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UPD: 21/02/2014 There will be no interruptions with food products - Prisyajnyuk

Перебоев с продуктами питания в Киеве не будет - Присяжнюк

Presumably, the available reserves are sufficient for at least three weeks.

There will be no interruptions in the supply of food products to the trade networks of Kiev, and the price situation will remain stable, said Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Nikolai Prisyazhnyuk, the press service of the ministry reported on February 21.

The head of the department assured that the food industry enterprises work without failures and the country's food security is not threatened.

"The capacities of Ukrainian producers of all food products exceed demand by several times. That is, today bakeries will take as much bread as the consumer will take. For today, trade networks have already increased the order for the supply of bread per 100 tons per day, "the minister said.

The stocks of food products in trade networks and warehouses of retail enterprises in the capital are on average 20 days.

Prisyajnyuk noted that the Agrarian Fund supplies flour, cereals, sugar to the retail network and flour for bakery enterprises in accordance with the applications.

On February 20, the demand for bread and foodstuffs of long-term storage increased substantially in Kiev against the backdrop of an aggravation of the situation in the capital.

UPD: 21/02/2014 Yanukovych and opposition signed an agreement on the settlement of the political situation in Ukraine (Updated + Full text)

Янукович и оппозиция подписали соглашение об урегулировании политической ситуации в Украине (Обновлено+Полный текст)

Three opposition leaders and President Viktor Yanukovich signed an agreement on the settlement of the political situation. Details of the agreement have not yet been disclosed, the Ukrainian truth reports.

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski and Germany's Frank-Walter Steinmeier-envied the signing, France was attended by Eric Fournier, head of the Continental European Department of the French Foreign Ministry. The ombudsman of Russia Lukin at signing was absent.

The ceremony was also attended by the head of the presidential administration, Andrei Klyuev, the head of the Verkhovna Rada, Vladimir Rybak, Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara and the ambassadors of foreign countries.

Before the signing ceremony for Tyagnybok's offer, everyone honored the memory of the victims with a minute of silence.

As you know, Earlier the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Radoslaw Sikorski noted that the EU considers the agreement on overcoming the crisis situation a "good compromise" for Ukraine, which gives peace a chance and opens the way to reforms and to Europe.

According to the text of the agreement, the President and the opposition leaders agreed within 48 hours to sign and promulgate a law on the return to the Constitution of 2004, informs RBC-Ukraine.

At the same time, according to the agreements reached, the constitutional reform, which will regulate the powers of the President, Government and Parliament, will be launched immediately and completed in September 2014.

In addition, the parties agreed to hold presidential elections no later than December 2014.

According to the agreements reached, the election of the President of Ukraine will be held immediately after the adoption of the new Constitution, but no later than December 2014. It is assumed that by this time new electoral legislation will be adopted, and a new composition of the Central Election Commission on a pro rata basis has been formed in accordance with the OSCE rules and the Venice Commission.

Ugod about progruliuvannya krizi in Ukraine
Стурбовані трагічними випадками втрати життів в Україні,
Pragnuchi neginy pripinit bloodshed,
Рішуче налаштовані прокласти шлях до політичного виглулювання кризи,
Mi, the parties, below are written down, were dishonored about that:
1. By the extension of 48 years old, the copy of the title of the land shall be received, the special law shall be enacted, and shall be promulgated in the Constitution of Ukraine in 2004 with entries made before the hour. Pідписанти заявляють про намір створити коаліцію та выравати уряд національної єдності stretching 10 днів після цього.
2. The Constitutional Reform, which is an equal part of the President, is in the order of the Parliament, will be rooted uncomprehendely and completed at the Verkhovna Rada of 2014.
3. Presidential elections will be held in the same way as the reception of the new Constitution of Ukraine, or not in the year 2014. Bude is newly adopted legislation, and the new warehouse of the Central Viborchoy Committee is built on the proportional basis before the rules of the OBSC and the Venice Commission.
4. Rozsliduvannya neschodavnih actives of violence will be held pід спільним моніторингом влади, опозиції та Ради Європи.
5. Vlada is not pro-javadhuime nazvichayniy stan. Влада й опозиція утримаються від застосування силових заходів.
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is on the lookout for the law on the law of accession, which is obscured by the law, the law of 17 December 2014.
Obidvі sides reportimuth seriyoznyi zusilya for the normalization of life in the towns and villages with the help of the zvilnennya administrativnyh ones gromadskikh budivel i roblokuvannya vulits, skveriv i ploshch.
Illegally, the scandal of the house is built in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the course of 24 years, at the time of recruiting the special rules (1 clause of the State).
Після зазначеного періоду всі випадки незаконного носіння та зберігання зброї підпадатимуть під чинне Legislation of Ukraine. Sili opositsії ta vladi vіdіddut vіd positsіy protistoyanya. Vlada vikoristovuvatime wielded law and order vinyatkovo for the fictitious zahistu buindinkov organiov vladi.
6. Міністри заордонних справ Франції, Німеччини, Польщі та Special representative of the President of the Russian Federal Government to call to the ungainly pripinnenya all visions of violence and protests.

