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How to make a fabulous mini garden with your own hands and add to get 80+ at home

Сказочный мини-сад своими руками

Mini-garden under the glass - florarium - is a transparent container with planted plants inside. Such a miniature garden does not require much attention at all, so it is ideal for people who do not have time to fully care for green areas, as well as for beginners.

With desire and imagination, you can quickly and easily create a living work of art with your own hands, and will show you how to do it.

Pick up the glass container

Сказочный мини-сад своими руками

The container for a mini-garden should be deep enough for the roots of plants. You can buy a new one in the store or use the old one, after having cleaned it.

To create a florarium, almost any glass container is suitable, for example:

  • an aquarium for fish;
  • vase;
  • kettle;
  • tureen;
  • a lamp from a lamp;
  • wineglass;
  • bottle;
  • pharmacy flask;
  • cases for plants of various shapes.

Choose the right plant

Сказочный мини-сад своими руками

Almost any unpretentious plant can be used in the florarium. Select several plants with similar characteristics that can grow together. Classic plants for the garden behind the glass are ferns, moss, succulents, cacti and others.

Plants for a mini-garden

Сказочный мини-сад своими руками

Get the necessary materials

Сказочный мини-сад своими руками

That's what you need to make a garden under glass - all this you will find in any flower or hardware store.

Primer. Choose a light soil with a lot of drainage and preferably with the addition of marsh moss or sphagnum.

Pebbles or gravel. These elements, when backfilled to the bottom, give good drainage, and when added to the surface, they give it a neat appearance.

Activated charcoal. If there is no drainage hole in the container, the addition of activated carbon particles is a prerequisite.

Moss. A layer of moss on the bottom of the florarium is useful, like a sponge absorbing excess moisture.

Tools for planting plants, gloves and watering can.

Ornaments. Here you can include small garden gnomes, shells, stones, small figurines or aquarium decor.

Planting plants

Сказочный мини-сад своими руками

Wash the glass container. If the container you have chosen was previously in use, wash it in soapy water and rinse.

Add drainage. Mix gravel, pebbles and a large handful of activated carbon. Pour a layer of this mixture 2.5 cm thick onto the bottom of the container.

Add a layer of moss. This will prevent the earth from sinking down through the stones, and will also absorb excess moisture.

Cover the soil. Depending on the size of the florarium and the length of the roots of plants, you will need to cover 5 to 8 cm of soil. Lightly soil the soil to remove air pockets and level the surface. Dig out small holes in which you plant the plants.

Start planting the plants. Remove the plant from its previous container, shake the excess soil from the roots and gently place it in the prepared well for it, pour the roots and lightly soil the soil around the plant. Repeat the same with the rest of the plants.

Add decorations. You can use moss, stones, shells or figurines to create your unique composition.

Give plants a little moisture. Lightly pour a mini-garden - this will be enough.


Сказочный мини-сад своими руками

Water the plants. If your garden is open under glass, periodically water the plants. Despite the fact that the fully closed florariums do not require watering, openings should be watered about once a week or two. Succulents and cacti can be watered once a month.

Maintain the health of your plants. If you notice weeds, mold or diseased plants, immediately remove them. You should also remove fading plant parts, for example, old flowers.

Arrange for airing. If your florarium is closed, then periodically it must be ventilated. Although this is not necessary, but with the withering of plants or the appearance of condensation on the walls of the container, this will not be superfluous.

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