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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

French school of neoliberalism

The winnings of French neoliberalism date back to the 20-30th pp. XX century I zv'yazane z im'yam Jacques-Leon Ruef. Win rіshuche capturing the principle of neoclassical liberalism, vpupuyuchi against any kind of tricked power in the suspension of life. Ponad has 130 points regarding the problems of economic development, penniless money, credit, and the balance of payments. Ruef has seized the ideal, objectively, “social order” tricks, and the foundations of “market civilization”. The essence of the market of civilization, beyond Ruef, lies in the self-regulating potential market, which is clouded by the process of competitive prices in the midst of competitive competition.

At the Rocky J.-L. Rueuf, taking a lot from the theoretical theoretical ambushes of de Gaulle’s economic policy, but did not look neo-classical didn’t know what was going on, Oskilki de Gaulle had reached the idea of ​​a strong power.

Vіdrodzhennya neoliberalism at the French seizure поч on the cob of the 60's pp. As a rule, the idea of ​​ruef’s recognition was limited to those who were interested in the sovereign power, then in the form of monopolistic power there was more reason to be more powerful. Group of experts at the ch. Z.-L. Ruef and L. Arman (director of the sovereign lounges) prepared the offer “On the Transition of Economic Expanse” (1960), as a result of which they dealt with the need for the establishment of a ruling power. In the role of economical protests, in the opinion of the thought, they do not mean the average price, but the monopoly, so as to protect the form of the competitive middle ground.

Tsya dopovіd celebrated a significant glimpse into the look of the French liberals and laid the cob in the form of a new French (Parisian) school (E. Malinvo, T. Montbrial, L. Stoleru, S. Colm and M. Allé). The ambiguity of the position of the school was felt by the priority of the self-regulating market. By the way of economic achievements, it was carried out by her, it was blunders of the special features of the economy and the economy of the economy for the minds of the pan-sovereign monopolistic form of power. Ale representatives of the new school (and Ruef himself) at that time did not blame so categorically for the untwisted powers in an economic process. In the first place, because there is little positive evidence of handing it off in written fate, the modernization of the economy has been secured, and, in another way, the meaning is that there is a significant part of the presence of viral glasses in the main galleys of the national park. In addition, the French economy has become (in significant terms) planned. Planuvannya bulo is directive in the sovereign sector and that is indicative of private. The sovereign Planuvannya pom'yakshuvalo kon'yukturnі kolivannya, forgot the crises of virobnitztva and zbutu. The remaining power was no worse than the other and middle ones, and the great monopolies.

However, the main character of the school is the nature of the plan of the French economy. It won’t be negotiated, it’s been recognized on a private basis by the state and in private rights, although the French neoliberals didn’t ignore the indicative plan, admittedly have an indivisible plan for the future. Gospodarskaya con'junktura is to be lost on everything, aly won’t be on the market of mechanics.

Conducting and the sovereign plan of economics celebrated their influence on the neoliberal theory. Problems of cyclicality, economic growth, investment, investment and occupation in the French neoliberal countries praise for special rice: they need to actively engage in the active role of the state. In addition, at the same time the temperament of economical growth did not look like an end in itself. Kintsev’s method of conducting was a great deal of social problems, most of all - problems of unemployment.

Representatives of the neoliberal school insisted on the need to redistribute the national income to the profitlessness. The stinks respected the absurdity of strenght, which was unprofitable поп a reserve for reaping the army, they were busy, and shamelessly, the excess of shy work сл as a whole was destroyed by the economy of the city. Viruses of the problem were called upon by them due to the structural re-introduction of virology, as a result of the investment processes.

I’m especially formulated for the conduct of minds and planing, I’m a representative of the French neoliberal school M. Alla, who called P. Samuelson “a teacher of constant economics”.

Moris Felix Charles Allé (1911) was born in Paris in the same comrade. After the completion of the Polytechnic school, we have promoted the education at the National School of Gymnasium. Pratsyuvav engineer, Zgod Buv in high administrative buildings. Z 1940 p. adminstrative dіyalnіst є one day є with science. 1944 p. I’ll deny the call of a professor of economic analysis at the National School of Hearing, to take up a voluntary education, to read lectures at the Institute of Statistics of the Central University, at one and the same time Winner of the Nobel Prize of 1988 p., Awarded to you for ruining the development of theoretical economics, regional resources, analysis of the cost of economic growth, investment of interest rates.

