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Children have enemas

In children, enemas are used for the same indications as in adults.
A syringe with a soft rubber tip, which is abundantly smeared with petroleum jelly or sterile vegetable oil and carefully, so as not to damage the mucous membrane, is injected into the rectum by 2-3 cm in children of the first days of life, and in older children - up to 5 cm. Before use syringe sterilized by boiling. To sterilize the balloon, it must first be filled with water. Before insertion of the tip into the rectum, the balloon is turned with the tip upwards and the air is released until water emerges from it. The amount of fluid for a single injection depends on the age of the child and is for children in the first months of life 30-60 ml, 6-12 months-120-180 ml, 1-2 years - 200 ml, 2-5 years - 300 ml, 5-9 years - 400 ml, 1014 years - up to 500 ml. Water temperature is usually 28-30 ± C. To enhance the cleansing effect, the temperature should be below 2224 ± C, or 1-2 teaspoons of glycerin or vegetable oil are added to the water, or 10% sodium chloride solution (10-30 g of salt per 100 g of water) is used.
Medicinal and nutritional procedures with a fluid volume of more than 100 ml are usually made in the form of drip enemas, carrying them out for children in the same way as for adults, but at a slower rate.