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Things that DO NOT do after training

Что нельзя делать после тренировки

Physical exercises - elementary movements, composed of them motor actions and their complexes, systematized for the purposes of physical development. Physical exercises were formed on the basis of movements and actions borrowed from labor, household, military activities of a person (running, walking, jumping, throwing, lifting weights, swimming, etc.) and organizationally and methodically took shape in the form of gymnastics, light and weightlifting, mobile and sports games, sports tourism, etc. Various combinations and systems of physical exercises make up the content of sports, are included in physical education programs in various educational institutions.

Sports training is a process of sports improvement managed according to scientific, especially pedagogical principles, the goal of which (process) is through a systematic and systematic influence on the capabilities and readiness of an athlete to bring him to high and record results in any sport or its variety.

Your workout is over, you feel just great and are ready to leave the gym and do your usual activities. But do not hurry! Performing actions after a workout is just as important as the workout itself! We will talk about how to properly spend time after exercise and those things that absolutely can not be done after exercise.

Do not let yourself "cool"

Что нельзя делать после тренировки

After a workout, no matter strength or cardio, you need to set aside at least 5 minutes to walk at a slow pace around the room or room if you exercise at home, and restore breathing and normalize the heart rate. So you are guaranteed to feel well after the workout and get rid of the feeling of "cotton" legs.

Do not stretch the muscles

Что нельзя делать после тренировки

After training it is necessary to perform stretching exercises. So you will help the muscles recover and get rid of the preparation in the future. In addition, stretching allows the muscle to grow faster.

Do not eat after exercise

Что нельзя делать после тренировки

Even if you want to lose weight, the decision not to eat for a long time after training is wrong. The body will still take its later. After training, you need to restore energy. Therefore, after 1.5-2 hours after class, be sure to eat food that is rich in protein and light carbohydrates. For example, chicken breast with vegetable salad.

Inadequate fluid intake

Что нельзя делать после тренировки

Before, during and after exercise you need to drink purified water. Water balance is important to achieve results from training and health. On average, you need to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

Touch face

Что нельзя делать после тренировки

If you rub your eyes or wipe your face with your hands after classes, you can bring in bacteria and get sick or cause skin rashes. Imagine how many people before you were engaged in simulators, so sports equipment cannot boast of purity and sterility. The first thing to do after a workout is to wash your hands and wash your face.

Do not record your progress

Что нельзя делать после тренировки

Tracking workout results is very important for motivation and progress. Keep a record of what you have done in training and analyze the data. If this month you have done 20 pushups, do the next 25!

Long walk in sportswear

Что нельзя делать после тренировки

Maybe your form is very comfortable and you feel comfortable in it, but remember that if you walk in it for a long time, you can “pick up” the fungus or acne. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy, it is better to change clothes.

Not getting enough sleep

Что нельзя делать после тренировки

After a workout, you need a good rest. Healthy sleep - a guarantee that the muscles recover, and the body will get stronger.

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