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Little known places of Ukraine for rest with children

Места в Украине для отдыха с детьми

Recreation (Latin recreatio - restoration) is a complex of health-improving measures carried out with the goal of restoring the normal state of health and working capacity of a healthy but tired person.

The concept covers all types of recreation - spa treatment, tourism, amateur sports, recreational fishing, etc. Restoration of emotional and psychological forces, health and working capacity by rest outside the home: in the bosom of nature, in a tourist trip, etc. Specialized Enterprises for recreation are sanatoriums, dispensaries, boarding houses and others. The concept was used in the 1960s in physiological, medical, socio-economic literature, on the problems of restoring the strength and health of workers.

In the post-Soviet countries, large recreation areas have formed, which can be divided into several groups. Areas that have arisen on the basis of natural conditions and resources: the Caucasian Mineral Waters, the Marcial Waters, the Black Sea coast of Russia, Abkhazia and Georgia, the mountain resorts of the Caucasus, the Issyk-Kul resorts, the national parks of Bashkortostan, the Southern coast of Crimea,

In addition to the Carpathians or temporarily inaccessible Crimea in Ukraine there are many more beautiful places where you can go to rest with children.

Blue Lakes (Chernihiv Region)

Голубые озера (Черниговская область) - Места в Украине для отдыха с детьми

Many are aware of the Shatskie lakes of Volhynia. The blue lakes of the Chernigov region are not yet a well-known tourist attraction. However, the resort bases grow around them like mushrooms after the rain. It is better to go there with the children not for the weekend: noise, discos and the hassle of vacationers interfere. On weekdays the terrain is usually calmer. The name of the lake was received for the unusual blue color of the sand at the bottom. Water in them is considered curative.

How to get there: Or by car to the village of Oleshnya in Chernigov region. In addition, very close to the lakes station Gribova Rudnya. Three times a day from Chernigov, in just an hour, you can get there by train.

Sholokhovsky (Tokovskiy) cascading waterfall (Dnepropetrovsk region, Apostolovsky district)

Шолоховский (Токовский) каскадный водопад (Днепропетровская область, Апостоловский район) - Места в Украине для отдыха с детьми

Another waterfall, which must definitely visit the travelers. The waterfall is small, only 14 meters. And the surrounding landscapes make it really impressive. Even adults may think that they were in some unknown, fantastic world. A stone plateau covered with dense moss, red stones, granite baths and various "red-book" flowers will not leave the kids indifferent. There are many safe places for camping and swimming.

How to get there: it's most convenient to get from Krivoy Rog. If not by car, then you need to take the train Krivoy Rog-Nikopol. Your exit is station Tok. Three kilometers by a steppe edge and you are in place!

Busha (Vinnytsia region)

Буша (Винницкая область) - Места в Украине для отдыха с детьми

Scenic landscapes and monuments of architecture can boast not only Ternopil region. In the south of Vinnytsia region, around the village of Bush you will find many more interesting things. Do you want rest to bring not only pleasure, but also a benefit for the development of the child? Welcome to Bush. Museum of Trypillian culture, a museum of sculptures in the open air, the famous Busch fortress and the unique rock shelter for Ukraine. About its origin (Slavic or Celtic) to now there are discussions. Gontov stone, Gaydamak Yar, rock caves of hermits - here everything is impregnated with history. Your child will have something to tell in the history lesson after the holidays.

How to get there: either by car to the village of Bush or from Vinnytsia by the daily bus flight of Vinnitsa-Busch.

Гомельшанские Леса (the Kharkov area)

Гомольшанские Леса (Харьковская область) - Места в Украине для отдыха с детьми

Not only the Right-Bank Ukraine is rich in tourist attractions. Gomolshan forests in the forest-steppe zone of the Kharkiv region are an ideal place for recreation with children in nature. The banks of the Seversky Donets River among the forests of Slobozhanshchyna attract tourists even from abroad. Clean air, majestic nature and developed infrastructure of recreational facilities - for those who prefer a comfortable stay. Although, of course, older children, especially boys, will happily rest "savages" in a tent.

How to get there: the official site of the park "Gomilshanski Lesa" offers several options - by car or public transport. The distance from Kharkov to Zmiev is 40 km. From Zmiev must go along the road Zmiev - Balakleya (T-2105) to the village. Zadonets about 5 km. In the village turn right, along Kurortnaya Street and go 2 km. Further this road goes in with. Karpov Khutor (Koropovo), where Koropiivka forestry is located and all the ecological paths begin. A bus service from Kharkov exists in the village. Zadonetskoye (buses Kharkov-Balakleya, Kharkov-Komsomolsky, Kharkov-violins). Departures from bus station # 1 at 22 Gagarin Ave., or from the bus station near the metro station. named after Academician Barabashov.

Dzhurinsky Falls (Ternopil Region, Zaleschitsky District)

Джуринский водопад (Тернопольская область, Залещицкий район) - Места в Украине для отдыха с детьми

The highest plain waterfall in Ukraine is striking in its beauty. According to one of the legends of his created human hands a few years ago. Friendly residents of the village of Poczki, located nearby, will tell you this story: Turkish troops during the siege of the city of Chervonograd allegedly changed the riverbed to deprive the defenders of the castle of the water source.

The waterfall itself is 16 meters high and 20 meters long. Through the transparent, clean falling water of the Duty River there is a red rock. Nearby is an ideal place for camping. Once under the waterfall, you can get a kind of shower Charcot. In the river you can swim, but carefully - sometimes there are sharp stones. Half an hour later - the majestic towers of a dilapidated castle-fortress of the beginning of the sixteenth century.

How to get there: there is a regular bus from Ternopol to Zalishchyna. However, from the district center in Nyrkov only twice a day (05.20 and 12.05). Count on time! From the village itself it is necessary to walk several kilometers on foot, the way is better to ask the local people.

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