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"The Tsarev is a fascist! Boh from Ukraine!", - to the people's deputy they made a "warm" reception in Nikolaev. VIDEO

Цapeв – фaшиcт! Boн из Укpaины!, - нардепу устроили теплый прием в Николаеве

The presidential candidate, people's deputy Oleg Tsarev was given the promised "warm welcome" in Nikolaev.

Tsarev came to visit the emergency medical care hospital for supporters of Putin, who were injured during the demolition of the tent camp near the monument to the Heroes-Alshan. On the eve, during a live broadcast on TV, one of the leaders of the people's militia of Nikolaev, Alexander Yantsen, promised the pro-Russian people's deputy Tsarev to show the anger of the people if he comes to Nikolaev.

When the people's deputy Tsarev got out of his car and headed for the entrance to the hospital, Janzen approached him with several activists and asked him: "Why did you come here?" Tsarev threw chicken eggs.

After this, a verbal skirmish began, to which Tsarev reacted and began shouting at Yantsen, using non-normative vocabulary. Then Yantsen hit the candidate in the face, and a scuffle began, during which Oleg Tsarev himself pushed his bodyguards and climbed into a fight. Tsarev again got a fist in the face.

Nardep escaped from the crowd and began to walk to the entrance to the hospital. People blocked his path to prevent him from passing. As a result, the people's deputy was stopped on the porch. People shouted: "Get out, Russian fascist!".

The blows to Tsarev’s face were so strong that almost immediately bruises appeared.