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UPD: 24/02/2014 Russia calls for "harshly suppress extremist swinging on power" in Ukraine

Россия призывает жестко пресечь замахнувшихся на власть экстремистов в Украине

In Russia, they are extremely concerned about the development of the situation in Ukraine. The Kremlin calls into question the legitimacy of the actions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and calls on "to severely suppress the extremists who are waving to power."

This is in the official statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry, published on the website of the department.

"In recent days in the capital and a number of other cities in the country there have been armed clashes of militant thugs, militants from ultra-right nationalist organizations with law enforcement units who stood on protecting the safety of civilians and the interests of the state," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The department also notes the failure to implement the Agreement on the resolution of the crisis in Ukraine on February 21, "despite the fact that its signing was witnessed by the foreign ministers of Germany, Poland and France, and the US, the European Union and other international structures welcomed this document."

The militants are not disarmed, refuse to leave the streets of the cities they actually control, to vacate the administrative buildings, and continue the acts of violence. It is surprising that a number of European politicians have already hastened to support the announcement of holding presidential elections in Ukraine in May this year, although the February 21 Agreement provides that elections should be held only after the completion of the constitutional reform. It is clear that all political forces of Ukraine and all regions of the country should participate in the reform, and its results are submitted to a nationwide referendum. We are convinced of the need to fully take into account the concerns of the deputies of the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, the Crimea and Sevastopol, sounded at the congress in Kharkiv on February 22, "the report said.

In addition, the Russian Foreign Ministry calls into question the legitimacy of the actions in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Citing in fact only "revolutionary expediency", they stamp "decisions" and "laws", including those aimed at hampering the humanitarian rights of Russians and other national minorities living in Ukraine. There are calls for an almost complete ban on the Russian language, lustration, the liquidation of parties and organizations, the closure of unwanted media, the lifting of restrictions on the propaganda of neo-Nazi ideology. The course is taken to suppress dissenters in various regions of Ukraine using dictatorial, and sometimes terrorist methods. Threats against Orthodox shrines began to be heard. National radicals continue to sneer at monuments in various Ukrainian cities, and in some European capitals their adherents desecrate memorials to Soviet soldiers, "the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

This development undermines the agreement of February 21, discredits its initiators and guarantors, poses a threat to civil peace, the stability of society and the security of citizens.

We have to note that in the position of some of our Western partners, one does not look at the destiny of Ukraine, but unilateral geopolitical calculation. There are no fundamental assessments of the criminal actions of extremists, including their neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic manifestations. Moreover, it is voluntary or involuntary that such actions are encouraged. There is a firm impression that the agreement of February 21, with the tacit consent of its external sponsors, is used only as a cover for promoting the scenario of forced change of power in Ukraine through the creation of "facts on the ground" without any desire to seek a common Ukrainian consensus in the interests of national reconciliation. Particularly disturbing are attempts to attract international structures, including the UN Secretariat, to justify this line.

We urge all those involved in the crisis in Ukraine to show maximum responsibility and not to allow further degradation of the situation, to return it to the legal channel, to severely suppress extremists sweeping the authorities.

UPD: 24/02/2014 In Kiev, warnings appeared that "loudly gulbannites" and "thumping in the street" became dangerous. A photo

В Киеве появились предупреждения, что громко гульбаниты и бухать на улице стало опасно. Фото

Designer Igor Sklyarevsky created a series of tablets, popularize the "public watch" in the districts.

The first batch of signposts was installed on Krasnoarmeyskaya Street near the "Palace of Ukraine" metro station.

Plaques remind local residents that it's "dangerous" to drink, "gop-stop", "loudly gulbasit" and "quarter under protection" on the streets.

As Sklyarevsky told Ukrainska Pravda Life, when he started making these tablets, he had two main tasks.

"First of all, I wanted to somehow help self-defense with identification, I made a logo and stickers that can be printed on vests or glued on cars so people do not attack their own in search of a" title, "says the designer.

