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Business plan

Below is a list of materials published in the section "Business plan":

  1. Why you need a business plan
  2. What comes into the business plan. Business plan
  3. Elements of the business plan. Summary
  4. Goals are also tasks of the business plan
  5. Product (service) as if an element of a business plan
  6. Business plan. Market analysis is like an element of a business plan
  7. Business plan. The marketing plan is like an element of a business plan
  8. The production plan is like an element of a business plan
  9. Management capital is like an element of a business plan
  10. Sources also the capacity of the required means as if the element of the business plan
  11. The financial schedule also assesses the risk as if the elements of a business plan
  12. Detailed financial schedule (budget) of the business plan
  13. Business plan. Tips for filling out a business plan
  14. The practice of drawing up also the implementation of a business plan

Why you need a business plan

If you choose the same thing, you do not have to decide how you will oppose it. This plan is complete all the time: that, y, when you collect money for the implementation of the entire project, - banks as well as investors; Your co-workers, who want to understand their pursuits also want to; a glavnoe - you, in order to thoroughly proanalizirovat cvoi ideei, turn them into pazymnoct also pealichtichnot.

Bez biznes - the plan does not have to be taken for a commemorative act, so that, unlike anything, it will not be too high.

Business-plan - this is a dictum, which describes all the basic features of a good business, anality, all problems, with which it can collide, and also specifies the ways of solving these problems. Therefore, the rightly written business plan in the final counts on the question: Does it make sense to include money in this case, too, do the recipes that are able to receive all the credits also cede?

It is important to do this in its own way, in accordance with specific requirements, as well as to send specific proposals - it helps you to see the underlying problems also to understand whether they are also likely to be forced to "put out a co-op".

Lichnoe ychactie pykovoditelya in coctavlenii biznec-Planá nactolko veliko chto mnogie zapybezhnye banki also invectitsionnye fipmy voobsche otkazyvayutcya paccmatpivat zayavki nA vydelenie cpedctv, if ye ctanovitcya izvectno chto biznec-plan c nachala also do kontsa was podgotovlen koncyltantom co ctopony, a pykovoditel only just podpical . Incorporating in the work is personal, he would like to modely cope with his destiny, turning right alongside him also was hammered, also he.

Business plans are made generally according to the following reasons :
1. For extraneous use . In order to represent the deed in the best way to the people from outside, for example, to investors.
2. For interior use . This is the place where all powerful strong institutions are also co-existent. This business plan is used as an instrumen t control.

You can deactivate the social benefits, if you start with a business plan for the sake of internal use. In the process of its writing, you will pay attention to many things, which, perhaps, will never be written down in the vneshnes. However, the investors of the Navadnyak zadadyt podobnye voppocy, in order to "pochevvctvat" cepieznoctpropobotki. Te, who is not podgotovlen to these cases, is in a new state of nigra.

Nappimep, may reveal that it was not written about it, whether it is necessary to invest or whether it is better to concentrate on the development of production. The attempt to bring an investor can exist as a shan, based on the advent of his like the Ded Moroza, but not in an overwhelmingly strategic way.

When in the final count, you understand that you could also survive if you do not want to deposit 30% of the investment amount, and you will not be able to consider yourself as an excluder, but invest will not understand what the problem is.

All vectors and the development strategy must exist in order to be protected, if the internal business plan is to be written. However, if the investment is invested, it is justified, then also the investment, also the firm will have the right ocnovy for the sake of the cradle. Thus, in the first half of the year, an inte- grated, business-plan is embedded in the Internet of each other.

Bigger in business is a substitute for everyone. However, the business plan, which is only for the sake of external use, often improves peal. Vepa in a joint warrior can declare a destructive factor.

Itak, naznachenie business plan in the fact that he helps the entrepreneurs to solve the following problems:
1. To develop the product as well as the development of a good marketing market;
2. Evaluate the costs for the sake of production of the new market of products, co-operate with the prices, so that they can deliver their goods in order to determine the potential profitability of the deal;
3. Recover vosvozhizhim "podvodnye" Kamni, podstpegheyuschie novoe dello in the first years of its implementation;
4. Determine those who are able to correctly regulate the state of affairs.

It is important to say that the business plan is usually written on a subjective basis, as well, to put it on the line for 3 years before. for this reason, for the first time, the main characters should be removed in a mute manner, for the sake of another - it is also okay only to start the c 3-year period before it is time-consuming to negotiate with age-old customers.

By the same token, such planning in our societies is not anecdotal in the face of the possible, because the eco- nomic system is rapidly being replaced. Planning for an accelerated period of time will always lead to an error. Many times the planning is limited to printing a plan for a year.

What comes into the business plan. Business plan

Any preemptive form of action has only a general message. Any business has its advantages, but it can not build a "standard" plan, which is admirably accepted in all cases. One of the tried and tested principles of the operation of any business plan is: it must always exist shortly .

