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Ostensibly from a flu: to spend last to buy unnecessary

 - Лекарства якобы от гриппа

Placebo (from Latin placebo, literally - "I will be pleased, like") is a substance without explicit therapeutic properties, used as a medicinal product, the therapeutic effect of which is related to the patient's belief in the efficacy of the drug. Sometimes a capsule or tablet with a placebo is called a pacifier. Lactose is often used as a substance for placebo. In addition, the term placebo effect is the very phenomenon of improving human health due to the fact that he believes in the effectiveness of some impact, in fact neutral. In addition to taking the drug, such an effect can be, for example, the performance of certain procedures or exercises, the direct effect of which is not observed. The degree of manifestation of the placebo effect depends on the suggestibility of the person and the external circumstances of the "treatment" - for example, on the appearance of the placebo, its price and the total amount of getting the "medicine" (this increases the credibility of its effectiveness due to the reluctance to consider efforts and money wasted) , the degree of trust to the doctor, the authority of the clinic.

Immunomodulators are natural or synthetic substances that can have a regulating effect on the immune system. By the nature of their influence on the immune system, they are divided into immunostimulating and immunosuppressive. In the CIS and in Western countries, various groups of drugs can be understood as immunomodulators. The market represents about a hundred immunomodulators developed internally and practically not used outside the CIS. This group of substances has significant volumes of sales (more than 30 million packs in 2010), second only to antibiotics and oncopic drugs. In Western countries immunomodulators are used mainly, with rare secondary immunodeficiency.

Do not spend money on "medicines" with unproven efficacy. You have noticed that the word of the medicine is enclosed in quotation marks - it is true, because with the same success you can orally take chocolate and lemon. The effect is about the same, no one has proven the opposite!


Интерфероны - Лекарства якобы от гриппа

In early preclinical studies in the 1970s, inducers did not show an obvious antiviral effect, but many of them had high toxicity; they are not used in the medical practice of developed countries. These substances directly affect the complex signaling systems of the body, which can lead to serious side effects.

Outside the countries of the former USSR, interferon inducers (including those in Western Europe and North America) are not registered as medicines, and their clinical effectiveness has not been proven in any major international study.


Тилорон - Лекарства якобы от гриппа

The active ingredient tilorone was patented in the US back in 1968, but clinical trials have not passed. In 2001, there was a single randomized study of the effectiveness of the drug for influenza and other respiratory viral infections.

The results were published only in the "Russian Medical Journal", which is not approved by the Higher Attestation Commission.

Tyloron is a synthetic low molecular weight compound with antiviral properties and the ability to induce interferon upon oral administration. There are also reports of its antitumor and anti-inflammatory properties. In dosage forms it is used in the form of dihydrochloride.

Registered in Russia, Ukraine [5], Kazakhstan [6], Belarus [7], Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan [8] as an antiviral and immunomodulating medication. There is no information on the use of tylorone as a medicinal product outside the former USSR.

Ostensibly medicines

Якобы лекарства - Лекарства якобы от гриппа

You're not laboratory rats. Why put experiments on yourself?


Гомеопатия - Лекарства якобы от гриппа

All of the above "medicine" is not inferior in effectiveness to 10 grams of sugar, dissolved in a glass of drinking water.

Homeopathy (from the Greek "similar" and "disease") is a kind of alternative medicine, involving the use of highly diluted drugs [1], which are supposed to cause symptoms in healthy people similar to those of the patient's illness. The concept of treatment according to the pseudo-scientific "similar to similar" (Latin similia similibus curantur) is counterposed to the principles of rational pharmacotherapy by homeopaths. The founder and author of the term is the German physician Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (10.04.1755 - 02.07.1843).

The theoretical basis of the homeopathic principle does not correspond to the scientific notions of the functioning of a healthy and sick organism, and the clinical trials of homeopathic preparations did not reveal the difference between a homeopathic medicine and a placebo. [1] [3] [4] This means that any positive sensations after treatment with homeopathy are explained by the placebo effect and natural recovery after the illness. Trivial calculations show that in preparations with dilutions of 12C and higher the probability of having at least one molecule of the active substance is close to zero [5]. For these reasons, the scientific community regards homeopathy as pseudoscience [6], quackery or fraud [7] [8].

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns against homeopathic treatment of infectious and any other serious diseases. [9] According to the experts of the organization, "the use of homeopathy has no evidence base, and in cases when it is used as an alternative to the main treatment, it poses a real threat to the health and life of people." [10]

A large number of professional medical and general scientific organizations openly express a negative attitude towards homeopathy because of the lack of evidence of its effectiveness. Among government organizations, negative conclusions about the effectiveness of homeopathy were made by the Committee on Science and Technology of the British Parliament, the US Federal Trade Commission, the National Council for Health and Medical Research of Australia and others.

In 2017, the Commission to Combat Pseudoscience and Falsification of Scientific Research under the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences issued a memorandum that recognizes homeopathy as a pseudoscience. The memorandum sets out recommendations aimed at excluding homeopathy from the Russian public health system. Within the framework of the memorandum, the commission suggested that the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation exclude the medical use of homeopathy in municipal and state medical institutions, and recommended that pharmacies do not sell homeopathic and medicinal products together [11]. The document caused a lively discussion among the scientific medical community and the public of Russia.


Осторожно: БАД - Лекарства якобы от гриппа

Treat yourself with squeezing a bark of dried something out there or drinking an extract of citrus concentrate? Better buy a lemon and brew tea!

Biologically active food additives (BAA) are compositions of biologically active substances intended for direct ingestion with food or introduction into food products. They are used as an additional source of food and biologically active substances, to optimize various types of metabolism, normalize and / or improve the functional state of organs and systems, reduce the risk of diseases, normalize the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and as enterosorbents. Physiological effects of dietary supplements are achieved by the introduction into the body of substances or complexes of substances that have a pronounced effect on humans and other animals. In this case, dietary supplements are not medicines and occupy an intermediate position between them and food.

Because of the lack of a well-developed regulatory framework in Russia, dietary supplements have become the object of many commercial firms (which actively promote and often produce them in an artisanal way) and were not initially claimed by official medicine. Their interpretation has become ambiguous both among consumers and among medical personnel. This often leads to serious misconceptions and wrong actions. Modern advertising of dietary supplements and medicines, especially television, creates a high degree of risk to the consumer. The danger is also presented by those producers who use unexplored or poisonous natural components in the creation of dietary supplements.

BAA are also used in livestock and poultry.

And what should I do?

With an increase in body temperature, they do not help, paracetamol and ibuprofen are not helping or helping for a very short time.

You can use combined drugs with paracetamol (Antigrippin, Teraflu, Coldrex, Fervex, etc.): they are tastier, more convenient and more expensive than tablets with pure substance. Efficacy is the same, plus a reduction in symptoms due to phenylephrine and phenyramine / chlorphenamine .

The temperature in the room is from 20 ° to 25 ° . You should drink a lot!

Rinse your nose with saline solutions (saline solution) . Do not wash your nose and use vasoconstrictor drugs for more than a week.

If you (your child) meet with a virus, and you do not have protective antibodies in your blood, you will get sick. Antibodies will appear in one of two cases: either you will get sick or you will be grafted .

Privivshis, you protect yourself not from viruses in general, but only from the flu virus.

And be sure to see a doctor!

Осторожно: БАД - Лекарства якобы от гриппа

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