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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 03/20/2014

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UPD: 20/03/2014 Путинский коридор. Взгляд из Молдовы

Путинский коридор. Взгляд из Молдовы

Россия выстраивает полный аналог Данцигского коридора, необходимый ей для успешного транзита углеводородов - основы российской экономики, сообщает iPress

Итак, президент России Владимир Путин подписал соглашение о принятии Крыма в состав Российской Федерации. Все разговоры о том, что Россия в последний момент сдаст назад, убоявшись санкций и осуждения мирового сообщества, разговорами и остались. Впрочем, это было ожидаемо с самого начала.

Признают, или не признают другие страны аннексию Крыма - в сложившейся ситуации большого значения уже не имеет. Ничего, кроме сотрясения воздуха, Запад противостоять России сегодня неспособен. И пока бессильные болтуны будут обличать Кремль с международных трибун, россияне будут обустраиваться в Крыму. По факту это означает в первую очередь восстановление советских военных баз и постройку новых.

Напомню, что Крым во времена СССР был не столько курортом, сколько непотопляемым авианосцем, контролирующим черноморский регион. Базы Советского Союза, образовали, по сути, второй, подземный полуостров, способный выдержать даже ядерную атаку. Сейчас эту инфраструктуру получила Россия. Приведение её в рабочее состояние - дело одного-двух лет, по итогам которых у России появится ещё один рубеж обороны. Это рубеж будет очень не лишним для Кремля, если его конфликт с Западом войдет когда-нибудь в горячую фазу - а рано или поздно он в неё, вероятно, войдет.

Путинский коридор. Взгляд из Молдовы
Подземная база подводных лодок в Балаклаве. Фото:

Но горячая фаза если и будет, то много позже. Сегодня идет сдача без боя: и Запад и Украина демонстрирует полнейшую растерянность и бессилие перед агрессором. Украина воевать неспособна: армия по факту не существует вовсе, а все оборонительные рубежи на восточном направлении были демонтированы по распоряжению Януковича. Кроме того, новая киевская власть озабочена не столько судьбой страны, сколько собственным спасением и пойдет на любые соглашения и любые территориальные уступки, лишь бы усидеть. ЕС и США всерьез вступаться за Украину не намерены - это уже очевидно. Формальные санкции, введенные ими против России, никакого реального воздействия оказать на Москву не смогут.

Разумеется, во всей этой истории сразу видна масса исторических аналогий. Ближайшая из них - аналогия с Австрией и Чехословакией, с событиями 1934-38 годов. Сегодня, как и восемьдесят лет назад, в Европе появился новый игрок, требующий пересдачи всей колоды политических карт. Игрок не то чтобы такой уж сильный, но отчаянный, ему нечего терять. Россия находится в крайне сложном, чтобы не сказать - катастрофическом экономическом положении, она фактически зажата в угол и потому играет ва-банк и при случае без колебаний применит имеющееся у него ядерное оружие в качестве последнего аргумента. Вместе с тем, Европе и Соединенным Штатам есть что терять. И потому они, будучи, в принципе, в разы сильнее, не хотят идти на прямой конфликт, рассчитывая отделаться несколькими кусками мяса, брошенными голодному хищнику. Роль же кусков мяса выпала нам с вами - Украине и Молдове - точно так же, как восемьдесят лет назад она досталась Чехословакии и Австрии.

Понять, что происходит сегодня очень легко - достаточно взглянув на карту. На наших глазах Россия выстраивает полный аналог Данцигского коридора, необходимый ей для успешного транзита углеводородов - основы российской экономики. В настоящее время, опираясь, в том числе, и на новый плацдарм в Крыму, Россия начала захват Юго-Востока Украины. Все это делается под аккомпанемент заявлений Путина о том, что Крым - предел требований России и что на другие части Украины Россия не претендует. Но я бы не стал относиться к этим заверениям всерьез. В свое время Гитлер тоже говорил о том, что ему достаточно Австрии, потом Судет, потом Чехословакии, потом Польши…

Так вот, посмотрим на карту. После захвата Луганской, Донецкой и Днепропетровской областей - а этот захват - дело уже, практически, решенное, дело ближайших полутора-двух месяцев, на карте явно вырисовывается дуга, проходящая через Крым и оканчивающаяся в Молдове и Одесской области. Здесь у России есть превосходные плацдармы для развертывания мобильных сил: это, во-первых, Приднестровье, в котором стоят российские войска и есть аэродром, способный принимать все типы самолетов, и, во-вторых, Гагаузская автономия на юге Молдовы, где недавно прошел референдум за сближение с Евразийским союзом. Кстати, гагаузы - разделенный народ. Две трети гагаузов живут в Молдове а примерно треть - в Украине… Улавливаете, какие безграничные возможности для защиты попранных прав малого и разделенного народа открываются здесь перед Россией?

Путинский коридор. Взгляд из Молдовы

И ещё несколько штрихов.

