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Psalm 17

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1 (16-1) ^^ Prayer of David. ^^ Hear, Lord, the truth, listen to my cry, accept the prayer from the lips of those who are not lying.
2 (16-2) May the court come out of Your face; Thy eyes be right.
3 (16-3) You have tested my heart, visited me at night, tempted me and found nothing; my mouth does not depart from my thoughts.
4 (16-4) In human affairs, according to the words of thy mouth, I protected myself from the paths of the oppressor.
5 (16-5) Establish my steps in thy ways, that my footsteps not hesitate.
6 (16-6) I appeal to Thee, for You will hear me, God; bow your ear to me, hear my words.
7 (16-7) Reveal Your wondrous mercy, Savior of those who trust [upon You] from those who oppose Your right hand.

eight (16-8) Keep me as the apple of an eye; in the shadow of your wings cover me
nine (16-9) on behalf of the wicked, attacking me, - from the enemies of my soul that surround me:
ten (16-10) they were enclosed in their fatness, they speak haughtily with their lips.
eleven (16-11) At every step of ours they now surround us; they turned their eyes to bring [me] to the earth;
12 (16-12) they are like a lion, hungry for prey, like a skim sitting in secret places.
13 (16-13) Rise, Lord, warn them, put them down. Deliver my soul from the wicked with thy sword
fourteen (16-14) from people — by Your hand, Lord, from the people of the world, whose inheritance in [this] life, whom You fill the womb from Your treasures; their sons are full and leave the rest to their children.
fifteen (16-15) But in truth I will look on Your face; waking up, I will be saturated with Your image.

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