Creativity of M. Alla Bula with a facet pattern. It is written low praise of sociology, history of civilization, theoretical and practical economy and navigation of physics. In leathers with one of these galoshes of winnings, having formulated a little vlasny theories, you can recognize the straightforward accidents. Among them: theories of maximum efficiency, the fundamentals of economic efficiency, the minimum process, the maximum efficiency, investment, pennies, credit and penalties, inconsequential incidents.

Alya, the main object of the economy is economics: winding up on the fundamental structure of the economy, signifying officials to develop. Pratsi M. Alla, “On the subject of economic discipline” (1943), “Economy and percentage” (1946), “A surcharge on capital and a groshova reform” (1976), “Hidden theory of excess” (1981) is devoted to the problems of macroeconomic regulation, gro , Regulation of income and that.

First of all you have to solve problems of maximum efficiency and social justice, as well as learn how to save an economic system.

Method dosledzhennya. Alle is a Yaskravian representative of the market-institute school. Victorious methods of economic-theoretical and historical-historical analysis, win-d'oeuvre will cover the picture of developing suspensions, which will allow them to be rational and economical.

You can’t get rid of the economy in the galaxy of economy by the joke of more regular laws and officials of suspicious development, although I want to achieve significant success. Alle vivcha suspension is gospodarnost on macro- and mіkrorіvnі. Win in order to ensure that the economy is in general ук the sufficiency of local economies.

The theory of economic and social differences is due to it from the insights of the social, institutional, sub-active, international, natural and influential factors. The main direct priority is to know the rational, from the look of suspense, theoretically primed (on the abstract level) and the practical, stagnant, economical solution. Applied analysis of winnings, coordinated by economic and mathematical methods and statistical methods.

An economical model of suspension (such as the neoliberal) Allows to reduce to a self-regulating market economy. Power in suspension, prompted by market ambushes, active role is active. First of all, there’s a guarantee of the protection of the foundations of the market economy - private property. In a different way, I strictly control the penniless sphere. In the third place, zdіysnyu лю anticyclical regulation through the agreement of planning. Fourthly, the state will protect the development of the social sphere. Main іdeєyu, deklarovanoyu access in all Prace Alla, Yea one scho "efektivnіst Economy not lishe zumovlyuє realіzatsіyu rіznomanіtnih sotsіalnih tsіley, ale vodnochase Je neobhіdnoyu Minds rozkvіtu culture tsivіlіzatsії i", "... efektivnіst itself zumovlena nayavnіstyu Economy rinkіv scho bazuєtsya on detsentralіzatsії decision, such economy can really function less than that, as long as in a significant part of it you can spiral into private power with the tamed freedom of state control ”* 15.

* 15: {M. Alla. The only criterion of truth is agreement with the data of experience // ME and MO. - 1989. - No. 11. - P. 40.}

Alle, having earned a significant contribution to the development of a theoretical model of market economy, formulate for the minds of an active role in power. There is a view of the whole model of the market economy of L. Walras, which is always in the hands of a single system with a single system, which is the same for all economical subdivisions of the day. You can immediately increase the cost of resources on a resource to a proportional amount of prices for a good comrade, increase incomes to a proportional amount of costs, but you need to save more money on your liabilities, but you should not be more inconvenient, but not more. In addition, to the thought of Walras, the oaths of the penny mas, the yak servants є obmіn, do not mean the meaning. It’s economical to reach today, if he has a good drink, a more expensive offer.

Alle vvazhaє, scho qya hypothesis is unrealistic. Surely not guilty of having conceded the theory of foreign economic benefits and maximum efficiency, was based on the theory of economic risks.

The category “economy of markets” was boldly reserved by M. Alla by way of familiarity with the macroeconomic model, it is possible with a certain kind of gratitude, the closeness of local markets, for certain characteristics of a closed system. In addition, within the limits of the local market of prices, you can take advantage of them independently, having to understand the approval of new disproportions in the suspension of economy.