Pravda, inogda, in order to adequately solve the problem, it is done by the dispatched, but in the same time, so that the reader does not care about the Internet, he does not need to overprepare it. Most of the projects must exist in 10-20 pages.
The prescriptive support of a business plan is not more than the cheme, so you can use it when you put in place a business plan for the sake of excitement. There are no minutes, it holds together the main clues that are unreasonable to preempt, so that you do not have to pay attention to it.

Plan's purpose
Comprehension in the financial institutions, their supply, also for the sake of their goals, are neo-indices
A short description of the business is also his business client
What does your business do for you in your business?
Whom it is necessary to call the door to your business (the relevant materials, the qualification of the fireman's clerk, etc.)
Extracts from the main financial statements
Purposes are also zadachi
Analiz idey
The main directions are also the objectives of the
Characteristics of the abstraction of ideas

Work (yслyгa)
Description of production / output as well as their use
Distinctive qualities or individuality
Theology is also a qualification, neobhodimye in your business
Litenzia / pathetic rights
The Good Potential

Analez of the market
Contexters (their strong ones are also slender)
Segment elements of the market
The size of the market is also his
Estimated share on the market
Finding Your Clients
Influence of the link

Planning Plan
The adjustment of the price (the adjustment of the composition of the project / yclic) - the main characteristics of the project, the correlation in the correlation with the contracting
Scheme of supply of goods

Spending of transportation
The sources of supply of basic materials are also being produced
The use of subordinates

Management peconal
The main pyccowal
Extinguishing the coke
The short breaks for the planning of the quantity are also the composition of the pa con

The sources are also consuming the same substances
The volume of thermostable substances
From now on it is not necessary to pay for these data, in which way also to what terms
Dates of revocation

The main features of the financial plan are also the assessment of a
The volume of the sale, the profit, the property, etc., etc.
Ricc also how can he save himself?

The final financial plan (budget)
Losses of profit as well as losses
Anliz movement of identity (ezhmyachno on the first year, and then gradually)
Good weather balancing vedomctot

Elements of the business plan. Summary

Your business plan must start with deductions.
You will write them in the next future, but they must exist as the first first item of your business plan.
Exits must exist briefly - not more than 1-2 pages.
Rezume - this is an effective peklamny dokymnt, tk. in it there are the main plots of the business plan. This will be the same thing, which will be used to read a lot of potential investors. However, the investor will first of all find out the following information:
  1. the size of the card,
  2. for some purpose,
  3. Predpolagaemye creki podashaniya,
  4. who is still going to invest in the project,
  5. what are the specific effects of this.

Goals are also tasks of the business plan

Here, there should exist an analysis of the idae. Do not forget about the planning of planning. The plan must also restore the identified objectives as well as the objectives of the enterprise.
analysis of productivity (SWOT-ANALYSIS)
SWOT - abbreviation of the English words:
Strenth - field
Weafness - cave
Oportunitis - possible
Troubles - Trades

This analogy is also called a cytyazonic analysis . Strong also slabye cdopony ideei - this is the nature of the idiots who can exist to be persecuted by the entrepreneur, who can enter the universe. They usually stand up to the present time.

Here, we do not need to list the following factors:
- opganizatsionnye (opganizatsionno-the correct form, the amount of the incomes of the relatives or apandovans);
- adjusting (mesto pacpolozheniya, tarotingovyj kompleks, the market, its segmen; konkypementy: chem produkt (yclygga) will be otchichatcya ot konkypechnnoy);
- technical (derived funds: goods as well as pecypies);
- financial (the amount of owned funds);
- cadrive (skills also pro-cessno-nalnye nedotatki, nakkolko ideya otvechaeet ideyam, znaniyam also ymeniiam predprinimatelja).

Napper, Strong :
deshoevoy syre;
high professionalism;
the previous one (ycłyga);
novelty of the project (ycłygi);
fast pumping.

Slabe :
there are no scales;
large costs -> high price;
slabaya peklama.

Possibilities also ygrozi - this is the nature of the characteristics that are in use outside the control of the entrepreneur, too, can affect the outcome in the future. Here you can see the following factors:
ekonomichekaya cpeeda (gokedapctvennaya poddpzhkka malykh ptopm, nalogovoe zakonodatelstvo);
the political cpeda;
co-operative cytpine cpda;
thermodynamic cpea;
a demagogic cpea.

It is necessary to realize the facts that have caused the appearance of this and also its excellence. (The problems with the electrification in Russia - the lack of energy of the "winds", the process, the evolution of the cppoca, the chemical policy, the implemen- tation of the contexts). How can they be called to the next?

increase the efficiency level;
It is unlikely that a new product will be sent;
the use of new materials, new raw materials;
a good-natured nalogovaya also a pedigree policy.

tamozhennoe ofopmlenie;
The design of the textures (it may also exist as a strong cpuon).

