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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

Stage 4. Technical vision of the project

Technical presentation of the project will be completed on the basis of the completed project documentation, in detail, the solution will be completed, and the business plan will be primed. Project documentation speak up including TЄO to the project and I work documentation.

The practice of organizing a project in more than one country including two stages of a project for developing documents:

  • to a pre-project, or even a draft project - a forward project;
  • the residual (technical) project, which can also be called robotic armchairs and specifics.

But before you reach the top of this document, it’s guilty but it’s been scanned by the TEO project.

Taking a plan for the project to get involved is the best way. When designing foldable industrial objects for 10–12 months, for non-folding –1.5–2 months.

Undertaking a pre-project including offensive see robot:

  • Formulation of functional functions;
  • vibration of the playground;
  • recognition of the need for technological processes;
  • a rozrobku varіantіv pіdklyuchennya ob'єktu to transport and engineering komunіkatsіy;
  • viznachennya and vorostny vartosti of the weekly and the operation of the planned vitality of the object and object - analogue;
  • a detailed understanding of the principles of constructional design and equipment;
  • forward virishennya nutrition about the dandy of land dilnitsі.

By skin appearance, it’s due to the formulations of the pre-project that are stored in the hair of Koshtoris Vitrat.

Another stage of the project is the preparation of working chairs and the specifics - repair is done after the project with the assistant.

Residual (technical) project including offensive distribution:

  • architectural and planual;
  • alarm clock;
  • engineering systems (plumbing, electrical).

A frequent project є specifics. They provide descriptions of the types of robot systems and engineering systems, the list of materials and designs, and the instructions for the operation and specifications. For the deputy specialty, I’ll give you a clear note about the appearance of the maybutnogo view, for the working stench, with the technological instruction on the issue of virology.

The project is completed with the remaining koshtoris, which includes the preparation of the robot for the weekly work, the preparation of the room before the arrival, as well as the special robots, including a subcontractor.

Accuracy and viability of Koshtoris Vitrat, Deputy Assistant, as one of the most important criteria for project effectiveness.

In the United States, it is a practice to pay up to 25% of project pay by design companies at times redistribution of actual Vitrats is 1.5% lower than contract rates, and at times 1.5% is canceled.
In the process of the project, the project manager for the project is ready for the functions:

  • controlє ob'єmi that line vikonannya robіt;
  • Hello, coordination and coordination of special services;
  • viznacha line ear of cob;
  • corgiє number of people working;
  • controlє the introduction of the project before the project;
  • controlє factors, such as the ability to work;
  • perevrya dotrimannya post_novnostі vikonannya scheduled rob_t;
  • control є preparation of contracts;
  • completely with the assistant to the control є development of the project.

Design robots, speak out about the latest posts:

  • vibration project project and contract (for the results of the competition) contract;
  • Planning of design and work robots and services;
  • Vlasne Project and Uzgenzhennya design-koshtorisnoї documentation.

Stayed for an hour, more than one project, more often, more often than not, to automated project systems (CAD), so that you can complete the entire project process.

I am in charge of buying CAD CAD guilty of retooling economic analysis. More shows, for medium and small companies, go through the steps of third-party organizations.

Prior to the main power supply, such as the need for an hour in CAD, follow:

  • Adaptation of the organizational structure of the company to the CAD system to the organization of the information flow in such a way that you can get duplicate data or any other necessary information for the project participants;
  • vibration of software concerns and calculating technologies against the fact that they are updated 5-6 times;
  • Virishennya nutrition about the structure of a bank of tributes, so that you will be victorious in the system. Welcome bank, including: information about the vitality of materials, part-time, part-time information about components, technology, part-time lines, and also about standards and types of constructions.

By means of CAD, as a matter of fact, in the land of the world:

  • Universal CADAD system (USA). This system includes elements of the piece of CAD / CAM type (CAD - Computer Aided Design, CAM - Computer Aided Management), allowing you to design and run project robots, as well as analyze and manage projects.

Qiu system can intelligently be subdivided into two parts. Persha is designated for project

  • on the project system, such as two and three graphs;
  • Predsistemy projectvannya and analysis of the alarm and technological part of the facility with a ready-made chair;
  • subsystems for consumption and valuation consume in material and labor resources.

Druha chastina zabezpechuє managing project dyalnіsty і revenge:

  • management system (plan);
  • assessment and control system;
  • document management system for the project, the basis is necessary for the preparation of information for the project manager and the project manager.

The CADAD interface is tied to the ARTEMIS system, as it were for the calendar plan. The system will save a security certificate for power, as well as an effective method for hacking unauthorized access.

2). AUTOCAD system. I am a professional computer-aided design system and a comfortable seat for low-cost computers and designed for small work in small design bureaus. The system is still cheap ($ 5 to $ 10 thousand) and is more productive. Vaughn is quite rozpovsyuchena mid-professional Russia and Ukraine.

Remaining an hour of widespread growth, we need to acquire expert problem-oriented systems. With all the people, I’ll formulate a meta, and the intellectual system can be found on the right, and in order to allow the engineers to call on the bucket of technical functions and permissions, concentrate on the creative aspects of the project.