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Daytime sleep can significantly improve learning abilities, memory, understanding, and more.

Польза дневного сна

Sleep (lat. Somnus) is a natural physiological process of staying in a state with a minimum level of brain activity and a reduced reaction to the surrounding world inherent in mammals, birds, fish, and some other animals, including insects ( for example, fruit flies ).

Often we have to live a day in an accelerated rhythm, when the number of tasks or problems simply does not allow us to stop and come to our senses. But there are also quiet time to leave after a hearty lunch. Look at cats and children: their daytime sleep is not a sign of laziness, they know something for sure :)

How many times did you take a nap after a tasty lunch? This is no accident - our body itself tells us what to do to feel good. And now you see this. We in will tell you how to properly sleep during the day, because this is one of the most useful health habits!

Use number 1. Your brain is razor sharp

Польза дневного сна

We all know that if you do not sleep at night, then you will be out of the game the next day. And since sleep is responsible for the digestibility of information and learning, go to rest. 60–90 minutes of afternoon nap increase mental alertness for the next 24 hours.

Use number 2. Heartfelt thanks

Польза дневного сна

Studies at Harvard University prove that those who regularly allowed themselves to take a nap during the day were less prone to heart disease. So, this habit compensates for fatigue. It is important at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes during the day to spend time in an embrace with a pillow.

Use number 3. Life without anxiety and stress

Польза дневного сна

Fatigue in itself provokes stress, which makes you even more tired. Break out of the vicious circle will help daytime sleep. Scientists have noticed that the indicators of the three stress hormones sharply increase in those who did not sleep during the day. So, you can relax with a calm conscience.

Use number 4. The victory over junk food

Польза дневного сна

If you are tired and you do not have enough energy - you grab the plate. Here sweets, snacks, energy come into play ... A far more pleasant and useful way is to go to sleep. In the process of rest, energy is released, and yet you just cannot think about food in a dream. Even 10–15 minutes of respite will free you from thoughts of harmful sweets . What a relief!

Use number 5. Inflow of forces

Польза дневного сна

Although sleep is the direct opposite of physical exertion, studies have shown that athletes who interrupted training for daytime sleep, were able to achieve better results than those who neglected the rest. Strength, reaction, speed - all of these indicators will return to normal after you take a nap.

The benefits are clear, but how to sleep in the afternoon?

Польза дневного сна

  • Time: the first hours of the afternoon is the best time to sleep.
  • Location: cool, quiet, darkened room.
  • Necessary: ​​a mobile phone with an alarm clock, a sleeping mask (in bright light), a pillow and a blanket.

How long should you sleep?

According to experts, from 10 to 20 minutes is enough to update your thinking and raise the level of energy and vigor. The sleep is not so deep, and you will easily return to the operating mode immediately after waking up. If you take a nap for 30 minutes, you may feel a little sluggish for a while. Not the most successful period if you need a quick awakening and continued work. For some time, the body will “sleep” by inertia (since the phase of deep sleep is already beginning). But if you do not need to immediately start working, then you will be able to appreciate the benefits of daytime sleep, the performance will still increase. The same can be said about a 60-minute dream, but this period of time is best suited for improving memory, as well as for activating creative thinking. The longest sleep break of about 90 minutes is recommended for those people who simply do not get enough sleep at night. Since this is a complete sleep cycle, it can improve emotional memory and creativity, and also has a good effect on attentiveness.

Remember that sleep is not a luxury, but a vital necessity, like water and food. But many people still deny themselves this and damage their own health.

Give yourself the right to meet with a pillow in the afternoon. Throw stereotypes about laziness, because you have enough time for the day, if you are awake in the morning and in the afternoon.

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