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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 01/12/2013

UPD: 01/12/2013 Personal shooting "The flow of people along the street Kreschatik"

UPD: 01/12/2013 "Volvo Trucks" The trick from Yanukovych

UPD: 01/12/2013 Tanks (Tractor) in Kiev

I do not want me and my children to be set on the same Ukrainians, albeit in uniform.

UPD: 01/12/2013 With what began the dispersal of EuroMaidan

Here is the moment from which the cops became brutalized and began to drive people from the Maidan!

UPD: 01/12/2013

In the center of Kiev are now several hundred thousand citizens. As the correspondent of UNIAN reports, dense columns are moving along Khreshchatyk and adjacent streets towards Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

The column continues to descend from Taras Shevchenko's park towards the center. In Shevchenko Park, there are still 40-50 thousand people, some of them go to Khreshchatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

In addition, just recently the yard of the Cabinet of Ministers was occupied by the soldiers of the special unit Berkut. As the correspondent of UNIAN reports, in particular, hundreds of soldiers in full equipment, helmets, body armor, with rubber batons, multi-hundred columns ran from Mariinsky Park and settled in the courtyard of the Government House.

In the park there are dozens of buses with militiamen. The traffic on Grushevskogo Street is blocked by cars of protesters with the flags of Ukraine and the European Union. Also between these cars people who protest against actions of the authorities start to gather.

From the central entrance to the Cabinet policemen lined up, they stand behind a metal fence, behind their backs there are 5 buses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At present, the situation is calm.

In addition, motorists in protest against the dispersal of EuroMaidan and in support of today's action for the European integration of Ukraine blocked the traffic on the street Institutskaya. As the correspondent of UNIAN reports, at the same time on the Bankova Street, closer to the building of the Presidential Administration, metal shields are installed, behind which there are about 20 buses with police officers.