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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Basic Principle of Political Communication

• priority of brilliance and values ​​of singing culture ( і rarkhіya );

• equal rights of the population to the abolition of information ( democracy );

• proximity to the culture of the nation, ethnic group, confession, class tosko ( identity );

• Urahuvannya moral and ethical norms ( morality ).

The nature of political communality in suspension, the level of public development are recognized as the same as those of the political culture of suspensibility, and are interlaced by their values ​​and norms. Alya Political Communication as it is, the transfer of political culture is the very signpost of the political sphere of suspensibility.

Have you spoken the word function in the remaining phrases? Tse is not vipadkovo.

Having set an hour, pick up the main functions of the political community:

• the expansion of ideological and political values, knowledge, political information;

• form of political information;

• broadening of the norms of political culture, the main political and cultural exchange, development of the political culture of sub-political policies (indivis, group, political structures);

• Integration and regulation of political issues;

• preparation and training of large numbers to participate in the political dyalnost.

From now on, it’s important that political politics is possible due to coordination of political and political interests on the basis of informative information, rights and special freedoms, democratic political culture and freedom of mass media. Tse ideal, a kind of demand to be smitten with a grudge of post-robotic and robotic work.