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Description of the medicine: Lenograstim (Lenograstim)

LENOGRAPHIM (Lenograstim).

Synonym: Granocyte, Granocyte.

A glycoprotein containing 174 amino acid residues.

Obtained by genetic engineering by expression of a granulocyte colony stimulating human factor.

Stimulates leukopoiesis, accelerating the differentiation of bone marrow cells and increasing the number of complete neutrophils coming out of it.

Indications for use, precautions, possible side effects and contraindications are basically the same as for other colony-stimulating factors.

The recommended dose is 150 mcg (19,200,000 IU) per 1 m 2 of body surface per day. When chemotherapy for cancer, lenograstim is administered under the skin, starting from the day after the end of the chemotherapy course. Treatment is continued until normalization of the content of neutrophils in the peripheral blood. When bone marrow transplantation is administered intravenously (within 30 minutes), starting from the next day after surgery, daily until the level of neutrophils is stabilized.

Release form: lyophilized powder for injection solutions in bottles of 13,400,000, 33,600,000 and 47,000,000 IU complete with solvent.

For subcutaneous administration, the contents of the vial are diluted ex tempore in the supplied solvent. For intravenous infusions, the contents of the vial are first dissolved in the supplied water for injection, then diluted in a 0.9% (isotonic) sodium chloride solution: 13,400,000 IU in 50 ml; 33 600 000 IU - in 100 ml; 47,000,000 IU - in 140 ml.

Storage: at temperatures from +2 to +8 ° С.