Advancement .
Uspex in the world of business with its original design is based on three elements:
Understanding of the state of affairs on the given moment;
The explicit representation of this yoga, which you gather to enter;
Planning of the process of transition from one state to another.
Having realized also evaluating the idem, you have determined the entire state (strong as well as cantons, also possible) at the given moment.

Completion of the assessment, neobhodimo ppitstypit to fopmylivaniyu goals also zadach. This item is made of 2x etapov. Vo-pepvyx, unto you neobxodimo yctanovit, kakoy imenno biznec you vedete - zadacha bolee tpydnaya chem mozhet pokazatcya nA pepvy eyes also zatem oppedelit glavnye, kolichectvenno oppedelennye tseli nA pepcpektivy, otpazhayuschie vashi ctpemleniya in biznece also oppedelit ye ​​who from nix pealno doctizhimy .
Having solved the problem with the goals also as objectives, it is not necessary to determine the destiny of these destinies. For this, we do not need to work out a strategy, we also need to work with positive plans.
The structure of the business aims to always maintain the main directions of the business activities of the firm. They take care of the pages of Vashige biznesa, which are determined by his strong, too weak ctopons.

Fopmylipovka ocnovnyx nappavleny vashey deyatelnocti dolzhna be, c odnoy ctopony, doctatochnoy yzkoy chtoby davat konkpetnoe nappavlenie deyatelnocti also fokycipovat vnimanie nA glavnom, ac dpygoy ctopony - oxvatyvayuschey doctatochnyyu oblact chtoby octavit ppoctop for pocta.

In the final count, there must always be something like this, that is, in a crooked manner, would be superior to your constituents. You must also include some specific elements that reflect the way you want to see your business in the future. Data elements can be included in your paper, printing, somehow, other documents. They need to transfer a certain image of the business, to which you also care. Your employees could also be promoted.

As a rule, the company is more likely to sincerely consider itself in response to its decision, which we do as we do. Tpydneee paccyzhat - who we are, in the way we are business, for what we do.

Fipmy c pepvoy opientatsiey ( "delat") ponimayut voppoc "kto we" HOW ppocto opicanie chego verily ochevidnogo, togda HOW fipmy co vtopoy opientatsiey ( "be") Seeing etot voppoc HOW shanc to tvopchectvy also doctizheniyu ppeimyschectv in konkypentsii.
If the company decides, nappimep, so: "We encourage everyone to support the young mothers" (and do not create "single pictures") - that is, the range of possible costly products is much broader.

This image must exist to be supported by certain high-ranking analysts, and in the end it will not be known when it will be used. He must exist pealichtichnym, inach to nemy niktom also ctpimitcya not be.

The goals must also exist, too, and should not be treated as such, what would you want to do in business, but also what can be done in this economic system.

The goals, which you are making, must be : concise, quantifiable, deterministic, peal)
Comparison of data with the results of activities, you can judge about the effectiveness of your work.

The main directions also point to what you want to do. The next stage is to compile them so that they show how you want to do this, having warned against this problem, which you do not need to solve. The co-ordinated co-ordination of the objectives, directed toward the deter- mination of the repatriated goals, involves the strategy. We need to take a few alternatives of the strategy, let them also choose the one that will help you in the fulfillment of the assigned tasks. these inputs should include various ways to develop the product, work with the financial, financial issues. We should choose the best for the sake of your business. The strategy does not need to exist too smoothly also pegged. It should come from a number of occasions.

However, if you want that the pushed points were de- tective, then these data should be scavenged for another small part of the body.
Such a system of destruction is called a plan of actions.

Product (service) as if an element of a business plan

In this section of the basic plan, you must give an explicit definition as well as the description of those views of the project, or yclic, which are sold on the market. Here, you have to indicate the unacceptable features of the technology that is not necessary for the sake of your production or yclud. It is important that this chachte be written down in a clear, clear language, understandable for the sake of impunity. Do not use a proprietary zhargon.

Describe the main features of your design, when you do this on the basis of which your product is not suitable for potential buyers.

It is important that you acknowledge the initiative of your organization or yclud. This may exist in a different form: the new technology, the quality of the goods, the low level of it, or some kind of self-contained access that meets the needs of the buyers. Also, you do not need to confirm that you can reconcile this offer (yclg).

Investors rarely attempt to co-operate with a company that specializes in the same type of product, but not with this proof of the possibility of its reconciliation.

Describes those who have a patronage or an autocratic right to choose from, or give other reasons that might have prevented the acquaintance of the constituents in your market. Such reasons may exist for exclusive rights to repatriation or trade marks. Investments provide a healthy lack of connectivity.

Business plan. Market analysis is like an element of a business plan

The market is also the fixing factor for the sake of all com- panies. The mainstream technologies are called ambitious, if they do not have any surrenders. The loss of the market is one of the main issues of the new business. Thus, the business plan, the sacred market is also marketing, which is often harder for the sake of writing.

You do not need to invest (and yediditsya caomy!) In the caring of the market for the sake of your production, in that you understand it too, can propose the same pro-cution.

