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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

2.2.2 Functions of management of public protection

Management of the protection of the family to save the weekend of such basic functions:

  • Organizational Planning and Coordination Robot at the Galuzia Protect Prazі;
  • control of the camp of the defense of the praxis and functions of the system;
  • analysis, assessment, regional indications I will become the guard of praci;
  • stimulation of dyalnost in the galuzi of the protection of pra

Organizations to protect the rights of transferring the form of the governing bodies, to determine the basis for the change, in order to take part in the management, as well as the realization of the control order (punishment).

Planning for the most important functions in the management of the protection of the country, as well as for the appointment of structural services of the enterprise in precise, operational and long-term plans.

Control over the camp, protect pracі, transferring the remnants to the camp of the minds by the method of manifesting the most vidhilen of the normative legislation of the same legislation.

Oblik, analysis and evaluation of indicators I will begin to protect the rights of people who are handed over to the Russian Federation for taking care of the most important questions about the most frequent problems and the best way to save them.

To stimulate protection of the law, you can transfer whether you can see the moral and the material desire for active praise and initiative in a healthy way of being safe and half-hearted.

2.2.3 Management of public protection in private

Managing the protection of public services - for the most part of the service, which is necessary for the detailed analysis of information about the protection of the public in the structural sectors.

Managing the environmental protection policy in order to ensure that the complex nature of the complex and planned nature is ensured by the protection of injuries, occupational injuries, injuries, accidents, accidents and negative negatives.

Management of the protection of the guilty party as such the main elements:

  • governing body; vicon body; the object, as a rule;
  • in and out information, direct and inverted sound (Fig. 2.1)

Management of the prac

Fig. 2.1. Management of the prac

There is more operational control over the protection of the public for the manifestations of more detailed information about the protection of the population in structural cases in which there are more severe injuries.

At the end of such information, the vicar’s body is scrupulously operational, come in to see the negative clowns.

Until the introduction of information, laws and regulations shall be enforced, as well as normative and technical documentation for the protection of the public, and until the end of the year, there will be a specific area for a specific brown metal area.

The process of managing functions in the sphere of public protection is intelligently possible to be divided into three stages:

  • According to the direct link, the kerivnik pidprimstva nadsyla information to the service of the protection of the princes, as well as the possibility of protecting the children and children;
  • By the line of the ringing tune, the service of the protection of the rights of the vimagus of the inappropriate assimilation of specific vikonavtsiv;
  • As a matter of fact, after the signatures, the hour has come to light, since the shortcomings were not blown out, the service for the protection of civil rights and information for the purpose of living is possible.

I am going to cover the scheme of managing the environmental protection within the boundaries of one enterprise with the functional arrears of the environmental protection administration shown in Fig.2.2.

Management scheme for public protection

Fig.2.2 Management scheme for the protection of the Republic of Belarus

You can enter the service center guard service to the main coordinator of all robots at the center of the sphere.

The clerk’s body is the head of special services, curvatures of structural pyrodrases and okremі vikonavtsi (robots).