UPD: 21/02/2014 Online TV screenshots of the situation in Kiev on February 20

16:40 Screenshots of the online TV situation in Kiev on February 20 16:37 Online screenshots of the TV situation in Kiev, February 20
16:31 Screenshots of the online TV situation in Kiev on February 20 12:27 Online TV screenshots of the situation in Kiev on February 20
11:35 Online TV screenshots of the situation in Kiev on February 20 11:33 Online TV screenshots of the situation in Kiev on February 20
11:30 Screenshots online TV situation in Kiev on February 20 10:50 Screenshots of the online TV situation in Kiev on February 20

UPD: 21/02/2014 In the Mariinsky Park, anti-Maidans beat their journalist: "Topaz, give the command." VIDEO

Supporters of the authorities that guard the town in the Mariinsky Park beat a loyal to the government journalist.

Supporters of the authorities that guard the town in the Mariinsky Park beat a loyal to the government journalist.

As reported by Censor.NO, a video of the incident on video youtube was posted by the user Pauluskp.

UPD: 21/02/2014 Special Forces of the Security Service "Alpha" took under the protection of the administration of Yanukovych. VIDEO

The fighters of the Internal Troops, who guarded the presidential administration on Bankova Street in Kiev, were replaced by armed men in black uniforms.

As reported by Tsenzor.NE, eyewitnesses say that this is a special detachment of the SBU Alpha. On the video that you published in youtube user Pavel Sheremet, you can see several fighters on the approaches to the administration of Yanukovych.

UPD: 21/02/2014 Negotiations of snipers during yesterday's events on the Maidan. AUDIO

On the Internet, they posted a recording of the conversations of the alleged snipers on the radio. Judging by the "radio interception", laid out on February 20.

As reported by Censor.NO negotiations silovikov posted on youtube user Dmitry Kruzhkov. Judging by the "radio interception", laid out on February 20, they are deployed in different places with a base in the hotel "Ukraine", each has its own callsign.

UPD: 21/02/2014 Siloviki with automatic rifles came to the parliament, - Yatseniuk. A PHOTO

В Раду зашли силовики с автоматами, - Яценюк. ФОТО

Several dozens of internal troops with automatic weapons entered the building of the Verkhovna Rada. About this from the rostrum BP said Arseniy Yatsenyuk, informs Censor NO.

"The security forces entered the building of the Rada, in camouflage, with automatic weapons.We gave them orders, who gave the order to launch them here?" "So we will adopt the Constitution at gunpoint," Yatsenyuk said indignantly.

The vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Ruslan Koshulinsky, specified that the submachine-gunners were actually withdrawn from the building of the Verkhovna Rada. Now it is established who gave them such an order (to go to the Parliament building.) - Ed.)

UPD: 21/02/2014 A group of submachine gunners and snipers openly shoot people on the Maidan! The people do not back down! Shocking. VIDEO

The special forces are shelling Maidan activists from Kalashnikov assault rifles and a machine gun near the October Palace.

As Radio Liberty reports, the video of the shelling appeared on the net.

UPD: 21/02/2014 Rybak signed a decree of the parliament on the condemnation of violence. VIDEO

Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Rybak signed yesterday the resolution of the parliament.