"And secondly, I wanted to explain to people that if it was once believed that zhlobstvo is bad, then now active and aggressive zhblobstvo - even worse .In addition, it was dangerous to be an aggressive goon, because now it is not only the police, but ordinary people, "explains Sklyarevsky.

In Kiev, there were warnings that loudly gulbannites and thumping in the street became dangerous. A photo In Kiev, there were warnings that loudly gulbannites and thumping in the street became dangerous. A photo
In Kiev, there were warnings that loudly gulbannites and thumping in the street became dangerous. A photo In Kiev, there were warnings that loudly gulbannites and thumping in the street became dangerous. A photo

The developer is going to put the files for printing in open access and encourages everyone to print the stickers and place them where necessary.

As you know, in the spring of 2013 Sklyarevsky created a series of "hooligan" tablets WalkKyiv. The focus was on Chestnuts on Khreshchatyk, purchased in Italy and which turned out to be false; Parks that turned into public toilets (a hooligan sign is installed on the spot where the Swedish fans are quietly pierced, under the supervision of policemen) a meeting place for Kiev pensioners in the transition to the Metro Teatralnaya; subway to Troyeschinu, which is still not pierced.

UPD: 24/02/2014 Chief of the General Staff Ilyin ordered Lebedev to leave the army against the Maidan. DOCUMENTATION

Chief of the General Staff, Ilyin, on the orders of Lebedev, threw the army against the Maidan. DOCUMENTATION Chief of the General Staff, Ilyin, on the orders of Lebedev, threw the army against the Maidan. DOCUMENTATION
Chief of the General Staff, Ilyin, on the orders of Lebedev, threw the army against the Maidan. DOCUMENTATION Chief of the General Staff, Ilyin, on the orders of Lebedev, threw the army against the Maidan. DOCUMENTATION

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Yury Ilyin on February 20 ordered a number of military units to move outfitted and armed groups to disperse the Maidan. This is stated in the cipher message signed by Ilyin, which is disposed by the "Glavkom".

Such cipher messages were received by the commander of the 25th separate airborne brigade (Dnepropetrovsk), the 79th separate airborne brigade (Nikolayev), the 73rd Special Purpose Marine Center (Ochakov) and the 1st separate marines brigade.

On February 22, the Chief of the General Staff - Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuri Ilyin told the media that the army remains faithful to its constitutional duty. "The personnel of the Ukrainian armed forces are in places of permanent deployment and carry out planned tasks," Ilyin said. But then the Chief of the General Staff lied, says journalist Alexei Byk.

The publication provokes convincing evidence that Ilyin by order of the Minister of Defense Pavel Lebedev * committed a crime against the Ukrainian people and the Constitution, not even having to settle in the new cabinet after being appointed Chief of the General Staff on February 19.

Approximate number of military, which he planned to attract - 2,5 thousand.

The basis for the use of troops against the civilian population was the information of the Anti-Terrorist Center under the SBU that allegedly "Maidanovites" plan to seize "potentially dangerous military facilities."

According to the cipher message, Ilyin received carte blanche for such actions from Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev.

"According to the decision of the Minister of Defense to attract the forces and means of the armed forces to participate in the antiterrorist operation," the document says.

According to the available information, the military was to provide broad powers: detain citizens, check documents, conduct a search, restrict traffic, enter and enter the home of citizens on the basis of suspicion of concealing terrorists, and use weapons and special means.

Sources of the publication argue that the previous chief of the General Staff, Vladimir Zaman, refused to comply with this order of Lebedev, and that is why he was allegedly replaced by Ilyin.

As you know, on February 22, Ilyin stated that the army remains faithful to the people, and will not be drawn into a political conflict, and also assured that he did not and will not carry out criminal orders.

UPD: 24/02/2014 Right sector and Anti-Majdan fought near Odessa City Hall

Near the building of the Odessa municipality, where a meeting is now taking place with the participation of the city's leaders, a clash took place between activists of the Right sector and Antimaydan, an online edition of reported on Monday, February 24.