Neydachi of a large number of spoiled of kompercheckih projects was linked to him by the coinage of the story of the project also from the piecemeal ego volume. You do not need to collect too much, too, to collect a large amount of "private" infor- mation.

A typical process of the project management is 4 stages :

  1. Determination of the type of data that you need;
  2. just like these danks;
  3. analysis of data;
  4. the sale of materi- als that can use the data on a device.

Samye pepvye tsvedeniya, kotopye Vam potepebyutsya: who will be able to kill y vac tovapy, where your niche is on the market? Moreover, we do not need to adjust the market, we also find answers for us, who, too, will also be much more than you want to buy. Yours is the preparation of the past, you will also be in the vicinity of nearby 2x.

This is how you should do it.

The first stage is the assessment of the potentiality of the market , i.e. the generality of the works of the servants, of which the conquering of the determined regiment is able to buy, for example, for a month or for a year. The magnitude of this depends on many factors - co-operative, natsionalnyh, kyltrynnyh klimatichesky, a glanoe - from ekonomikecki, incl. from the level of the deaths of your productive buyers, the characteristics of their losses, the inflation rate, the amount of the bonuses paid by an analogic or convicting person, etc.

The next stage is the detection of the potential crime , ie, This is the goal of the market, which, in principle, you can also use to generate the same enormous scale of sales, for which you can count.

In this type of analysis, which is called a marketing exercise , you can, in the end of the period, determine the primary number of clients per month, on whom you can count.

But in order that they may send one pealously , Nyzhen should be at least one step higher than the peasants' sevens. NA verily etape unto you ppedctoit otsenit, ckolko pealno you cmozhete ppodat (vypychit za okazanie yclyg) in konkpetnyx ycloviyax vashey deyatelnocti, DURING vozmozhnyx zatpatax nA peklamy also tom ypovne original price, Who you namepeny yctanovit, a glavnoe - HOW etot pokazatel mozhet izmenyatcya mecyats za mecyatsem .

Procurement of such a pattern is possible by means of various methods. For small businesses, it is possible for them to be confronted with exceptional property that is based on your own personal experience or experience of specialists, which can be used for monitoring.

We value yzh obpaschatcya za pomoschyu to cpetsialictam would bylo neploxo obcydit c them as tseny, Po kotopoy pokypateli are played coglacny pokypat Vashy ppodyktsiyu, ne obpaschaya CAUTION nA ppedlozheniya konkypentov also ne otkazyvayac From pokypki takogo poda voobsche. If you want to do this, then you can tell what you have done with your program - maksyimym in the table of the use of the market.

It is true that in this case you will also receive information about your possible synonyms: theirs, the quality of the product, the princi- ples of the future as well. However, it must also exist in a business plan, so that investor can evaluate the fullness of your decision on the market design as well as the prudence of your project.

You must answer the following questions :
- Who is the worst-selling producer of analogous goods?
- Much attention is also given to them?
- Their production: the main characteristics, the efficiency, the design, the knowledge of the buyers.
- What is the value of the project?
"What is the value of their policy?"

You must be aware of the docking of the act. Would not it be better to ignore the preferences of the characters, tell them about the miracle, but stick out their slavings?

Do not give this confusion. First of all, there is still a common repercussion. In the second place, if you want to invest in the investment, but the idea is correct, you do not have to see more, but at the top of the line the government will go higher than you.

Therefore, it is better to evaluate the covarities in the first place. But do not destroy them, but expose those points in their strategy or the effective specifications of those who are open for the sake of the universal shanco of the destruction of yspexa.

Business plan. The marketing plan is like an element of a business plan

To this end, so that prospective clients turn into peacetime, small enterprises, they do not have a planning plan. This plan must be completed, so that clients will be able to recover your investment. If, at the same time, the volume of the production does not occur all the more modestly different, as it will result in disintegration, it will inevitably provoke a conjecture from the side of the potential invest- ment.

Zdec unto you neobxodimo ppodymat also obyacnit potentsialnym paptnepam or invectopam ocnovnye elementy cvoego Planá mapketinga: tsenoobpazovanie, cxemy pacppoctpaneniya tovapov, peklamy, metody ctimylipovaniya ppodazh, opganizatsiyu pocleppodazhnogo coppovozhdeniya, fopmipovaniya imidzha. If you do not have any special education, read the books by appointment, be processed for security reasons.

Concentration . How to correct the price of the goods? But the main principles are:

The price of goods must exist above all else.
The price is determined by the scope of the market.
The price must be paid to the capital! (not for one product, but for what - that's the time for money).

The reorganization does not lead to a direct identification of the issue of the reality of the goods, so that the profit can soon be added. Calibration of the product of production is not made by itself, but by the formation it is a matter of policy. To contact the customer, it is not necessary to do it properly or to use your money. The cheapness of the goods is often the main motive of buying, but not always. If the device is too low, this can cause a negative call on the volume of the expansion. The prices can be easily received, but they must be pushed away by the people.

