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Parliament deprived Yanukovych of the title of President of Ukraine

Рада лишила Януковича звания Президента Украины

The Verkhovna Rada deprived the fugitive Viktor Yanukovych of the title of President of Ukraine.

For the corresponding bill No. 1883 281 people's deputies from 226 minimum necessary voted.

Note that the initiators of this bill were Oleg Lyashko, Sergey Skuratovsky, Yulia Tymoshenko and Andrei Teteruk.

Before this, the author of the bill Lyashko said that the task of the Verkhovna Rada is not only to deprive Yanukovych of his rank, but to bring "the entire gang of Yanukovych to criminal responsibility." "If there hadn’t been a gang of Yanukovych, there wouldn’t have been Yanukovych. If there hadn’t been those who helped to steal, who had voted for dictatorial laws, Yanukovych would have been nobody. This is a political pygmy. You did it, you made him a bloodsucker, a dictator . And you continue to sit in the Verkhovna Rada, "Lyashko addressed the Opposition bloc. - "Therefore, the second step is to deprive the criminal bloc of deputy mandates, to bring to justice."

Lyashko said that when the draft resolution was discussed, the head of BP Groysman proposed to supplement paragraph 2 of this law with a phrase - not only to take the president’s rank, but also to shoot him.

Lyashko emphasized that the speaker as a modest person asked him not to tell.

"I support, we will shoot when we get out of the ground and bring here to the Maidan. Where he killed people, there he will end his filthy dog ​​life," Lyashko said.

Groisman, in turn, added that he offered to shoot only by court order.

"The Law of Ukraine" On depriving V. Yanukovych of the title of President of Ukraine. "The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decides: I. Deprive V. Yanukovych of the title of President of Ukraine. II. The law comes into force on the day following the day of its publication," the document says.

Only Dobkin voted against depriving runaway Yanukovych of the title of President of Ukraine

The only deputy who voted against depriving Viktor Yanukovych of the title of President of Ukraine was voted only by the former Kharkiv governor Mikhail Dobkin.

According to Ukrainian Pravda, data on the Verkhovna Rada website testify to this.

Another deputy abstained - he turned out to be the representative of the Bloc Petro Poroshenko Alexei Mushak.

30 deputies present did not vote for this decision, 11 of them from the BPP, three from the Popular Front, nine from the Opposition Bloc, one from the Lyashko party, four from the Economic Development group, and two from outside the faction.

At the same time, it is significant that 12 deputies from the Opposition Bloc supported this decision. Among them are Yuri Boyko, Alexander Vilkul and others.