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Yandex.Maps - Yandex search and information map service. Opened in 2004. At the service are detailed maps of the whole world. There is a search on the map, information about traffic jams, laying routes and panoramas of the streets of major cities and other cities. For Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, only their own company cards are used, which are updated monthly; data for the rest of the world is supplied by NAVTEK. The route is laid even when the point of departure and the final point are in the territories of different countries.

As of March 2012, the Russian audience of the resource reaches 16.2 million users.


Maps are available in four options: diagrams, satellite images, combined and Folk map. The set of possibilities for working with maps is quite extensive, but in the fullest extent is available only for a limited number of cities.

Available highlighting the area, city or region after searching the organization on the site. It is possible to view the streets on the maps.

Search is available both by geographical objects (addresses, streets, cities, regions and countries) and by organization. On the maps there is an opportunity to measure the distance, lay routes and view street panoramas.

For some cities, the Yandex.Probki service is available: traffic congestion indicator. The level of congestion is determined on a ten-point digital scale and on a four-color graphic, information is collected from traffic cameras. The readings of this service can be taken into account when automatically routing.

It is possible to view in real time images from webcams, installed, as a rule, along the largest highways and near interchanges.

On September 9, 2009, the Yandex.Panorama service began to operate in Moscow. Later panoramas became available for other cities.

On January 25, 2012, panoramas of St. Petersburg and its environs were presented from a bird's-eye view. Helicopter and airship were used for the filming. Filming takes place at an altitude of 150-200 meters [5].

Yandex.Maps is a search and information service with which you can:

  • view detailed maps of major cities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, as well as satellite images of different points of the whole world;
  • get current data on traffic jams;
  • easy to find the right organization;
  • build an optimal route by car or public transport;
  • create your tags on the map and share links to them;
  • and also use other useful features of the service.