According to the Rada TV channel, Rybak reported this immediately after the opening of the parliament session. Source:

UPD: 21/02/2014 In the White Church, Titushko stands on the block post, which does not miss the "titles" to Kiev

Метро работает, станции Крещатик и Майдан Незалежности 21 февраля останутся закрытыми

On the Odessa highway, in the city of Belaya Tserkov on the block-post, which does not allow criminal elements to enter Kiev, Vadim Titushko was seen in the capital. This is reported by a page in facebook journalist Vitaly Portnikov.

"Now in the White Church, Vadik Titushko is guarding the road to Kiev from the titles on the block post of the euromaidan, I consider this an achievement of the revolution," it was reported.

UPD: 21/02/2014 "I would support Euromaidan." The Golden Eagle "is unlimited there, you can not humiliate people that way," Vadim Titushko said. VIDEO

Vadim Titushko said that he condemns the actions of the siloviki in Kiev.

According to the Censor.NET, with reference to the program "Groshi," it turned out that while Maidan is led by "titles" with a green on his forehead, their real prototype is not against supporting the European desires of the people.

"Berkut is engaged in lawlessness," - says Vadim Titushko. "The Cossack Mikhail Gavrilyuk, whom he was stripped of, can not humiliate a man to such a level." This is lawlessness. "

The guy says that the image that is imposed on him is untrue. He is an adequate young man, who at one time was mistaken. According to the settlement agreement? Vadim 2 years is prohibited from participating in any political actions or rallies. From the human anger he is hiding in his native city - the White Church.

UPD: 21/02/2014 Police first arrested "titles". Boryspil law enforcement officers detained 7 mercenaries. VIDEO

Boryspil police detained a group of "titles". According to TSN, the detainees were confiscated by noise and gas grenades and instructions for the manufacture of explosives.

UPD: 21/02/2014 Metro works, Khreshchatyk and Maydan Nezalezhnosti stations will remain closed on February 21

Метро работает, станции Крещатик и Майдан Незалежности 21 февраля останутся закрытыми

All other stations in the center work on both the entrance and the exit.

The municipal enterprise Kiev metro opened all the stations in the center of Kiev except Khreshchatyk and Maydan Nezalezhnosti, the enterprise said.

Khreshchatyk and Maydan Nezalezhnosti work only as interchange. All the other stations in the center are Pochtovaya Ploshcha, Teatralnaya, Golden Gate, Sports Palace, Arsenalnaya, Leo Tolstogo, Vokzalnaya, Kontraktova Square - work both on the entrance and on the exit.

On Tuesday, February 18 at about 4 pm the metropolitan authorities headed by Vladimir Makeenko decided to suspend the work of the metro, citing the threat of a terrorist attack. Yesterday the head of KCSA Makeenko promised that the metro metro will be opened only after there will be complete confidence in the safety of citizens and employees of the subway. On February 20, the metro partially resumed operation, but the stations in the city center remained closed.

UPD: 21/02/2014 Shooting on Maidan stopped at 23:00 on Thursday

Protesters and security officials in the center of Kiev did not take any active action during the night.

The situation on the Independence Square remains calm on Friday morning, February 21.

At the same time, the protesters remain vigilant and continue to prepare for a possible resumption of confrontation. They bring car tires to the barricades, a considerable number of which are piled up at the barricades along the street of the Institute.

To the front barricades of the Institute and Grushevsky self defense Maidan still does not miss people without means of individual protection in connection with the threat of shelling the territory by snipers from the side of the siloviki.

On the part of the siloviki, the snipers fired at the front barricade at the Institute, where the protesters continue to burn tires, creating a smoke screen, stopped at about 23.00 on Thursday.

As of around 3.00 on Friday, security forces in close proximity to the barricades and on the streets nearby to Maidan Nezalezhnosti were not observed.

During the Friday night, buses with activists from the regions of Ukraine periodically arrived on the capital's Maidan.

According to Interfax-Ukraine, at 5.20 am on Maydan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev there were up to 5 thousand protesters. Some of them live at least five new premises on Khreshchatyk from the number of shops and cafes.

Owners of trading facilities voluntarily and by mutual consent handed over during the past day premises for temporary use of protesters.

At night on Maidan there was a significant number of representatives of domestic media and foreign journalists.