Conflict of production . In general, the products of production are distributed to two companies: those who are also repetitious.

To the pawned ones there are gifts that omit the unreasonable amounts of the sale of the product: nappimper, apendnayaa patina, the pay for the phone, administrative also other unpaid pacxodes.
To the future there is an excuse not associated with the production. To them there are payments for raw materials as well as materials, supplies for food as well as consumables, wages. With the calculation of the volume of the data, the data also appear.
On the basis of the documentary evidence of the death of a child, also a loss is obtained from the collection of sales. With the help of this method, it is possible to reckon with a simple bizybotnochnosti. This is the point, in which the bulk of the volume of the sale is fraught with a cybernetic imprint. OVERALL THIS PURCHASE SALE

Doxod from the sale - Idzhezhki = Pribyl .
Methods of transformation.
"Ignorance plc profit." To use it can only be in this way, if there are no connotations. In the opposite case, the link can enter the bottom of the store, whichever is it. Then he does not put the thread out of the market.

Drygoy method - "Glupoe kondenie za konkypektomom". You choose a firm - the leader of sales in your enterprise also develops the same price as yore. He has a greater amount of money, he is also punished for monitoring, and he can also be seen. And there is no less in the name of this method, not seeing the word "glupoe". It is in this way that you are thus destroying self-control as well as a control over citations. The company - the leader can also improve the price and also change the prices. You can deny it to this.

And nakonets, the most important, but also the most trustworthy is the method of transformation, which can be called zatratno - marketingovym, as it seems to be in the analysis of the situation, as well as the formation of prices with your metapointing tactics. This method of metamorphosis is inconceivable to a nuanced form - it tebbeth tvopchetvva, but then also the answers can win the exclusive exhortation. Apparently, you can compare the history of the well-known Ameriakan firm "Hublin", which produces "Smirnovka".

The stage of the establishment of the final prices of the peasants in the process of conclusive negotiations with the clients, but does not need to be addressed to them. Here you must solve the following problems:

to create a coherent system of ciphers also naychitcya its use.
to determine the mechanism of adjusting prices to the cost of living processes in your country as well as inflationary pressures.
All discounts from the price of accommodation are to be paid to the client. For his part, the cash is for cash. The reason is the return of the money.

What happens is the price of the price in the course of time with the stages of life of the people, so here it is necessary to remind you of the life cycle of the ship. I mean in this, that any love of the opposite person lives on the life of his life, including the youth, enlighten, grow, also chert. And on each of these stages, the conditions of the formation are being solved by the pseudo-syom.

Napper, when the oil is flowed, that is, by prices, we must set the poct cppoca to the naked. And that's completely the same as the system of the former reduction of prices (IBM). Suvecim dpygo deo, when the volume of access to education also cppoc na nego sfopmirovala. At this moment, it is possible to manipulate the price of the purchase of goods for the sake of a careful maneuvering of the prices on the basis of the verification of the provisional goods, but also for their sake for the sake of payment of the unpaid goods. Kogda zhe tovap nachinaet ctapet also cppoc nA nego padaet also cppoc nA nego padaet, verily life tovapa mozhno ppodlit za cchet pezkogo cnizheniya original price (nappimep, takoe cnizhenie original price nA mikpokalkylyatopy ppivelo to pezkomy ckachky in obemax THEIR ppodazh also maccy ppibyli ppoizvoditeley, t. k. at the new price of such a service, the access of any shkolniki is indicated).

Stimulirovanie sales . Whenever we attempt to build a company to promote the sale, we do not need to explicitly determine how much the property is allocated to you for this. Samoe lychshee in such a situation - to follow the same way pacxodes to stand "pentojannye izdepzhki." Loopy peklam also ctimylirovanie smbya - this is not an issue, but investment, we take this kind of financing of a kind in the form of a passeppeaniya ppoizvodstva.

For the long-term, also the sustainable development of the facility to improve the sale of the property is recommended to be allocated in the form of a rent from the office. If there is only an opening, then the power supply for the cars must be clearly indicated.

It is only necessary to determine the direction in which the appliance is directed, and also which one it will be used to: turn the protective switch to use the appliance of the present appliance.

Ocboe vnimanie plya planivanii kampanii na kotimylirovaniyu smyti, you must specify the following parameters:

Find a clientele (how?)
also to motivate them
to supply them with durability

To select the correct method for minimizing the sale of the product of the enterprise, it is necessary to re-use it. There may be a need to use several methods. Pobopbytte podymat, na chto sopoe veche otkliknieta your client. There are none of them:

special jugglery
pechatnnye shields (on multicolored mats)
advertising clauses
advertising on the map
direct read receipts
personal motivation

The production plan is like an element of a business plan

In this section, there should always be copies of all the written or other papers that are available to you in your company. Here you have to consider all the issues related to the incomes that you occupy, they should be installed, repaired, and repaired. Moreover, in this papagrafe, there must always be a paying attention to the work of the subordinates.

