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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 06/02/2014

UPD: 05/06/2014 The security forces use tanks to effectively block terrorists in the ATO area. VIDEO

T-64 tanks are used to guard the positions of the ATO forces near Slavyansk.

Terrorists are trying in every way to disable armored vehicles, but the forces of crews and technical services quickly return to service.

UPD: 05/06/2014 Russians continue to produce news fakes about Ukraine. Photo report

Россияне продолжают плодить фейки об Украине. ФОТОрепортаж

Another collection of evidence of lies Russian media about the latest events in the east of Ukraine published in his LiveJournal user nazlo_vsemu.

UPD: 05/06/2014 Now we are testing the information system "Event" (Semen Semenchenko)

Сейчас тестируем информационную систему

Writes Semen Semenchenko. Good news. Now we are testing the information system "Event" / working title /. What kind of animal is it and what is it eaten with? I will show you with examples.

Message 1. Hello! The headquarters of the ATO is not responding ... Konstantinovka, Donetsk region, Fire Station (Artemovskaya St. 151). Arrived 30 militants, fully armed + driven inside the BTR. Now they are setting up an ambush. Take care of yourself!

Post 2321. In the city of Krasnodon, Lugansk region, in the household area, next to the central market (behind it is the police), the militia headquarters are located on the opposite side of the street, there used to be a bank (next to a two-story green building with shop Dnipropetrovsk shoes). According to eyewitnesses, a large number of weapons were recently brought to headquarters.

Communication 13451. From a message from a resident of Sukhodolsk "In the Luhansk region, Krasnodon district, Sukhodolsk, in the building of a former kindergarten nest, there is a tasty world supermarket. The headquarters of the local, but they also saw strangers. Also, local residents say that they saw Chechens in the city. And there is an assumption that they are on the second floor of the building. On the other side of the building is a private bank. There are ATMs and terminals in the store. there are two empty buildings on Stanislavsky Street - empty cooking, near the park, near an abandoned building from the factory youth. According to my assumptions, you can hide there. The city is surrounded by landings, after the rains they have grown a lot, so you can't see anything. There are machine guns for sure. I saw one with a gun Holster. They say that the local police secretly took the oath of office to the republic. The population is faithful to Ukraine, very much intimidated by these events. People themselves are not getting involved, the workers' and mining townships are not afraid of losing their jobs. But no one has any resistance to the arrivals. ”“ We need to do something with this. Only very neat! There is a school near ...

Messages about everything: addresses and appearances, passwords from roadblocks, places of deployment of militants, places of ambushes, reports of crimes and many many many things. The battalion of Donbass realizes a maximum of 5% of this information. What about the rest? I will not criticize but ... nothing. Permanent transmission channel info - no. Interests in its receiving, do not make me laugh. Sometimes we push some information into the ATO or special services with separate titanic efforts, but ... still there is no responsibility for non-realization of information.

With this, it's time to stop. Intelligence - 80% success. We all need success. So we take it all.

The concept is this: a person became an eyewitness to something. If he has a device on the Android platform, he comes in and writes to us in a special form. If not - calls the center or writes to me in a personal. Next message is marked with the tag "crime", "event" and so on. Then a number is assigned to it and it is rechecked / verified /.

At the exit, we get a map of the operational situation + a bunch of processed information. It is sent about crimes to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the other - to the ATO or the Security Service of Ukraine. The rest - in the press. If the information received by the official is confirmed but has not been implemented, the country will know the names of its “heroes”. Then we will send the flow of information to bypass the sclerotic area, directly to the unit.

So no message will be lost. We will not forget a single crime, we will not let the "agreements" and "amnesties" happen. And the soldiers must stop dying due to poor coordination. They must live. LIVE FOR UKRAINE.

P.S. On Friday we go to the presentation of the information center in the media. Reports of events continue to me in PM. Then we get into the system. Glory to Ukraine.

UPD: 05/06/2014 Leaders of the G7 countries put forward four conditions to Russia

Лидеры стран G7 выдвинули России четыре услови

The heads of the G7 countries unanimously condemned Russia's violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, Deutsche Welle reports.

“Russia's illegal annexation of the Crimea and actions to destabilize the situation in the east of Ukraine are unacceptable and must be stopped,” the G7 joint statement says.

At the same time, the leaders of the G-7 countries demanded that Russia take measures to overcome the Ukrainian crisis, threatening otherwise with new sanctions.

