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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.3.3.4. Oblik vekselіv

Oblik vidanikh bills . Zobov'yazannya on razrahunok with posters, piddryadnikah and trade creditors, as well as secured by promissory notes, to be insured by pidpriyomstvom on a rakhunka "Short-term bills of exchange." Analitical region promissory note on the skin of a promissory note.

Vidacha bills on a sum of goods and a service are presented as an entry in a credit card “Short-term (abo dostgostrokov) bills” and “correspondent” with creditors “Pay-as-you-go” and “Creditors” Bag vitrat in viglyadі dogovіrnih protsentіv that vіdstrochku payment vekseledavets vіdobrazhaє in kreditі rahunka "Korotkostrokovі vekselі vidanі" she debetі rahunka "Vitrati maybutnіh perіodіv" of the following vіdobrazhennyam at splatі bills in debetі rahunkіv costs vіdpovіdnoї dіyalnostі (Yakscho bills provedenі rozrahunki for sirovinu, palivo, materіali , completing virobi, comrade and servants of virobiotic nature for securing in-line virobiotic activities) “Capital Investments” JSC (as a rule, bills were drawn for the main hassle, alarm installation, design and maintenance robots and services, no need to enter the list of products or services.

Repayment of goiters, secured by promissory notes, appearing in the debit of the “Short-term promissory notes” credit card and those in credit to the pennies region, but in case of concession to the borg.

If there are bills of exchange on the pre-term lines, then analogous transactions are restructured on the “Dovgostrokov bills of exchange” table.

Obl_k possessed bills . Bargaining on razrahunka with purchasers and other debtors, who are protected by used bills, to be insured on the rachunas “Dovgostrokovi bills of obsession” or “Short-term bills of obsession” in the deposit box. An analitical region is kept behind a skin obsessed bill.

When bills are won for product launches, work robots and money servants are presented, they’ll be presented to the debit of the Dovgostrokovі bolshendi slogan, or “Short-term bills of exchange” and the loan “Rewards”, which are secured by purchases. Amount of income, which I will support the seller for a late payment, be shown in the debit of the short-term bills of exchange loan or “Dovgostrokovy bills of credit” and on credit of the “Revenge of the loan” payment on time.

Amounts that are covered by the Korotkostrokovі (abo dovgostrokovі) bills of exchange wagons, are debited to the repaid bargains, secured by bills, at correspondents with groceries, grocery items: ".

Yakscho Vidanov bill іndosuєtsya on korist vekseledavtsіv abo peredaєtsya paysites from Splat for vіdvantazhenu produktsіyu (Realized works, Hotel), in buhgalterskomu oblіku storіn zaborgovanіst for bills spisuєtsya vіdpovіdno of rahunkіv "INSHI fіnansovі income" that "INSHI vitrati", "Sobіvartіst realіzovanih іnshih aktivіv ". Pozichki, gained by the holder of a bill of exchange in commercial banks at the post of bills of exchange, to fly by the established order.

Vitrati, due to a protest for a bill, is presented with financial results.

In case of significant discount transactions (sales by the holder of a note to the bank), the records of sums sold to the bank of notes are kept in the credit of the Dovgostrokovi (or short-term) bills of exchange with the Rakhrakhunovy rakhunoks (for the time, money, money) "(In the amount of discount regional interest).

Holding bills zberіgayutsya іpprіdpriemstvo independently but transferred to zberіgannya bank. Promissory notes, I’m going to pay for business, I’m going to go to the first place with the right to the “Order of conducting cash transactions in the national statehood of Ukraine”.

If you are held by promissory notes and are waiting for a bank account, then in the registers of the analitical region you will be afraid of a sign about a valid document, contents of a bank. Vitrati bank in the vineyards for the service zі zberіgannya bills vіdnіvatsya on rahunok zbitkіv vіd rezarealіzatsіynih operations.

Operational control over payments with used and selected bills is carried out for an auxiliary card file, arranged for the lines of canceled bargaining.

For all promissory notes, as a rule, pay for inventory, stockpiles, add the name of the payer, the amount and the rows are canceled for bargaining for bills. When the bargaining of bills of exchange is canceled, a description will be required to verify the date and the date of the billing to the bank of any foreign legal document.

Sumy of bargaining by buyers with purchasers, assistants and other debtors for products (comrades), work robots and servants, safe bills, such sums of money, as well as weekly deliveries, and weekly bills are open for that of the lenders appearing in the longer articles of the asset and in the balance sheet of the company.

B.3.3.5. Oblіk іshih penny documents

The area of ​​groshy documents, business (paid vouchers to business cards, postage stamps) is kept for the nominal price and the actual purchase price for the grocery store “Fresh grocery documents”.

When you add money to your accountant's office, try to record: debit of a groshny document “Groshovi document” and a credit to the cashier “Kasa”, “a rakhunok to the bank” and that’s inevitable if you have to pay for it.

At a time of writing off of groshy documents, an accounting record is to work for a credit of a rakhunka and a debit of a rakhunka, which is irrelevant to the nature of the operational operation. For example:

- upon payment of the final part of the vartosti (or the new vartosti) of the voucher - debit of the cash register “Casa”;

- at the write-off of postage stamps, victoria for the direction of correspondence, the debit of the Adminstrativny expenditures and that.