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Description of medicine: Diamond green (Viride nitens)

DIAMOND GREEN (Viride nitens).

Bis- (a pair of diethylamino) -trmphenylhydrocarbinol oxalate.

Greenish-golden lumps or golden-green powder. It is soluble in water (1:50) and alcohol; solutions are intensely green.

Applied externally as an antiseptic in the form of a 1% or 2% alcohol or aqueous solution, for lubrication with pyoderma, blepharitis, etc.

Method of release: powder 1% or 2% alcohol solution in 10 ml bottles.

Storage: in well-closed containers.

Rp .: Viridis nitentis 2, 0.

Spiritus aethylici 70% 100 ml

MDS External (for lubrication of the skin with pyoderma)

Rp .: Viridis nitentis 0.3

Spiritus aethylici 70% 10 ml

Ad. destill 20 ml

MDS External (for lubrication of the edges of the eyelids with blepharitis).

Liquid Novikov (Liquor Novicovi). Ingredients: tannin 4, 566 g, diamond green 0.913 g, ethyl alcohol 96% 0.913 g, castor oil 2, 783 g, collodion 91, 325 g.

The liquid is dark green in color with the smell of ether.

A colloidal mass that dries quickly and forms a dense elastic film on the skin.

It is used as an antiseptic to treat minor skin lesions. The skin around the lesion is cleaned, and if necessary, wiped with gasoline (in case of contamination with oils); then the liquid is applied directly to the damaged area and the surrounding skin.

You can not use the liquid for heavy bleeding, infected wounds, and also apply it to wet skin areas.

Release form: on 15 or 20 ml in dropper bottles.

The liquid is flammable.

Storage: in a cool place away from fire.