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Top fruits with the highest and low sugar content

Фрукты и сахар в них

A fruit is a juicy edible fruit of a tree or shrub. Fruits are an important component of human food and many animals. In the Old Russian language the word "fruit" did not exist, it appeared only in 1705, this borrowing through Poland. fruct from lat. fructus; any fruits were called vegetables or vegetables.

"Fruit" - the term is not botanical, but household and economic. In the economy, edible plants and edible parts of plants are divided into fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals, etc. In everyday terms, the berry is also a juicy fruit. The fruit differs from the berry in the main size, in the process of eating it is not put into the mouth entirely and does not take two fingers.

It is logical to assume that fruit sugar and sweeteners that are added to foods artificially affect health in different ways, and the latter, of course, are more harmful. But if you eat only fruits, this does not mean that you will protect your body from the negative effects of excessive doses of sugar.

To make it easier for you to understand where its more , and where less , the editorial team has collected a short guide to the level of sweetness in fruits you know, so as not to climb over the cheat sheet on a diet the next time a fruit basket is brought to the table.

❌ Lots of sugar: lychee

личи - Фрукты и сахар в них

A handful of these fruits contain as much as 29-30 grams of sugar, after which to tea you just do not need a refiner.

But in the same amount of lychee - about 136 milligrams of calcium, which fully meets the daily needs of your body.

✔ Few Sugar: Avocado

авокадо - Фрукты и сахар в них

Most likely, avocado is not the first fruit that comes to your mind, but here's some useful information about it: in the whole fruit contains only 1 gram of sugar.

In addition, it has a lot of useful fats, which will help to get full, without overeating.

❌ A lot of sugar: figs

инжир - Фрукты и сахар в них

Figs do not take candy: in a handful of fruit - as much as 27 grams of sugar, which is approximately equal to the sugar content in chocolate bars.

On the other hand, unlike Mars Snickers, figs contain fiber and potassium, which are useful for the body.

✔ Few sugar: cranberries

клюква - Фрукты и сахар в них

Yes, it's sour, and you can not eat it much.

But much you do not need - just enough to eat a handful of these berries to saturate the body with vitamins and not worry about the excess of sugar: only 4 grams in a handful.

❌ Much sugar: mango

манго - Фрукты и сахар в них

Hardly you overeat mangoes, but in case you feel an acute shortage of this fruit in the body, say - 100 grams of pulp contains up to 25 grams of sugar.

Together with it - a third of the daily dose of vitamin A, so that without having problems with elevated blood sugar, you can safely include it in the diet.

✔ Few Sugar: Raspberry

малина - Фрукты и сахар в них

Probably, you remember from the very childhood this vile deceit of nature: the berries smell very sweet, and the taste is sour.

But fresh berries are all fiber and vitamins, so the rule is that everything that is not always tasty is often useful.

❌ Much sugar: sweet cherry

черешня - Фрукты и сахар в них

Pitted, in one handful of ripe sweet cherry contains about 18 grams of sugar.

No wonder you can not stop when you start eating these berries, and in vain: consider that at that moment you are devouring one after another sweets.

✔ Few Sugar: Blackberry

ежевика - Фрукты и сахар в них

7 grams of sugar per handful - this is no reason to worry about the imbalance of sugar in the body, so you can safely eat the blackberries.

The only thing that can prevent you from doing this is that it costs a lot.

❌ Lots of sugar: grapes

виноград - Фрукты и сахар в них

Both white and red grape varieties contain up to 15 grams of sugar per bunch.

In addition, red varieties are rich in antioxidants, among which the most important is resveratrol.

It helps to normalize the heart rate, slows down the aging of cells, and can even protect against cancer.

✔ Few Sugar: Strawberries

клубника - Фрукты и сахар в них

With strawberries about the same story as with raspberries: it smells sweet, and the taste is rather sour.

Dietary fiber saturates the body, vitamin C, which in a handful of 85 milligrams is beneficial, and a low sugar content (about 7 grams ) allows you to eat strawberries in almost unlimited quantities.

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