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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 01/17/2014

UPD: 17/01/2014 Yanukovych dismissed Levochkin from the post of head of the presidential administration

Янукович уволил Левочкина с поста главы Администрации президента

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, by his decree, dismissed Sergei Levochkin from the post of head of the presidential administration of Ukraine.

"To dismiss Sergey Vladimirovich Levochkin from the post of head of the presidential administration of Ukraine," reads the text of Decree No. 10/2014, promulgated on the website of the head of state on Friday evening.

UPD: 17/01/2014 Lutsenko fell and broke his head five meters from policemen - deputy head of the Golden Eagle of Kiev

Луценко упал и разбил голову в пяти метрах от милиционеров - замначальника Беркута Киева

Yuriy Lutsenko during a skirmish with the Svyatoshinsky District Police Department on the night of January 11, or pushed by one of the protesters, or he was hit by a stone, as he fell five meters from the fighters of the special forces, said the head of the capital Berkut Nikolai Tyagnidadno.

"If you watch the video carefully, I've reviewed everything several times, at some point it's clear that Lutsenko was rushing to the Golden Eagle, then he tried to convince others to do this, he demanded to behave as aggressively as possible." Of course, in such turmoil, who could see it? Who could understand that it was not the provocateur, but the former minister, that costs the blow that can be seen on the video, it could not be so damaging to him, it's unreal, rather, it's not a stroke, but a push, I'll tell you: if the fighter hit him his fist, Lutsenko would not have resisted, that's for sure. whole ", - said deputy head of the special forces in an interview with the publication" Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine. "

According to Tyagnyradno, a couple of minutes after the push, Yuri Lutsenko fell.

"But not near us, but near the pedestrian crossing." Why? This is a question. "Perhaps we'll find out the answer sometime." Obviously, Yuri Vitalievich does not say anything: it's possible that they hit him with a rock or someone pushed him away. As far as we could see, he was not the only one who was down, there were several people, maybe with security, I do not know, we were not visible, everything happened 5 meters from us, he fell behind the journalists who were standing there, they could not even to take pictures of him, they asked each other what had happened there, I can say for sure - there were circumstances about which we ka is unknown, "- said the deputy head of the Golden Eagle of Kiev.

As it was reported, on the night of January 10 to 11, in the midst of a clash between militia and activists of the AvtoMaidan, the Kiev-Svyatoshynskiy paionnogo cydah was fired by the Ex-Minister of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Yuriy Lyutsenko. Lycenko had been diagnosed with constriction of the hypothalamus, the pana of the right voice, and the soft tissue of the right hand and left frontal lobes. This is the opinion of the doctor in the clinic, when the former minister mined after the beating.

On January 11, according to reports of the use of force by the Berkut officers at the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky court, as well as on the fact of receiving bodily injuries by Yuriy Lutsenko on the Victory Avenue, 109 the Kyiv prosecutor's office launched a criminal proceeding under the article Excess of official authority.

Recall, on January 14, a video was released, which, according to experts, indicates that Yuriy Lycenko was beaten by the soldiers of the Bepqyte spree.

It's worth noting that the miner of the interior of the internal affairs of the country has been pictured. Patty Petyashnyak, on the contrary, with his incomprehensible diplomas, stated that Lycenka on January 10 was not beaten by the co-detainees of Berekty.

According to the leader of the Third Republic, when the fight broke out, he was punched in the face, after which he was beaten with a club.

Earlier on the Web, a video appeared that shows that Yuriy Lutsenko, while communicating with the Berkutovite, offends him, using obscene language.

UPD: 17/01/2014 What are the laws adopted on January 16, 2014? What is this for us?

Что такое принятые законы 16.01.2014? Чем черевато это для нас?

To all who remain at such a moment "outside politics" is dedicated! Sorry for the foul language, but this is the original text! Those who gloat about the fact that today they have adopted these bastard laws and say: - so you, Maidaunam, and it is necessary! - I want to tell two tales.

The first story.
You built a successful business. It does not matter what. You can even grow a quail. And this business was liked by Gennady Petrovich, the deputy prosecutor of something there. People came to you from Gennady Petrovich and offered to give 50% monthly to the Fund for Helping Poor Gennady. You certainly sent them fucking. (And rightly so, for with the dick you give honestly earned money to this ponu). Sent and went to rest in Thailand (well, you spend every December there, cho this year, then do not go). And so, while you were fucking the iceboys, eating a cheap rum with a tasty tom pit, there was a secret search in your apartment without a court order (yes yes it is possible under the new Criminal Code) and 3 kg of heroin was found (well, fuck, that it was brought by the traces). The case was sent to court, and since you were "out of the access zone", the meeting passed without you. And the verdict was pronounced in absentia. And right from the passport control in Boryspil, you, a little surprised, went to show off tanning to their new friends at the camera number 146 ITC number 246. When this happens, think of Maidaunas and chop the rotten stew.

The second story.
You live, for example, on the quiet Otradnom. Around a pile of greenery, silence, good neighbors, children can play in the courtyard on a beautiful site, which you and neighbors have themselves built. And suddenly, you fool and early in the morning you see that in the middle of your yard you are demolishing the platform and the representatives of Shmako Holding (yes, yes, the same one) install the building fence. Well, such a high-altitude they're going to be in for a fight. The floor is at 32, so that the center can be seen better from the windows. Here are just documents from them snyazhnye, and by all standards it is forbidden to build such buildings here. You are in shock! You are going to your neighbors and holding a rally. Or even a fence trying to fall down. It seems that everything was done right, one was not taken into account - rallies now need to be coordinated with the police. And otherwise 15 days admin arrest. Well, the court of course must pass this sentence, and not just so. Well, you are such at the court start a debate with the judge. Well, he ignores the obvious evidence that you did everything right, but the comrades from Shmako broke it. And this is your main mistake. This is another 15 days for contempt of court. Okhuenchik. And then you submit an appeal. Well, get a bonus of 15 days)))) Total you won 45 days of stay on a full board from the state. Well, not bad, not bad. You can say - the darling of fate. Therefore, walking the dog among the two hundred cars of the inhabitants of the new house, thank the fate that in 2014 you had the sanity not to get involved in political actions.

PS By the way, when your daughter comes to get married, she will not believe that you had 150 guests at your wedding. She had never seen a column of cars more than five in her life.
Что такое принятые законы 16.01.2014? Чем черевато это для нас?