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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)


1. The main characteristic of project management
1. Management of investment projects
2. The most significant projects in the investment strategy of the enterprise
3. Understanding the importance of project management systems
4. Organizational project management structures
2. Obruntuvannya dotsіlnostі project
2.1. Design alternatives
2.1.1. Viznachennya criterion vibration project
2.1.2. Maybutnya teperіshnya vartіst pennies
2.1.3. Payback period for the project (Payback Period - PBP)
2.1.4. Oblіkova norm dokhidnostі (Accounting Rate of Return - ARR)
2.1.5. Chista teperіshnya vartіst (Net Present Value - NPV)
2.1.6. Internal rate of return Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
2.1.7. Index of profitability (Profitability Index - PI)
2.2. Design Statute
2.2.1. Analysis of micro-project and macro-project
2.2.2. Description of the ignorant zavadannya project
3. The main form of the organizational structure of the projects
3.1. Motivational models in management
3.2. Sutnist and tipi organizatsionnyh governance structure
3.3 Organizational project management structures
3.4. Present trends in the development of organizational structures of management
Inspection for industrial robots
4. Going forward to planning, structuring and controlling projects
4.1. Macroeconomic design before planning projects
4.2. Main processes in project management
4.3. Rozrobka project plan
4.4. See that task plan
4.5. Etapi planuvannya project
Stage 1. Rozumіnnya to the project
Step 2. Formulate the project
Step 3. Plan the project
Stage 4. Technical vision of the project
Stage 5. Project management
4.6. Plan for the project
4.7. Rozpodilu structure (decomposition) robіt (СРР)
4.8. Last Post Robot
4.9. Otsіnka trivialostі robіt
Self-service robot
5. City calendar and planning
5.1 Sutnist and see the calendar-plan plans
5.2. Іstoriya of the city plan and management
5.3. The essence of the basic elements of the system plan and management
5.4. The order and the rules encourage the graphs
Ordering graph
5.5. Understanding about hats
5.6. Clock parameters and optimization graphs
5.7. Factor vibor optimal solution
5.8. Methodology of acceptance of compromise
5.9. After the type of contract to accept a compromise solution
5.10. Graph analysis of compromise
Start-up for self-contained and individual robots
6. Controlling the project
Peredrednya that is not independent examination of projects
Will audition the project
Expertise of the state investment programs
The system of assessment and control in the project
Support plan for the project as the basis for monitoring the project
Indicators vikonannya robіt
Prediction of residual wartosti project
Meta, see and monitor monitoring
Monitoring Sovereign Budivnitsva
7. Assessment and insurance of the project
7.1. Ponyattya and see design risikіv
7.2. Sponsored Riziku and Dohidu
7.3. Analysis of sensitivity to the project
7.4. Project Scenario Analysis
7.5. Monte Carlo Method Model
7.6. Model of valuation of capital assets (MOCA) in valuation of investment and investment
7.7. Mechanisms of neutralization of investment rizikiv
9. Organizing bidding for projects
Laying out contracts for the implementation of investment projects
Vibir project
Organization of material and technical protection
Organizing effective work in business
Credit and investment projects guaranteed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Concession investment in Ukraine
9. Form and design of the project team
9.1. Organizational Planning
9.2. Mainly go to the command form
9.3. Organizational effectiveness of the team
9.4. Personnel management team
9.5. Criteria of successful project team management
10. The program is secured by the process of project management
10.1. Sutnist and zmіst komunіkatsіyami management
10.2. Documents to the project, ıhnya form that klasifіkatsіya
10.3. Plan for informational sound
10.4. Zvituvannya about the project
10.5. Admin_strativne zakrittya project
10.6 The main characteristic of the programs Project Expert
10.7. Model System
10.8. System for monitoring the process of realizing a project