The fight affected the journalists.

Right-wing activists tried to break into the mayor's office, but they were stopped by "anti-Maidan" people. Some of the participants in the clash were armed with sticks.

As a result of the fight, the reporter of the newspaper Otkat Vera Zaporozhets suffered.

Currently, the square is quiet, but law enforcement officers have not yet left.

UPD: 24/02/2014 Video of the meeting of the Golden Eagle in Donetsk

On the web there was a video of the meeting of supporters of local authorities in Donetsk local Berkut.

Forming a living corridor for the siloviki, the rally participants chanted: "Golden Eagle!" And "Well done!".

At the beginning of the column was the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Donetsk region Roman Romanov.

Recall earlier reported that the employees of the special unit of the Berkut intend to leave Ukraine because of the persecution of their families. They asked for shelter from Russians and Belarusians. This is stated in a statement on behalf of the siloviki, published in the community of Berkut in the social network VKontakte.

UPD: 24/02/2014 A draft resolution on lustration has been registered in the Ukrainian parliament

В парламенте Украины зарегистрирован проект постановления о проведении люстрации

Lustration (from Latin lustratio - "purification through sacrifice") - processes in Eastern Europe after 1989, regulating access to public office for persons connected in the past with the repressive apparatus of communist regimes (counting both employees and agents of the secret police, and functionaries of Communist parties) [1]. In a broader sense, it is a similar process for individuals involved in regimes that violated human rights, from the process of denazification and those similar to it in post-war Europe. According to the idea, the lustration process gives the legitimacy of the new government by resolutely breaking with the practice of the old authorities, perceived as criminal and not legal.

The draft resolution on lustration was registered in the Ukrainian parliament.

The authors of the document are the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada from the party VO Svoboda.

UPD: 24/02/2014 Gerega wrote a letter of resignation

Gerega resigned from the post of secretary of Kyivrada.

Galina Gerega on Monday, February 24, wrote a statement on his resignation from the post of secretary of the city council. Such information was confirmed by the press secretary of Gerega Yulia Chudnivets.

According to her, Gerega's statement was written today at her own request.

At the same time, Chudnevets noted that the powers of the secretary of the KSCA cease in accordance with Article 56 of the law on local self-government only from the moment when the deputies of the Kyiv city council at the plenary session will consider this statement and take note of it.

UPD: 24/02/2014 Journalists analyze "black accounting" of Yanukovich and the mansions of Mezhyhirya

Журналисты анализируют черную бухгалтерию Януковича и хоромы Межигорья

The financial statements of Viktor Yanukovych's service in Mezhyhiria were started to be destroyed a few days before the departure of the former president in an unknown direction.

Many papers are in a good, readable state, journalist Dmitry Tuzov reports.

"There are damaged and watery documents, there are burned during the attempt to burn a bunch of folders, but experts and journalists are working with them," he said.

Each sheet is dried, transferred with clean paper, sorted and scanned, so as not to lose valuable information. Part of the documents have already been appreciated by journalists.

Dmitry Gnap says that right now it is possible to talk about documented large-scale bribes to the president's family in cash - in the form of financing various works and development of the presidential estates Mezhyhirya and Sukholuye, buying expensive furniture and various equipment, exotic plants and animals.

Already examined documents testify to financial frauds for 200 million euros. And this is only a small part of the papers studied.

As an example, a journalist issues income and cash orders in which these bribes were paid in sums of $ 100 and 200 thousand to the authorized capital of the Ukrainian Business Bank, which is controlled by the family of the former president.

In documents that did not have time to destroy, there are evidence of the use of fraudulent schemes for "cashing" - illegal transfer of non-cash money into cash. So, according to the research of journalists, an unknown firm that specializes in real estate, paid 56 million hryvnia.

To speed up the work and save as many documents as possible, Vernadsky brought two special heat guns to Mizhgirya with the help of which they would dry the papers soaked in water. Work goes on continuously.

