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B.2.4. Oblіk zmіn statutory capital

B.2.4.1. Foreign provisions

With the help of the latest legislation, subsidiaries ( collectively, joint- stock partnerships are skinny), you can pay (zbilshuvati abo zmenshuvati) rozmir statutory capital.

Zb_lshennya statutory capital is allowed to be less than the price for the payment of all early and higher shares, the establishment of open hours.

The main hatches of statutory capital may be such:

- dodatkov_ investment;

- VIP and realization in the order established by the dignified legislation of new actions;

- exchange of shares for shares (partnerships);

- zbіlshennya nomіnalnії vartostі vipuschenih aktsіy.

Water hour rozmir statutory capital may be but also change. The main hatches of the change of statutory capital may be such:

- viluchennya vlasny capital;

- change in nominee wartosts;

- an unlucky share, which is purchased by the partnership in shareholder.

Rishennya about the return of statutory capital, the higher ranks at the time of the introduction of the reserve to the sovereign registry.

B.2.4.2. Special features of the oblast zmіn statutory capital of joint-stock partnership

Zbory akcionerіv mozhe buti adopted a decision about the return of statutory capital. The accounting department is required to pay less than the state registration of a new statutory capital. To achieve the statutory capital, it is necessary to carry out the following: credit of the Statutny Capital rachunka, debit of the rakhunkіv non-payment of non-payment capital, non-payment non-payment.

The statutory capital charge is not limited to the option to pay the debit of the “Non-payable capital” debit and the credit of the “Statutory capital” credit, while the change of the statutory credit and debit card will be displayed.

Schob zbіlshiti sum of statutory capital, AT can reappear most of the time the main catch for market prices.

The statutory capital of joint partnerships approved by the privatization process may (be called upon to reassess the main concerns) to keep up with the regular nominations, the most important thing to do is to start the process of privatization. privatization hour) for the amount of statutory capital. The share of the supplementary loan is limited to the shareholder of the share of the share of the statutory capital of the AT. At the time of the nominee, there are special offers, certificates, certificates, and offers that are new and water hours to the newcomers. Zbіlshennya statutory capital with a hat to fill up the sum of the main interests to be seen for a loan from the Statutny Capital banknote, debit of the Dodatkovy capital banknote.

At the time of revaluation of the main interests of the sum, the amount of revenues is presented for the debit of the “Principal claims” fee or the “Capital investments” credit and the “Statutory capital” credit card. You can add the amount due for the main fishery needs for the debit for the statutory capital debit and the credit for the Fertility main needs. The amount of preoccupation for non-neuromuscular main troubles is to be credited to the “Dodatkovy capital” rakhunka and the balance is displayed at the balance. From time to time, take into account the AT zealous zagory zb_shennya about securing statutory capital for the sum of the most important reasons to start trying to deduct the Dodatkovy capital credit and the Statutny capital credit.

As a rule, the decision about the statutory capital has not been registered yet, and the participants have thought it is worthwhile, because you need to go to the mall “Rosrachunki with the Deserters”. When registering the required statutory capital, I’m imagining it with the following record: debit of the “Rosrachunki with Descent” rachunka, credit of the “Non-investment capital” rakhunka.

The region of high-powered shares, acquired shares in shares for shareholders for offensive resale, an increase in the number of middle participants, and falling into the sink of “Vilucheniy kapital”. At the time of an open joint-stock partnership, he will be afraid to record at the debit of the “Vilucheniy kapital” debit card, credit to the regional bank account. Anulyuvanny vykuplenih AT vlyshnyh aktsii vidobrazhaetsya for a loan rahunka "Vilucheniy kapital" and debit rahunka "Statutory capital". Riznitsya middle nominee and weekend warrior action to be paid for the reduction of the “Dodatkovy capital”.

For the resolution of the zagory zboryv AT AT can be carried out more dbnenny action (split) of their consolidation. At the first time, there is a small share of the nominated share, the other has a smaller share, the other has a smaller number of new shares. The magnitude of the statutory capital when tsyomu not vary. In the region, the operation is performed on the image on anal rachunks.

Yakshko sukupna nomnalnaya vartіst share, having made contributions to the share capital to the statutory capital of the share partnership, has changed, then the partnership of goiters in two thousand months to carry out the change of the vigorous statutory capital for the next year.