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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

Issues for discussion

1. Are you? vice president of marketing at Walt Disney Products. Given the changes taking place in the demographic, economic, scientific, technical and cultural environments, what plans do you intend to develop to ensure the success of the company for the coming decade?

2. A major seller of alcoholic beverages intends to launch an “adult” soft drink that would be a socially acceptable substitute for alcohol. What cultural factors can affect the decision to enter the market and the structure of the marketing mix?

3. Conducted in 1975 - 1979 lifestyle studies have revealed a positive trend in strengthening the belief that “cooking should take as little time as possible”. How will this attitude affect the sale of frozen vegetables?

4. Through which wholesale and retail channels could Procter & Gamble organize the distribution of a new brand of its washing powder?

5. Using car sales as an example, compare the consumer market, the market for industrial goods, and the market for intermediate sellers, and talk about the differences between them.

6. Tell us about the four types of competitors that an entrepreneur who has decided to open a new pizzeria next to your campus should understand.

7. What is the difference between contact audiences and consumers? Explain with a specific example.

8. The year 2000 has come. Is gas worth $ 4 a gallon, chopped steaks? b. dollars per pound, a medium-sized house? 200 thousand dollars, and the inflation rate for the previous 20 years is 10% per year. Based on this economic information, estimate the possible size or potential of the luxury market.