Journalist Gnap in a blog on "Ukrainian Truth" described a part of what he saw in one of the houses in Mezhyhiria, the so-called Honka. It is in this house, it seems, was inhabited by Yanukovych, his cohabitant Lyubov Polezhai and her daughter Maria Yegorovna.

UPD: 24/02/2014 After the victory of Maidan with traffic police they talk so ...

On the Internet, a video appeared that portrays a hard conversation between armed self-defense fighters and traffic policemen who left their permanent place of deployment by driving to the gas station to buy ice cream.

The Maidan prefects vzabachilsya zey vyzadok
I condemned such grief of "heroes".

UPD: 24/02/2014 Tour of Mezhyhir

The journalists made a walk through the presidential residence in Mezhyhiria.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to bypass all objects on the territory of 130 hectares.

However, the main objects, Honka and the Platform on the video are present in detail.

UPD: 24/02/2014 Photo of the luxurious palace of Yura Enakievsky

There were photos of the luxurious palace of Yura Enakievsky There were photos of the luxurious palace of Yura Enakievsky There were photos of the luxurious palace of Yura Enakievsky

A photo of the palace project of another "regionalist" Yury Ivanyuschenko was published.

The photo was unveiled on its Facebook page by a reporter in ARD Gosh Tikhiy.

"The modest fascination of the bourgeoisie is a new series, the Palace of Yuri Ivanyuschenko." This is a project, but almost completely incarnated, "commented Tikhiy.

UPD: 24/02/2014 Internal troops deny use of their snipers on February 20 at the Institute

Внутренние войска отрицают использование своих снайперов 20 февраля на Институтской

The command of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine assures that their subordinate firearms were not used.

The command of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine refutes information about the participation of snipers of military units on February 20 on the Institute Street in Kiev.

"Information on the illegal use of snipers of certain special units of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the anti-terrorist operation on the Institutskaya street is not true," the ministry said.

The commander of the military informs that "the commanders of the special forces detachments of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine who were involved in carrying out the service on that day to guard the state entities and the lives of the servicemen of internal troops assure that their subordinate firearms were not used."

At the same time, the Supreme Court emphasizes that the true state of affairs will be established by the competent persons during the investigation.

On February 18, the "peaceful offensive" passed into the phase of the storming of the government quarter. The siloviki began to oust activists, and went on the offensive on the Maidan. Later, the SBU announced the beginning of an anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine.

During the clashes, Liberty declared that there are snipers on the street of Institutskaya, which are aiming at the protesters.

Soon the People's Deputy of the UDAR faction Viktor Chumak said that a man dressed in the uniform of a soldier of the special unit Berkut, firing from a rifle from the roof of one of the buildings on the Independence Square, first in protesters and then in law enforcers was found in Kiev.

UPD: 24/02/2014 The treasury is plundered. There is nothing to pay debt obligations, - Yatsenyuk

Казна разворована. Платить долговые обязательства нечем, - Яценюк

Now the task is to keep the banking system. For this, there are reserves, if the National Bank is taken under the control of the new power. This was stated by Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Chairman of the Political Council of the Fatherland's Fatherland Party, at the conciliation council of the Parliament on Monday, February 24, Tsenzor reports.

He noted that yesterday he held several meetings with "the remnants of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine," received information from the NBU and the State Treasury of Ukraine: "The state treasury has been plundered, the country is brought to bankruptcy." It is now clear what money Mezhyhirya and everything else was built for. "

According to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, he does not even want to sound the figures of "an incredible state deficit even before the end of this year, but before the end of this month." He noted that there are delays in wages for 10 days, "there is nothing to pay debentures."

"Now a very important task is to keep the banking system, and for this there are reserves in the event that the Central Bank is taken under the control of the new government and will carry out the tasks that face it, namely, the stability of the national monetary unit and the prevention of inflation" , he noted.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk noted that the government that will be formed "faces incredible tasks": "The solution of these tasks is possible only in one case - if the Western world will help Ukraine overcome this grave financial crisis."

