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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.1.3 Reasons for the fire

The causeless cause of fire is that of the component that is most important, beware of the process of quiet vipadas, since it is not permissible from the point of view of the snow-bound bezpeka.

An analysis of the situation, yes, please give me a look, the main reason for this is the Vinnytsia є Lyudsky official.

Prior to the most detailed and characteristic reasons, the following may be submitted:

  • lack of technological processes;
  • shortcomings to installation;
  • shortcomings in the field of service and service of opal systems;
  • it is unacceptable to increase the temperature of rechov, schoblitsya to temperature self-borrowed;
  • impaired zberigannya regime, transport and sampling of self-borrowed specks;
  • bliskavka ranks, entering high potentials at the virology primitives;
  • the belts of a combustible medium in the minds of de є dzherelo zamanni;
  • nedbala set to vimog normative documents, non-bankruptcy pogozhdenya znogne, ignorance of the rules of the elderly bezpeka, low riven kvalіfіkatsіі і

From now on, prevention of fires can be reduced to different forms, so that I can practice the practice of such minds as I want to, and I can help them to appear to have an uncontrolled process.

The analysis and the region of the state in the powers to be taken The State Department of the Department of Fire Safety of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties.

6.1.4 Negative officials

The process of uncontrolled burning is superconducted by the appearance in the middle of the storehouse of significant number of toxic recesses, unspecific ones and people for organisms that are in the middle of a flood.

The severity of the negative negative and high-ranking officials, who are connected with the rain, is enlarged by the growth of energy, the increase in the temperature, the high temperature and the increase in temperature.

The reason for the growing victims of fires is that the technical capabilities of the sovereign szhezhny-ryatuvalny service significantly increase the number of special vimogs that will cause the burning of people and ryuzhuvannya.

It’s not without reason for the organization of people in the minds of pozhezh є:

  • half a minute - the temperature will become 1100-1300 ° С. Triviality for an hour, with the stretch of a kind of ludin, you can tolerate critical temperatures to become 10-15 s.
  • the presence of toxic products in the city - for the toxic products in the city of polymeric materials; Highly unsafe; peacefully and little careless.
  • Wugletsu oxide - the cause of the deaths of victims through those who have the right amount of blood to save the health of the people’s organisms through the carboxyhemoglobin.
  • dim - a loss of visibility through the smoke, I am making a threat to evacuate people, I especially like to keep my temple in good condition (more and more dimly).
  • low concentration of sour - not bad at least one hour є concentration of sour up to 14-16%. At 10-12%, death is now reached by a stretch of chilvin.
  • heat again - breathe rose up to 60 ° С repeat to bring to the necrosis of the upper dichal grooms and optics of light fabric. In the case of a heated half hour, wait a little over 100 ° С, bring it up to half the speed, and then turn off even later through decile.
  • ruining of everyday constructions , as in the minds of those who have spent time, will be vnestiіkіst і mіtsnіst, scho lead to injury and navigate people.

An analysis of possible non-afflicted and secondary officials in the minds of the elderly, you can help to break down the structure of the entrance to the effective function of the safety system for the skin-specific virological facility.