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Medication Description: Cerebroletin (Cerebro-lecithinum)

Cerebrolecithin (Cerebro-lecithinum) (See Cerebrolysin, also obtained from brain tissue, is prepared by another method, has a different composition and is used parenterally.)

Lecithins, or cholinophosphatides, are esters of glycerol, one of the alcohol groups of which is bound to phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid, in turn, is connected by an ether link with choline.

Lecithins are found in various organs, especially in the substance of the brain, adrenal glands, red blood cells. For medical use, the drug Cerebroletitis produced from the brain of cattle is produced.

Light brown mass. Available in the form of coated tablets, at 0.05 g (Tabulettae Serba-lecithini 0.05 obductae), in a package of 40 pieces.

They take 3-6 tablets a day for diseases of the nervous system, general loss of strength, anemia.

Storage: protected from light.