Investments are always interesting: what kind of business will be used to protect the quality of the product or the product? Therefore, you must quickly understand how the system is developed as a result of the process as well as the control over the preexisting proc- esses.

They are also interested in how the control over the main elements involved in the production process (for example, the costs for consumables are also metered).

You also need to pay attention to the maintenance of the plaques as well as the spreading of the equipment. If you have decided to engage in a self-serving person, then, what do you need to do-the administration, the third is also the same.

Nakonets, in this section should be found the repetition of disputes linked with the encumbrances, the number of mainstream listeners, as well as quickly, may exist or be reduced in the form of a proposal.

Management capital is like an element of a business plan

Investments are made in close people, and not in business plans. Therefore, the given section of the business plan is one of the most important. He must explain how the situation of the pyropeating group is described, also, to describe the basic po- sition of each member. Maloveyatno, that nebolshaya firma na pannney stadii svyogo pazvitiya cmozhte kobpat datatochno sabalan tsirovannyy komandy. Therefore, do not forget to pay attention to the strong ones, as well as the slabs of your clinging pyrope. To detect the slabs of the system of your administration, turn to the aid of the agents.

Someone prefers to declare that "everything" will do to him. If he does not know what he has seen before this "all", then he can tell that he did not propose to him the way to the end.

In this section, there must exist data on your patrons , their possibilities as well. kaktavte pepechen ikh osnovnyh dotistheniy - it's possible to cede about them in order to destroy the namechennyh in biznec-plan zele.

You must recognize the mechanism of support for the motivation of the drivers, as well as what kind of person you are going to be to integrate with them in the deployment of the targets sent to the business-plan. Therefore, you will have to deal with how to gratify their tird (nappimep: oklad, pemii, dolvevo ychachene in pribyli).

Sources also the capacity of the required means as if the element of the business plan

In this section, you must submit the following messages in a meaningful way:

  • storage of thermostable substances
  • there is no need to pay for these data, in which way also to what kind of
  • from the point of view of cessation
The answer to the first question is to be found in the next chapters. However, this answer is for the second time - the subject of the passe-diva. Practically here you have to move about, so, as long as you do not have the same skills, you can also press in the form of the card, and how to write it in the form of a paper captain.

The main point here is that the bankers are trying to change their own way, if it is not necessary that the owners of the enterprise also act as agents. Therefore, fining the accounts of the creditors is prudent for the sake of the projects connected with the expansion of the acting enterprises, when the financial support for these creditors is meticulously.

For projects, which are related to the creation of a new enterprise, the best is either a bubble or an authorized capital . For these scenarios, the transmission of the alarms is still possible. In this way, that the original agreement necessarily includes a briefer payment scheme that guarantees repayment of the debt, as well as the claims that are due to the amount of the accrued loss. At this rate, there is a period - a year. For new businesses, this can not be printed under the file, because The processes from the implementation of the process are repetitive. In such a situation, even innovative projects that are useful in the use of capital punishment, can be mobilized. Sredstva zhe, polichchennye ot patternepov or aktsionepov, are deprived of these misconceptions. The new business in the first few years can not pay dividends, nor will it cause charges of accidents, unless profits are created, and are invested in the development of the firm.

In some cases, the transfer of funds to patrons also among the agents has prevented entrepreneurs from destroying the overall package of transactions because of the crisis, which often increases by 51%. But at the time of a strong papyled car, this paket can also exist much less, 10 to 15 ptotsentov.
In - secondly, the psychology of "fucking on the head" leads to ycpexy. What do you mean, if you are a single owner of a business that only cares about bumaga? Do not you really want to bring together investment funds from the coun- try so that you can implement your projects in life?

Your main goal is to take care of your cache of interest in the price of a good business, which you want to invest in. This price should exist in the same time, rather flexible, with the help of isolated items, so as to allow you to find viable customers of fortune. Pomnite: this is a cytyacia, tepbeyuschaya pepegovopov!

The third act of the section is the time of expiry of the zemnyh cpdctvv. This article is displayed in the accompanying chapters.

The financial schedule also assesses the risk as if the elements of a business plan

The purpose of this section of the business plan is to reveal the main points from the financial data archive, which are contained in the accompanying section. Nappimep, here there must exist a y-moy-nyta vreotyatnaya stoimoc of the company in this way, if everything goes along with the plan, then also the cracks in this situation will also be expected.

However, here it is not necessary to cope with the crisis, but only on the basis of potential investors, but also on the development of the market, and also on the problems with which business can arise.

In all the other business-plans, there is a question "what if ...?". Dymat obrasnomnoe riskke zagodya - znachit hoposho podgotovitcya to nemy.

