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How can simple things change your life?

Простые вещи изменят жизнь

Psychological training is a form of active learning skills of behavior and personality development. In the training, the participant is invited to do some exercises aimed at developing or demonstrating psychological qualities or skills. A key principle ensuring effective learning and development is a constant combination of all forms of activity in training: communication, play, training, work.

It is necessary to distinguish psychological trainings from group psychotherapy. Many practitioners formally calling themselves psychological training are criticized by some authors as psychocultures.

"Personal growth" is a concept of psychology. It was originally formulated within the framework of the humanistic concept of K. Rogers and A. Maslow, but at the present time it is widely used by other psychological directions. The notion of personal growth is based on a positive vision of the original nature of man and the possibility of developing internal potential.

• Try not to drink coffee and tea for two weeks.

You will see that everything pleases you, that you calmly fall asleep and sleep deeply, that you have smoothed out tense or gloomy wrinkles and all easy (or severe) nervousness is gone (or at least halved).

• Try not to eat at night and fall asleep with an empty stomach.

Within 1-2 weeks you will begin to see light light dreams, every morning wake up in a good mood and already with inspiration for anything, you'll get up fresh in the morning, without the languid desire to lie in bed half a day.

• Try not to add two seasonings: salt and pepper.

You will see that you can eat 2-3 times less food. Within 1-2 weeks the body will stop swelling, and after a month you will noticeably lose weight (it concerns only having excess weight).

• Try not to drink lemonades and any fizzy drinks bought in the store.

You will see how simple water is tasty and that you need much less to quench your thirst.

• Try to say goodbye to a person to stop saying "Come on, well ... come on!"

You will see how easy and pleasant to say goodbye.

• Try to walk a week and sit with your back straight.

You will see how your memory improves, and how much faster you will think.

• Try for someone who does not like you, every time you remember about him, give him an imaginary most luxurious (or especially good) gift, imagining how he rejoices.

You will see that he will treat you better, just like you to him.

• Try an hour or two before going to sleep turn off the TV and computer.

You will begin to see your desires and creative impulses.

• Try 2 weeks to talk on the phone and communicate on the Internet only on business.

You'll see that in the day 36 hours.

• Try each time if you want to take a cigarette - take an apple / mandarin / orange / banana or drink a glass of water.

In 2 weeks you will feel twice as strong, sturdier and stronger.

• Try every time you want to do something that interests you (even for the first time, though rare and not typical for you, but liking) to do immediately and deduct minutes of thinking and evaluation.

You will see that you can do much more.

• Try to smile every time you want, to smile at the passerby, even for a couple of seconds (forgetting "what he can think of you").

Within a month you will begin to feel each person familiar and safe.

• Try to lie in the grass among the trees, away from the cars, without being embarrassed by people.

You will hear in yourself the long-awaited silence.

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