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Changes in the face are signs of unwanted processes in the body.

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The face is the front part of the human head, bounded above by the border of the scalp, below - by the corners and lower edge of the lower jaw, from the sides - by the edges of the branches of the lower jaw and the base of the auricles.

Pimples, redness, seals under the skin - we see them in the mirror every day. Our face lives its own life, and we just get used to not paying attention to small changes, or even hiding them under a layer of makeup. However, sometimes it’s worth spending a little more time at the mirror and looking at the changes that are taking place on your face.

The fact is that they can be the first signs of undesirable processes in the body and even serious diseases. Have your eyes turned red? Rashes regularly appear on the upper cheeks or under the nose? We will tell you what it says!


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If the skin on your forehead turns red or paler than usual, this may be a sign that your metabolism is impaired.

Most likely, there are violations in the liver, due to which toxins accumulate in the body.

It may also indicate problems in the gallbladder.


Виски - Изменения на лице

If the skin on the temples looks irritated and reddened, this may indicate that your kidneys are overloaded.

Probably the reason for this is an excess of toxins in the body.

In addition, it makes sense to think about what you eat - such inflammation on the skin often occurs due to the excessive use of processed foods and other processed foods.

Upper eyelids

Верхние веки - Изменения на лице

If your spleen is healthy, then you should not have redness above your eyes, just as there should be no sensation of inflammation on the eyelids.

A healthy spleen is a necessary condition for strong immunity.

And if you notice that your eyelids look different - reddened and inflamed - it's worth checking to see if everything is okay with the spleen.

Circles under the eyes

Круги под глазами - Изменения на лице

After a sleepless night, you will probably notice dark circles under your eyes. And even if such changes on the face appear regularly, you may not pay attention. And in vain!

Sometimes the circles under the eyes have nothing to do with lack of sleep - they can be a sign of impaired kidney function, severe stress, or malnutrition.

"Decoration" in the form of dark or gray circles on the face in young years can also indicate liver problems - in this case, a person also begins to experience a breakdown, notes a lack of joy and good mood.

Upper cheeks

Верхняя часть щек - Изменения на лице

Noticed that the skin in the upper part of the cheeks acquired a grayish tint, enlarged pores, the skin seemed to go numb?

Your lungs may not be able to handle the load.

Many smokers are familiar with this.

Lower cheeks

Нижняя часть щек - Изменения на лице

Changes in the skin in this area may be related to your diet - the body is not happy with what you eat, the stomach can not cope with the load.

You may be eating too much fatty foods.

A feeling of numbness may be the result of metabolic disorders; and pimples and irritations result from intolerance to certain foods or substances.


Нос - Изменения на лице

A deep transverse fold or swelling of the nasal bridge indicates a violation of the thyroid gland.

Swollen nose wings may indicate lung problems, which is common in asthmatics.

In addition, inflammation of the wings of the nose indicates inflammation of the bronchi.

On the whole, if you notice that your nose looks unusual, it is worth checking to see if everything is in order with the respiratory system.

Nose tip

Кончик носа - Изменения на лице

However, if you have a noticeably reddened nose, you should check not only the lungs, but also the heart.

Between the upper lip and nose

Между верхней губой и носом - Изменения на лице

Stress can also cause changes in the color and condition of the skin.

Take a closer look at the skin between your upper lip and nose. Have you noticed anything unusual?

Changes may indicate hormonal imbalance due to stress and physical exhaustion.


If something is wrong with the small intestine, it will also affect your face.

Herpes, sores, inflammation and discoloration of the skin in the lips are the first signs.

However, if the lower lip looks inflamed, it is worth considering the health of the large intestine.

Pale lips? Blood circulation may be impaired.

A noticeable change in the color of the lips can also indicate a violation of the work of other organs - the spleen, liver, gall bladder.

The chin

Подбородок - Изменения на лице

Many women know when pimples appear on the chin in the second half of the menstrual cycle - this is how the face reacts to hormonal changes.

However, if you regularly began to notice changes in the skin in the area of ​​the chin, for example, compaction or folds, this may indicate a malfunction of the organs of the reproductive system.

In men, this may be a sign of an enlarged prostate.

Of course, it may be that you just ate too much sweet or did not get enough sleep all week. Nevertheless, it is better not to ignore the changes in the face. Listen to your body, and it itself will tell you how to avoid serious problems in the future. Be healthy!

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