"We are ready, if events require it, to strengthen targeted sanctions and impose significant additional restrictions so that Russia will pay a much higher price for its actions," the statement said.

In addition, the G7 demanded that the Russian leadership fulfill four conditions. First, recognize the results of the presidential elections in Ukraine and cooperate with the newly elected President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. Secondly, to stop the supply of weapons and militants to the East of Ukraine. Third, complete a withdrawal of troops from the Russian-Ukrainian border. And finally, guarantee the supply of gas.

At the same time, German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel hinted that Russia's refusal could lead to the introduction of a new wave of economic sanctions.

UPD: 05/06/2014 Search Google Images and idiots ...

Поиск по картинкам Google и идиоты...

Shhhhhh! just don’t tell the Russian media that Google has a search for pictures.

I still want to watch the idiots ...

UPD: 05/06/2014 Boris Nemtsov - The world is inevitable

Борис Немцов - Мир неизбежен

After my proposal to start negotiations, Putin-Poroshenko, the radicals on both sides howled together.

How can this be said with a Bandera player, who has sweets with a bloody filling?! - they say alone. What can we talk about with a liar, a hypocrite and an invader, who sends us Kadyrov's militants?! - say others.

Yes, nothing pleasant communication of these two people does not portend. It is better to be in the circle of like-minded people and admirers with sycophants.

Continue the war until victory. Until we kill each other. Until all enemies are destroyed. Only victory will not be. Putin has a huge resource to fuel the war with weapons supplies, sending "volunteers", frantic propaganda. And he does and will do. A strong European Ukraine with a thriving economy is like a knife in its heart. Well, this is an example of the Russians, that it is possible to build a state differently, and not only on the basis of lies, policemanhood and total theft.

Poroshenko has a weak army and special services and, in addition, low support of citizens in the Donbass and Lugansk. The continuation of the war only intensifies the confrontation between Donetsk and Kiev. And reduces the ability to keep Donetsk with Lugansk as part of Ukraine.

Poroshenko seems to understand this, and therefore expressed willingness to negotiate. But Putin is not. He believes that at the cost of thousands of Russians, Ukrainians, Chechens, he will be able to dismember Ukraine, weaken it, establish control over the South and Southeast, and create a puppet state of New Russia, including not only Donets and Lugansk, but Kherson, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev and Odessa . Putin’s dreams do not come true. Outside of Donetsk and Lugansk, its support is rapidly falling and will continue to fall with the continuation of the war. So, he can only count on subsidized Donbass and Lugansk, which are in a severe economic crisis. Which it is necessary to contain, paying huge money. He doesn’t have money at the Donbass. On the Crimea is not enough.

But Putin also has the hardest problems that will inevitably force him to negotiate. This is the Crimea, gas and sanctions.

Crimea The North-Crimean Canal does not work. All rice crops in the Crimea have already been destroyed, 160 thousand people were left without work. Agriculture of Crimea lived at the expense of water from the canal. It is destroyed. The holiday season is breaking down. In Crimea, rested 6 million people a year. 4 million of them are Ukrainians and only 1 million are Russians. Ukrainians will not go, the Russians are on vacation without water and electricity are also not welcome. Yes, and go on the ferry through the Kerch Strait, waiting for 5 days in the queue, not everyone wants. But this is not the main thing. The entire economy of the Crimea held on tourists. It was the earnings of hundreds of thousands of Crimeans. And now it will not be. People will be left without livelihoods. And in the fall they will start shouting: Putin's ... ylo !!! Crimean Putin-h..ylo will be the end of the myth Krymnash, bitter disappointment and a sharp drop in the rating of the "national leader". And censorship will not help him. Everything, everyone will know.

Gas. The prospect of disrupting supplies to Europe hardly pleases Putin. Without negotiations with Kiev disruption of supply is guaranteed. The loss of the European market by Gazprom knocks out the economic basis for the existence of Putinism. So have to negotiate. And for Putin, these negotiations are more important than for Poroshenko.

Sanctions. Bravado fell under the sanctions of Putin's kleptocrats. All this is extremely unpleasant for them. They are like invaders, we earn in Russia, and we live in the West. And there we attach children. The continuation of the war, the lack of negotiations brings the third wave of sanctions against Putin's banks and Gazprom. This is the inevitable deepest crisis in Russia.

So, gentlemen Putin and Poroshenko will have to sit down and negotiate.

Every day of delay is dozens of dead and wounded. And they are on your conscience.