"We need immediate financial assistance from our European partners. We welcome statements that sound from the EU. Now the main issue is to work out a mechanism, "he stressed.

According to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, it is necessary to immediately resume the program with the IMF. Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that he had a telephone conversation yesterday with the US Treasury: "After the G20 meeting, he informed that the process of financial support to Ukraine has been launched and everything depends on how quickly we form the government of people's trust."

UPD: 24/02/2014 Treasures of Pshonka - photo-report from the house of the bloody prosecutor general

Скарби Пшонки - фоторепортаж з будинку кривавого генпрокурора

Friends, Your attention is exclusive: photo report from the house Pshonka in the village Gorenichi (Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district). Ancient icons and paintings, stolen Gospels, relics of Saints in the study, Faberge eggs around the house, a collection of cold weapons, numerous awards, portraits of Pshonka and Yanukovych, and much, much more. Further without comments ...

As if a giant pigeon had flown into the house of Pshonka and had been crapping everything in gold :)

UPD: 24/02/2014 Odessky "Berkut" asks not to commit lynching: We did not shoot. VIDEO

The soldiers of the Odessa "Berkut" asked not to commit lynch. On the eve they returned from Kiev to the place of permanent deployment.

According to the Censor.NET, with reference to the TSN, the soldiers assure that they did not take part in the clashes, but inside they guarded the premises at Bankova Street.

UPD: 24/02/2014 You can already laugh :)

UPD: 24/02/2014 More about Yanukovych's mistress, who was taken from Mezhyhiria by helicopter along with suitcases of money and a dog

Подробно о любовнице Януковича, которую вывозили из Межигорье вертолетом вместе с чемоданами денег и собачкойПодробно о любовнице Януковича, которую вывозили из Межигорье вертолетом вместе с чемоданами денег и собачкой

At the request of our readers about what exactly "mistress" Yanukovych says, we add a video about her - Alena Berezovskaya.

At least, it is very similar to the person who is visible on video from the cameras of the view of the guard of the helicopter platform of Mezhyhirya. Recall, Channel 5 received an exclusive video of the day when Viktor Yanukovich left Mezhyhirya.

If you saw a video with a helicopter ( here ) It shows a fuss near the estate of trucks, trucks and minibuses. And while unknown, which something is loaded into cars. Also to the personnel was a helicopter pad: in particular, as in helicopters loaded suitcases. The car arrives at the site. With one of them comes a woman with a dog, and they also get on a helicopter ...

UPD: 24/02/2014 Journalists found a civil wife of Yanukovych. A PHOTO

Журналисты нашли гражданскую жену Януковича. ФОТО

Journalist Sergei Leshchenko posted a photo in the Facebook social network, as he claims, the civil wife of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

According to Leshchenko, the name of the woman is Love Polezhay, and she has been living with Viktor Yanukovich for many years.

"So, before you, the civil wife of the former Ukrainian dictator Viktor Yanukovych, a native of Yenakiyevo, Love Polevaya, is the sister of his cook Nadezhda Marintseva, Yanukovich and Polezhai have been together for many years, while Yanukovich is not officially divorced from his Lyudmila. was in everything, "- said the journalist. Source:

UPD: 24/02/2014 Yanukovych detained in Crimea, but information must be checked - MP

Янукович задержан в Крыму, но информацию надо проверить - депутат

"It's arrested, the Infa on 80% !!! Check," - wrote a deputy of the faction UDAR Vladimir Kurennoy on his Facebook page. He also noted that this happened in the Crimea and is now being taken to Kiev. He called the source of information "solid", but "it is necessary to recheck".

In addition, Yanukovych wrote on his page in Facebook Maxim Mayorov. "Residents of the neighborhood just saw Yanukovych in the location of the brigade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet (Kazachya Bay, Sevastopol), he is going to take it out right away on a Russian warship UPD The large amphibious ship Azov," he wrote, adding: "There, minibus, seven jeeps and three armored personnel carriers. Delayed or escorted - x / z. The information is reliable! ".