Zagalnoekonomіchna rivnovaga, at one thought, to lay down the form of payment and that proposition of groshovy masi, while yak rynnovaga to the local market to lay down the view of the distribution of goods and propositions. Vidtak ekonomichna rivnovaga of the whole system to lay down the vid will become okremich, local rinkev. Alla will be economical and mathematical, which will help to predict the impact of a direct market on the economy, as well as show the level of local local market of the national and international markets for the whole.

On the presentation of the “economy of markets” Alla, I’m formulating rules, which should be more important for formulating economic policies in the galaxy of structural revision of economics. Among them, the rule, yake became the basis of the "policy of defense strategy for the new international cooperation". With it, France is uncompetitive on the county markets of the country, it’s worth the trouble of weakly galactic virology and development, and it’s easy to guarantee export. The state has an active role in increasing the potential of the internal market, and inappropriately boosting investment in competitive galuz.

The reasons for making the mysterious rivie price of Alle go to the funky sphere, that’s why you should try to hang the bows about those that are more cyclical to nature. I have a link to the issue of Alliance Napolyag on monetary regulation of economy as universal. The essence of practical recommendations was reduced to credit control. Winning the interest rates on the harshly regulated power of the penny. At first thought, the economy was inspired by the inflationary shocks and the budgetary power of the hands, with an hour of becoming unbalanced and the mechanics of market self-regulation will be repaired permanently. Alla has begun to respect, who is sovereignly entrusted with economics for Keynesian scheme, may be less time-consuming. Budget Vitrati with an hour to pick up the picture of the stimulating and stable functions. On the contrary, between the borders of monetary policy, the problem of investing can become a power for the sake of an agreed plan: kindly know how much and needlessly, without any loss of investment.

Theory investment, formulas є Alla, to be filled up with food and propositions of pennies for the minds of a stable penny. The price of food is much more significant in the theory of economic riv-novagi. Win respect, scho іinvestitsіyna kon'yunktura to lay down vіd factors іv rіzikіv, naybіlshe - vіd інфляційного. On the Keynesian model, which has a higher investment rate, lower interest rates, lower interest rates, the rule is “gold”, you can get a higher interest rate if you have a lower bank rate. By a natural stabilizer, counting investment flows, at first thought, є not the income income, but the oaths of the unfortunate people (“the excess theorem”). As a rule, the state will protect you from investment, investing in the advancement of the national and international community. Please note that there are a lot of obligations for investing, and I’ll signify the rest of the capitals. As a matter of fact, there is a constant distribution of capitals between the galleys and the form of the rational structure of the suspension virobnitz.

Planning for the economy, Alle otsiniyuє, on a daily basis with the “Equivalence Theorems”, formulated in the book “In the case of economical discipline”: be it the most important, the most important , what to say about the most important market economy. Vin nagoloshuє, scho plan for the sake of taking into account how to deal with the situation in time, the same as the economy, the same way as planned, the hand of the state, the indi vidual, the I regulate and control the functions of the country and keep them safe, and give the rest of the role of an extras, which in the first place will be about the development of the economy, the form of the main planned indicators.

The control of Alle vvazhaє is not even worse than a tool. The one and only effective controller is the Tserinok. At a thought, under the control of control, there are booties of power and vitality and a penny about.

On the other side of the economy, Alla can’t bring the social sphere to another, better way to develop the economy, and to see the official and the water supply after the economic growth. At first thought, it is possible to harmonize more economically and socially, not so much more economically more economically. Virus of social problems, waking up to the activity of the sub-entities themselves, and to interpreting the activity in the context of the new constitutional approval, so as to develop a "system of participation in profits", a "system" of social partnership. I appeal to those who have private power to zoom socially power, power, which wants to privately power as the basis of efficient economy, to ensure that there is a separate income, and to increase their income.

At the whole economic idea of ​​Moris Alle є on the basis of neoclassical approaches to the analysis of market intelligence from the institutional role of the state.