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Appetite abscess

Limited purulent inflammation of the peritoneum, which develops as a result of the process in the appendix as a complication of acute appendicitis. It can be located in the right ileal fossa (interintestinal) or in Douglas space (in the pelvic cavity). Restriction of the abscess is obtained by gluing the peritoneum, and then the formation of adhesions between the intestinal loops, their mesenteries and the omentum.
Symptoms and course:
Severe pain in the right iliac region or lower abdomen, the development of a painful infiltrate of a tight elastic texture, sometimes with symptoms of its softening in the center, fever, vomiting, impaired stool, etc. In the diagnosis greatly helps the finger study through the rectum or vagina.
The formed abscess can break through into the lumen of the intestine, which usually ends in self-healing, leads to diffuse peritonitis in the abdominal cavity, and development of cellulitis in the retroperitoneal space.
Initially conservative: antibiotic therapy, rest, diet, fight against intoxication. With a clearly limited abscess, surgical intervention is indicated: the opening of the abscess. With an abscess of Douglas space, an autopsy is performed through the posterior vaginal fornix or through the anterior wall of the rectum (after puncture of the abscess - by needle). In case of an unremoved appendix, the inflammation of which is complicated by an abscess, an urgent operation is indicated: removal of the appendix, dissection and drainage of the abscess cavity.