Later, Kurennoy said that the information "is not confirmed or refuted." "Information from fairly serious sources in law enforcement agencies, but I can not confirm and verify," he wrote.

Recall earlier reported that the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the Prosecutor General's Office intend to detain the former leadership of the country, which was banned from leaving the borders of Ukraine.

UPD: 24/02/2014 Yanukovych is wanted, - Avakov told about the search process

Януковича объявили в розыск, - Аваков рассказал о ходе поиска

The new head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs informed about the course of Yanukovych's movement.

The minister left the following post on Facebook:

I report to the Ukrainian people.
Yanukovych is gone.
All night together with the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaichenko
dealt with the settlement of the situation in Sevastopol
and ... the search for the ex-head of state.

On the 21st of Friday, V.F. Yanukovych, accompanied by A.P. Klyuev, flew helicopters from Kiev to Kharkov, intending to participate in the congress of deputies of the Party of Regions in Kharkov.

On the 22nd Saturday, Yanukovych, having spent the night in the state estate in Kharkov - refused to participate in the congress, recorded a video message and flew to the Donetsk airport by helicopters.

Upon arrival at Donetsk airport, together with security, he moved from helicopters to two private falcon aircraft. I tried to fly out. The border service prevented the flight. After that, Yanukovych left for the state residence in Donetsk, where he stayed for several hours.

Late in the evening of the 22nd, with cars, unaccompanied by gai, the motorcade of Yanukovich departed for Crimea.

The 23rd (Sunday) arrived in the Crimea. He stopped in one of the private sanatoriums, deliberately ignoring the state special facilities, including a specialized presidential gossam, which he had previously expected to come to.

Having learned about the decisions of the parliament on the appointment of the acting president. President of Ukraine Turchinov A. V., and about the departure of the newly appointed heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service to the Crimea, Yanukovich hastily left the private sanatorium towards the Belbek airport, where by that time Nalivaichenko and I were already.

At 23-50 Yanukovych, not reaching the airport Belbek, stopped at a private residence in the area of ​​Balaklava. He collected his guards and asked "who will accompany him," and "who will stay here." Some of the employees of the UDO expressed a desire to "stay here". Yanukovych, saying goodbye to them - gave an official refusal from state protection (I attach a scan).

Those who did not follow him from the department of state protection took away all state weapons, for transferring him to the Crimean department.

With the rest of the guard, Yanukovych, accompanied by A.P. Klyuyev left for three cars in an unknown direction - having disconnected all types of communication.

I inform on this morning. A criminal case was opened on the massacres of civilians. Yanukovych and several other officials have been announced in the search.

UPD: 24/02/2014 "Yanukovich is weak-willed, a wench, a rag, everyone should hate him," Zhirinovsky said. VIDEO

A deputy of the Russian State Duma, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, accused Viktor Yanukovych of what is happening in Ukraine.

According to Censor, NO referring to the TV channel Russia, Zhirinovsky called the fourth president of Ukraine weak-willed and not resolute.

UPD: 24/02/2014 Yanukovych and his entourage found in one of the monasteries of the Moscow Patriarchate, - Briginets

Януковича со свитой обнаружили в одном из монастырей Московского патриархата, - Бригинец

People's deputy from the "Fatherland" Alexander Briginets believes that the former president Viktor Yanukovych hides in one of the monasteries of the Moscow Patriarchate. He wrote about this on his Facebook page, reports Censor.

In particular, the politician writes: "The Moscow Patriarchate continues to play its extremely negative role in Ukraine, it is necessary to raise the question of creating a single local church and do it urgently."

"Yanukovych was found in one of the monasteries of the Moscow Patriarchate, along with the guards and the closest surrounding, the total number of people with him about a thousand," - wrote Brighinets.