The leadership of the unrecognized Transdniestria has already consulted with Moscow and formally appealed to the State Duma Chairman Sergei Naryshkin with a request to envisage in the Russian legislation the possibility of Transdniestria joining Russia . The appeal was received in the form of a review of the draft law on simplifying the procedure for the accession of new territories to Russia. Let me remind you that the draft law provides for the admission of territories of other states to Russia, if there is no "effective legitimate power" in them, based on the results of a referendum or the appeal of their authorities, while Transnistria, de jure owned by Moldova, and de facto not controlled by it For two decades, this definition is just perfect. It is also clear that Gagauzia, plus Gagauzian-populated territories in the Odessa region, is a matter of technology and money, everything is decided in a couple of weeks.

Do not lose time and in the capital of Gagauzia - Comrat. Here, a decision has already been made to create a kind of "people's guard", which completely repeats the Crimean scenario. As for Moldova's ability to give a power response to such actions, they are as ephemeral as the possibilities of Ukraine. Especially in view of the fact that Russian assistance - perhaps, in the script approved in the Crimea, in the form of "green men" without insignia, can be transferred to the scene of events in just a few hours.

It is characteristic that Moldova, like Ukraine, does not have to count on the help of its neighbors. Romanian President Traian Basescu has already announced his country's non-interference in case of Russia's annexation of part of the Moldovan territory.

Of course, opposition to Russia's plans in our region is still possible - but the window of opportunity is very narrow. Theoretically, Ukraine and Moldova could jointly take control of the situation in Gagauzia and in the border areas of the Odessa region. Could they take control of the situation in Transnistria - but, I repeat, only by concerted actions. However, there will be no concerted action. First, both Chisinau and Kiev do not trust each other and calculate the options their partner at a decisive moment will pass back, hand them over to Moscow - and get a set of bonuses for it. These concerns, I must say, are absolutely justified - both from Kiev and from Chisinau. In addition, both in Kiev and in Chisinau, the authorities are very weak and incapable of taking decisive action, all its forces and resources are thrown on one thing - to sit and sit at any cost. And so the actions of both Chisinau and Kiev were and will be powerless and half-hearted. Chisinau, having suddenly woken up, created a working group in the parliament to consider problems related to the special status of ATU Gagauzia - that is, did what had to be done 20 years ago - in a normal chunk, two years ago - in a fire order, and now it is already too late . The maximum that Kiev had on the Transnistrian direction was enough to block the border with Moldova and Transnistria for men with Russian passports . However, this half-hearted measure is not enough to take the situation in the region under control, especially considering the absolute border crossing for a slightly physically prepared person. As for Moldova, it absolutely does not prevent the arrival of a sporty kind of men from 25 to 35 years old, who then depart for Transnistria. Moldova only detachedly states this as a fact.

With such passivity of the authorities of both states, the scenario of events in the region is quite obvious. Probably, the issue of creating the "Putin Corridor" will be resolved within a month, a maximum - one and a half. The western part of its arc will include the Odessa region, Transnistria and Gagauzia. The popular endorsement of annexation will be imitated according to the Crimean model.

Путинский коридор. Взгляд из Молдовы
Self-defense in Kiev. Photo: AFP

As for Ukraine and Moldova, their governments are much more afraid of their own people than of all possible aggressors put together. This fact is especially clear in the example of Ukraine, where the creation of an armed regional militia could at least partly stabilize the situation even today. In Moldova as a whole the same picture - simply the situation has not yet reached the Ukrainian acuteness.

The fate of both countries looks quite predetermined: partition and annexation by neighbors ; against the backdrop of complete unpreparedness-and, frankly speaking, the complete reluctance of any international to assist them in preserving their independence. It is extremely unlikely that the emergence of a resistance movement in the annexed territories, at least in the near and medium term.

Probably Moscow in one way or another will push Bucharest to annexation of the right-bank part of Moldova after Gagauzia, and Chisinau - to not resist this, as less from the point of view of pro-European Chisinau elites, evil - in comparison with the prospect of Russian occupation. A similar scenario will probably be realized between the remnants of Ukraine and Poland. The participation of the two EU member states in the division of Moldova and Ukraine, even with the formal consent of the authorities of both countries partially occupied by Russia, will allow Moscow to turn Bucharest and Warsaw into accomplices and its international lawyers, which at least partially legitimizes Russian territorial acquisitions.

Thus, if we talk about realistic forecasts, and not build castles in the air, hoping for the mythical help of the West, we have to state that this round was practically won by Russia. Moreover, if Moscow stops at these territorial acquisitions and does not go further to the West, but the Anschlusses of the spring of 2014 are likely to get away with it. And they will, albeit through their teeth, albeit unofficially, but de facto recognized by the world community and fixed for many decades, if not for centuries.

As for the further development of events, I recommend readers to turn to the last chapter of Karel Capek's novel "The War with the Newts": "The author talks to himself." A more complete and accurate long-term forecast is hardly possible.

UPD: 20/03/2014 Zhirinovsky demands that Russia not be limited to the Crimea: We do not need a border, we need to move on

Жириновский требует, чтобы Россия не ограничивалась Крымом: Нам не нужна граница, надо двигаться дальше

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky states that Russia will not stop at the annexation of the Crimea and must "move on".

