Having passed this simple test, you learn, you can not believe in God, oh how differently!

Do you consider yourself an atheist, an agnostic, an unbeliever? Then go through this test and determine to which type of unbelief you are most inclined.

Please decide if you agree with the following statements by selecting "Agree", "Not sure" or "Disagree" under each statement.

You agree either with the statement itself or with the course of thoughts in statements containing a predicate and a conclusion.

After replying to all the points of the questionnaire, click "Done".

Attention! The test is intended solely for people who somehow do not believe in God.

Any statement of the test implies an additional predicate: "I do not believe in God, and ..." (hereinafter the actual text).

Therefore, for Christians, Muslims, Jews and other worshipers, the result of the test is certainly inadequate.