UPD: 24/02/2014 The Maidan mourns the Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds. PHOTO + VIDEO

Майдан оплакивает Героев Небесной сотни. ФОТО+ ВИДЕО

The Kievians covered the square, the streets of Grushevsky, the Institute, etc. flowers - every place where the hero died, was marked with carnations, roses, candles. This is reported by the "Ukrainian Truth".

Up from the Independence Square along the Institutskaya Street from the live flowers and the Ukrainian lamps have made continuous honors tracks.

As you know, during the revolution of 2014, about a hundred people died. These data are constantly being refined and the figures of the victims of the balls of snipers and special appointees are growing.

UPD: 24/02/2014 Parubiy: There is no question of demolishing the Maidan barricades

Парубий: О сносе баррикад Майдана не может быть и речи

The commandant of the Maidan, Andrei Parubiy, said that he would not allow us to dismantle the barricades on the Maidan.

As reported by the Censor. NET, he stated this on the air during the release of TSN. Tiden, answering the question of the leading Alla Mazur, Maidan is ready to analyze the barricades, which was announced on Sunday, February 23, by the head of the KCSA Vladimir Makeenko.

"On the barricades of the Maidan there can be no question, because on those barricades the icons of the self-defense guys, the Maidanovites, who died on those barricades, defending the Maidan," Parubius said. noting that he had just come from the Maidan and tens of thousands of people gathered there: "They put flowers to those barricades, they read prayers, they mourn for those who laid down their lives for the future of Ukraine."

Parubius will not allow us to dismantle the barricades of "Makeenko, when he says he means those barricades that the power has built - those concrete slabs with which they built up all Kiev. I think that we can not talk about our barricades at all. No Makeenko, no politician or figure now will not take this decision. And if he accepts, I can say that as the commandant of the Maidan, I will not allow this, "Parubius assured.

UPD: 24/02/2014 Yanukovych snipers are going to kill people at the Institute on February 20. The faces of the murderers are visible. VIDEO

Thanks to the published video, it is possible to identify the identities of those who killed people in the center of Kiev. This is reported by the Censor.

UPD: 24/02/2014 How in Kiev they tried to destroy a monument to security officers

Как в Киеве пытались уничтожить памятник чекистам

On Lybidska Square (formerly Dzerzhinsky) activists of EuroMaidan tried to demolish the monument to the Chekists.

On Sunday, February 23, around 15:00 around the monument gathered youth, several pensioners, moms with wheelchairs, activists in balaclava, as well as protesters with the flags of Ukraine, UPA, parties UDAR and Freedom.

Since the monument is too massive, the activists failed to tear down or destroy the monument. The gathered broke the letters on the monument and destroyed part of the foundation. The marble star was tried to break with a hammer, but it did not work out - they drew a trident on top of it. Also, the activists outlined the monument with red, black and yellow paint. Now the monument is covered with a lot of inscriptions, in particular: "Katya Ukrainy", "Cheka - yet", "Communism for smitnik", "For the Cold Yar", "Berkut XX table".

The so-called action was not without conflicts. The participants were divided into two camps: some wanted to split the monument here and now, others - to take it out intact and safe to another place, so as not to be like the vandals. On this occasion, even a vote took place, in which the radical majority won, which wanted to smash the monument to pieces. Having arbitrarily broken into small groups, people proved to each other that they were right. It was proposed to demolish the monument with an excavator, to remove it by a lift and even to blow it up. On the last sentence, someone objected: "You can not, there's a subway!".

Soon, several Afghans appeared on the site of the event, who pounced a little with the guys who were trying to destroy the monument. Then the squabble continued in words. The Afghans wanted to preserve the monument and did not want the view of the city to deteriorate with half-ruined monuments with incomprehensible inscriptions. However, explaining their position, the men left, so nothing achieved. Soon an unfortunate monument was glued to an announcement, which said that the Chekists would be transferred to another place before March 10, 2014. However, this did not affect the destroyers either. Eventually, the activists failed to inflict significant damage on the monument, and soon the crowd dispersed.