He said this before the vote on documents on the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

"Here the head of the committee says that the land border of the Crimea (with Ukraine) is fixed forever. You are mistaken, on the contrary, we do not need this state border. We need to move on, do "forever" early, "Zhirinovsky said, applauding the Russian deputies.

"If we talk for good, it means giving up millions of Russians in the Donbas, Kherson, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye, Odessa. A piece was taken, and those Russians are going to die, "he said.

UPD: 20/03/2014 The State Duma officially took the Crimea and Sevastopol as part of the Russian Federation

Госдума официально приняла Крым и Севастополь в состав РФ

The State Duma at an extraordinary meeting ratified the agreement signed on March 18, 2014 between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Crimea on the admission of the Republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation.

According to the agreement, the Republic of Crimea is considered to be accepted in the Russian Federation from the date of signing the contract. From this day on, new subjects are being formed within the Russian Federation - the Republic of Crimea and the city of federal significance Sevastopol. The state languages ​​of Crimea are Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean-Tatar.

The border of the Republic of Crimea on land, coupled with the territory of Ukraine, is the state border of the Russian Federation. The delimitation of maritime areas of the Black and Azov Seas is carried out on the basis of international treaties of the Russian Federation, norms and principles of international law.

Since the adoption of the Crimea in the Russian Federation, citizens of Ukraine and stateless persons permanently residing on that day in the territory of Crimea or Sevastopol are recognized as citizens of the Russian Federation, with the exception of persons who within one month after that day declare their desire to preserve the available from them and ( or their minor children, other citizenship or remain stateless.

Until January 1, 2015, there is a transitional period, during which the issues of integration of new subjects of the Russian Federation into the economic, financial, credit and legal systems of the Russian Federation, the system of state authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as issues of fulfilling military duty and military service in the territories of the Crimea and Sevastopol.

Elections to the bodies of state power of two new entities are held on the second Sunday of September 2015. Prior to the election of the authorities of the Crimea and Sevastopol, their powers are exercised respectively by the State Council (Parliament) and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea, the Legislative Assembly of the city.

Legislative and other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation operate in the territories of the Crimea and Sevastopol from the date of their adoption in the Russian Federation, unless otherwise provided by Russian law.

Normative legal acts of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the cities of Sevastopol, the Republic of Crimea and cities with a special status of Sevastopol are valid until the end of the transition period or until the adoption of the relevant normative legal act of the Russian Federation and (or) the normative legal act of the Republic of Crimea, a city of federal significance in Sevastopol. Normative legal acts of the Crimea and Sevastopol, contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, are not applied.

UPD: 20/03/2014 "Soldier's mother", "Donetsk activist" and "Beshenka from Odessa" dyed hair and played the role of "Crimean activist"

"Soldier's mother", "Donetsk activist" and "Beshenka from Odessa" repainted her hair and played the role of "Crimean activist".

That's how you are zombified :(

UPD: 03/20/2014 Laughter and Sin

Смех и грех
Смех и грех
Смех и грех

It is funny and sad at the same time.

UPD: 20/03/2014 Comments of people on Twitter

Комментарии в Twitter
Комментарии в Twitter
Комментарии в Twitter

Comments of people on Twitter.

UPD: 20/03/2014 The journalist of "Life news" forgot to take into account the time difference and told about "monstrous atrocities of fascists from the Right sector" 2 hours before the incident

Журналист Life news забыл учесть разницу во времени и рассказал о чудовищных злодеяниях фашистов из Правого сектора за 2 часа до самого инцидента.

The journalist of "Life news" forgot to take into account the time difference and told about "monstrous atrocities of fascists from the Right sector" 2 hours before the incident.

UPD: 20/03/2014 Factory Roshen in Russia is blocked by OMON. PHOTO reportage

The factory Roshen in Russia is blocked by riot police The factory Roshen in Russia is blocked by riot police
The factory Roshen in Russia is blocked by riot police The factory Roshen in Russia is blocked by riot police
The factory Roshen in Russia is blocked by riot police

The entrance to the factory is blocked by a riot police truck and a police UAZ. This morning, March 19, in Lipetsk (Russia) on Dovator Street at the entrance to the confectionery factory Roshen, owned by Petro Poroshenko, a police post was put up - the entrance to the factory was blocked by a riot policeman and a police UAZ, LigaBusinessInform informs.

Workers on the territory of the factory are not allowed without an explanation of the reasons, and office employees of the factory are assembled in the conference hall of the building. The police do not provide comments. Factory managers are not available either - their mobile phones are not responding.

Blocked and a separate site of the Lipetsk Roshen in the village of Sentsovo, here the riot police officers, they said, conduct a cover for operational activities. The entrance and exit from Sentsovo factory is free, but its territory is filled with people in uniform.

According to some reports, an operation is being carried out at the factory to identify illegal migrant workers. As the workers say, the police are represented by the officers of the Moscow Department of the Interior for Moscow region.

UPD: 20/03/2014 More than a thousand people in Kherson pray on their knees for peace and unity in Ukraine IMPRESSIVE PHOTOS

On Sunday, March 16, more than a thousand people in Kherson on their knees pray for peace and unity in Ukraine.