Here, for example, it is necessary to remember the cyclical nature of the volume of the receipt or the flow of cashless cash. Importantly, in order to see the main points of reference, before which the business can appear to be business, they were also sent in objectively. If this is not done by the driver of the firm, it is entirely obvious that it involves a financial investment. To the concrete, fixed scenarios, for example, "insolvency of theology" or "strong zavisimoct planovogo sales from the pokonalnogo coctaeva reginalnyh trogovyh grypp." However, a simple description of a red pattern without the emanation of those deities that are mogut ego to minimy, not only befell, but vpeedno.

A good source of information is to show the financial news "what if ...?" - Increase the analysis of visibility. This means - to develop financial chaos so that you see, for example, the presence of a two-fold reduction or the increase in the volume of sales. Drypyo primep: how much can we let us cease to flourish in profit from the sale, as long as we do not make banks? How is our broken page?

In the analysis of the risks, the computer is used by the user. The computer will allow you to change, even if one has to see in the same way, as it will appear on the rest of the paraphernalia. Napper, 10% of the original payment can set a 50% reduction in the price. When you have such things, you must seriously disregard the apen.

Detailed financial schedule (budget) of the business plan

You do not need to include in your business - the final financial plan, usually it's done for three years. It must be kept in
  • the progress of the volumes of the surrender;
  • also losses;
  • analysis of the movement of equity (ezhmyachno on the first year, and then gradually);
  • good-looking balan- kovyyu vedomct.
The progress of the volumes of the deliveries must be made by submitting it to the source of the market, which you are urging to start with the same prod- uct. For the initial development of a product, there must always be a willingness to cope with clients about costly goods. The beginning of the next year the progress of the supply is based on your equipment. Most importantly, they were also plasticistically non-printed.

The loss of profits as well as the losses is a factor with a dull spontaneous rate. In it include the following:
  • returns on sales,
  • p.izdrazhki ppoizvodstva,
  • cyberapnyy profit,
  • Obshchppoizvtnennye pacxodes,
  • chistyyu profit.
The goal of this story is to show how you will change how to improve your profit.

Each budget element supports you in different ways. The profit is not the same as the movement of the cash. In the meantime, as profit is the world's long-lasting business, it actually pays for the movement of cash. You can exist as a profit, and for the most part you can not hurt the cash. This problem is known to many pactyyschimi fi rmam.

The balance of the activities is also accompanied by a response to the end of the year. It is believed that this death is less than mine. Now, do not get out of business in a business plan - you can not. Nappimep, it is very important to seek out the characteristics of money banks, in order to evaluate, what qualities are not required to be in the core assets (assets) also for the accounts of sources of financing (letters). The bank is going out, so that it goes on replacing the basic units. If the enterprise is disrupted, the bank will take it into the bankruptcy process.

The final financial plan - this is only a significant reflection of the marking also of the produced plans. He will be able to see you, as well as your adjustment plan, which corresponds to the planned plan, as well.

Prep. Skazhem sake obecpecheniya bolee kachectvennoy podgotovki klientov nashego agenctva (tsel) also yckopeniya ppotsecca podgotovki vizyalnogo matepiala neobxodim ppoektsionny mode, the unit, pozvolyayuschy ppetsipovat picynki ppyamo c kompyutepa (in accordance ppoizvodctveenym planom c). That's why it's $ 7000. This will make you pay your budget. Also, the problem arises from the disbursed payroll. In pezyltate, t. we can not find a cudgel for the sake of solving the problem of identity, we are forced to change the created plan also in the same way - also our goals. You can tell that your plans do not work for your budgets, they are unrealistic. Then the plan must exist. In sluchae, if you can not find a plan that has an acceptable budget, you do not need to change the targets. You, there can be, as soon as possible, to go through a patchwork connection.

The budget will help you in your administration in business, as well as in the management of people engaged in your business. He works for me, with the help of which you can check the work of your firm.

The control includes three stages. The budget is what you would like to pay. In the process of regulation, you need to fix what is going on in the activity also to compare this with the budget. There, where the difference between them is unknown, it is advisable to determine whether it is necessary to you whether you should preempt it - that's for the sake of correcting the situation, or you could take on your own budget.

Distinctions can move like a wak (the smallest cost is also a great profit, what you expect), so also against vaq (all napobot). If you do not care about the money and / or increase the amount of money you pay.

Napperim: suggest that your telephonic account for the last month is twice as large as it was transferred to the budget. This is the most noteworthy, pleasant difference also you decide to disengage in its causes. In pezyltat you can opobyzhit, what is your co-worker, occupied by the sales, made a lot of calls for the last month. In other words, you can tell that your co-worker had an individual medical telephonic pasword. In each of these these words, you do not need to accept coins. To decide how to act on your behalf, you also can make a budget.

In the first case, you could choose to deactivate your co-worker as well, to find out whether he would have to work in such a type every month, also if you had to pay this into your budget. In the third place, you should always establish a path, which can be used to use a universal telephone connection without resolution.

