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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

6.7.2. Basic Social, Political and Religious Reforms

In the reformation Russia, the elements of social and political identity are intertwined, as well as the European or European viglyad. Luther, having pinned up on the necessary relevance and renewal to a new life. The mustache was hanging out at dusі Vіdrodzhennya: From the point of view to the Protestant Zoru. The reform can be seen as the result of the great rznomanny renaissance ruhu. Luther, having bent to the principle of “turning up to the perjodgerel.” The whiskers, traditionally Christianity, were busy with the centuries, yomu was building up with scale, piece construction, an important tractor.

Luther’s scholarship to revenge three main provisions :

1) a meeting about the truth of the people for the help of others;

2) an introduction to the infallibility of the Holy Letter of the One Jerel Istini;

3) an introduction to the freedom of the independent tlumachen of the Holy Letter.

Traditionally, the church’s presence in Polyagy is due to the fact that people will be saved for the help of the Second Dobrich Diyan. Luther vіdkinyv tіnnіst dіyan. Віра, at a thought, “without truth, without any dian”. Lyudina pislya grіkhopadіnnya Adama nastіlki zbіdnіla, scho by herself is not yet healthy on scho. The mustache, for which lyodina viroblya for myself, is all greedy - termin, by Yakim Luther having designated a mustache, it is bound up with his love of self and friendliness. To the rescue of human beings, to lay down tilki of divine love, so that it can be given without any concern. Vіra polyagaє in order for the Lord to be more intelligent.

Luther, having recognized, all the knowledge about God and the interconnection of “people - God”, was presented by the Lord to the Holy Letter. Writing is required of the rosum of the words before it is written, but I won’t require any arguments for the rosum, any theological comments. Tilki Scripture is infallible authority, and dads, bishops, the cathedral and the whole tradition redefine the sacred text. The sound of Luther’s response to the church’s church and church church. Be-yak lyudin, for the solidifications of Luther, you can preach the word God.

The core of the Luther’s meeting is є rіshuch vіdmova vіd be-yak values, humanist literary and philosophical. The human rosum is nothing before God, that’s why the mystery of saving the whole community is to establish vіrі. Nyake zusilla do not save the people, except for the grace of God’s blessings. Reconciled at tsomu, at the thought of Luther, the gift of peace. The whole aspect of luthery’s position is г anti-human, fragments of humanism and the way I know how to spin in front of one’s freedom to freedom of will.