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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.


1.1. Main ambush that problem

1.1.1. Investment process in a state with a market economy

The investment process in a country with a market economy is based on the following principles:

  • there is an active need for a long-term and middle-term cycle of investment activity;
  • interconnection of local, galusevich, regional and national and public cycles of investment activity;
  • the form of rinkovyh important in the investment sphere immediately with similar processes in the last gallows of the people of the state;
  • Logistics and Investment Cycle;
  • Decrease in realization of specific visits, priority of direct cost for realization of investment process.

The main direct investment policies in Ukraine

  • Reduced social pressure, access to the residual income from the view of the consumption of the social sphere.
  • A close-up of the fund of foxbird buddhism for the crown of sovereign wealth and the form of supreme investment dzherel, to the top of the house with the most powerful cost and benefit.
  • The speed of centralized sovereign capital deposits, which can be seen irrevocably. Transition to new principles in the centralized financial investment of investment.
  • Constructing the market for robots. Disclosure on weekly seizure.
  • Accelerated pace of development of the industrial group B.
  • Accelerated at kіlka razіv tempіv vibutty zastarіlogo possession.
  • A review of the redemption of sovereign loans on the basis of the minds with more precise rates on a competitive basis, including the sovereign power.
  • The acquisition of foreign investment, the abolition of foreign loans, the establishment of special loans for foreign capital for such strains, as well as the expansion of the industrial sector of the agro-industrial complex, the activation of the transaction, and the conversion thereof.
  • Creation of effective forms and mechanisms of management and investment.
  • Rositok of the energy-energetic complex, resource-saving technologies, conversion of the military-industrial complex, protection of the population with the goods of the national consumer goods, medical development and pharmaceutical industry.

Strengthening investment in Ukraine at a glance can repair the development of a market mechanism in mind at once. The transformation of the investment mechanism into microorganism, for example at promislovost, is guilty in the framework of macroeconomic stability.

The investment market is an economical category, which is a balance in the consumption and provision of investment opportunities and financial opportunities in third-party materials. It means that, from one side, you need to come in to stream and invest in non-investment pennies, as well as inadequate food and non-food products, as well as to keep them in good condition.

Understand the development of marketplace vidnosin:

  • power control;
  • privatization of state power;
  • constitutional zahist rights of power;
  • competition is strong;
  • introduction of high market prices;
  • vіdpratsyuvannya mehanizm socialist zahistu;
  • Vidmina all vіkh zhіdіv, yakі stream the market self-regulation;
  • Sorting out the legal base of the market economy;
  • training of experts and experts on the ranking, retraining frames on ambushes of the robot in the minds of the economy of economy.