbra and regular watering.


Сансевиерия (Sansevieria) - Растения для микроклимата

Or pike tail, or tongue tongue. This plant creates incredible things with air: it moisturizes it, produces a huge amount of oxygen (for its size) and neutralizes the harmful fumes produced by synthetic materials. It is easy to care for him: it keeps moisture in the leaves, does not require abundant watering. Perfectly settled in any corner of the house.

Ficus (Ficus)

Фикус (Ficus) - Растения для микроклимата

The most popular home plant. Moisturizes the air, saturates it with oxygen, neutralizes toxins and viruses, retains dust with the help of wide leaves. Loves large rooms and partial shade. Ficus Benjamin, named after the British botanist and a symbol of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is often found in homes. It is unpretentious, growing rapidly, but does not like drafts and excessive watering.

Cissus (Cissus)

Циссус (Cissus) - Растения для микроклимата

Some call it indoor grapes for kinship with grapes, others - birch because of the leaves, resembling birch. Exception: cissus quadrangular. By its behavior, it resembles ivy: it quickly encircles any support on the way to the light with the antennae of the stem. It adapts easily to dry air, gradually moistening it, but needs partial shade and regular wet shower.


Каланхоэ (Kalanchoe) - Растения для микроклимата

Spectacular plant, each type of which looks original. Kalanchoe is from Madagascar, it feels great only in rooms with dry air: it accumulates moisture in the leaves and regulates the climate in the apartment. It can not be watered abundantly, but be sure to keep in a sunny place.