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After passing this simple test, you will find out that you can’t believe in God, oh, how different!

Do you consider yourself an atheist, an agnostic, an unbeliever? Then take this test and determine which type of disbelief you are most likely to have.

Please determine if you agree with the following statements by choosing “Agree”, “Not Sure” or “Disagree” under each statement.

You agree either with the statement itself or with the train of thought in statements containing a predicate and conclusion.

After answering all the points on the questionnaire, click "Finish."

Attention! The test is intended exclusively for people who somehow do not believe in God.

Any statement of the test implies an additional predicate: "I do not believe in God, and ..." (hereinafter the actual text).

Therefore, for Christians, Muslims, Jews, and other believers, the test result is obviously inadequate.