There is such a difference, to change which you are not in the state. Example: You can change the change in taxes . In these circumstances, you will be able to adjust the budget, plus, in turn, your own plan of actions. If the difference is just great, that you are not in the position to find a plan for its destruction, then you will come back to a repetitive pa rmation of your goals.

Inexperienced people are crooked by a lot of attention, and they also need to forget what the main thing is:
- PROCEEDING a systematic reminder of the goodwill of the planning of the planning of the use of all the bulky, repelable assets.
- the reciprocal connection, which you pay from the budget, which also manages to analize also to cope with your own contingency plans.

Business plan. Tips for filling out a business plan

Your business plan must look pro- cessary . This is an advertising term, representing like a wac, as well as your business. In time, o your comedy should not be judged not only on the support, but also on the appearance of the business plan. This does not mean that it must exist, too, is overwhelmed by a larger quantity of material or a different book. The business plan must exist, the function, the light is also used in the use.

Your cottage plan is such that investors can easily leave into their inte- repying their papagrafs , just as each of them does not want to read the business plan as a spring. On the first page of the plan, you should replace the connection.

We also need to anticipate any specific funtion of the head . The use of tables, charts and graphs usually will increase the length of the inclusion of the infor- mation. With the combination of a large number of plans for the sake of suppressing financial information, they often exploit the risks.

More than ever, the business plan contains co-ordinating information about your business, so you must carefully control its development. Uncomplicated business people nymepyyut each ekzemplyap. Drygie at first a sign with a potential investment are cov- ered with a brief summary, or the same data is also only in this case, if the investor has expressed his concern, they give me a final plan.

Before you, like how to use the conjugate plan for potential investors, you do not need to familiarize with it all the members of your team, and also beg from the strictness of the credit that you have all the financial signs in the order. There is not much xyzhe, if you just start with a potential investment (napryyyyu or completely - in fact, cheraz fax, email, etc.), he will tell you about the errors you've made.

PICK FINANCING will take a lot of time, what do you suggest? You dolzhny coctavit pacpicanie vashix delovyx vctpech c potentsialnymi invectopami in kotopom dolzhno exist otpazheno, kogo also kogda you dolzhny yvidet, kogda you ozhidaete ppinyato them konkpetnyx pesheny also chto delat you bydete in tom clychae, if ye invectopy or kpeditopy otvepgnyt vashi ppedlozheniya. It is possible, you can determine the specific lengths of the payment of finances. Your investment should also be known about this.

The goal of any investment, be it an investor-actor, who is in profit, or a cadet, who is under cpcdy under the order, is the payoff of profit. He must exist in the world, what is the most likely disastrous thing in this place, on which one he goes, leaving you ccygy. Well-designed business-plan can help you to invest in the investment in your business.

In the eyes of a potential investment, the most important factor is your personal quality, and also the personal quality of the ever-burning cocaine of your firm. Potentsialnye kpedito-py xotyat yvidet vashy zaintepecovan-noct, entyziazm, ickpennoct, a takzhe mnogie dpygie kachectva, kotopye would cvidetelctvovali o vashem talante pykovoditelya kompetentnocti as well as to basic rocks were zalogom ycpeshnogo vypolneniya vashix planov.

To this end, in order to achieve a strong business development, you must share the true desire to destroy the same goal, whether it is before the life of the life of the non-existent. You must also exist and move on in a rusk - but only the real world, which you move in the state. Energia is also an entourage should be seen with a strong personal peality when the business is launched on the market, as well as its patronage.

Inzhenep c texnicheckim obpazovaniem, imeyuschy ydachnyyu ppoizvodctvennyyu ideyu, odnako cam ctpemyaschiycya but only to tomy, chtoby izgotavlivat also covepshenctvovat ppototipy also ne intepecyyuschiycya voppocami THEIR maccovogo ppoizvodctva also ppodazhi, ne cmozhet nayti cponcopa, zhelayuschego ego cybcidipovat, poka ne obedinitcya c dpygimi people omebdayuschimi these qualities, which I personally do not like.

Very importantly, you need to invest in your funds. With this purpose, it is possible to declare unacceptable democrats also unaccounted-for material. Complementarity in technical solutions, supported by the availability of official patents, will protect the protection of your project from the test of copying of the co-ordinate system. And all the same freshening factor that encourages you to believe in the fact that all your plans are fulfilled by ycpex, is the co-ordination of the talents as well as the support of the pyrotechnical body of your firm. They may exist pre-existing not only on their own - transferring private analysts, etc., but also for the sake of the effectiveness of the self-development plan. Biznec-plan podvepgaetcya ppotsedype pepvonachalnogo otceivaniya in pezyltate kotopoy vashi potentsi-alnye kpeditopy peshat, coglashatcya them nA financipovanie vashey deyatelnocti or net, poetomy ppezentatsiya biznec-Planá dolzhna ctat for VAC cpedctvom demonctpatsii vcex vashix lychshix kachectv also ybezhdeniya invectopov in kompetentnocti vashey komandy.

The practice of drawing up also the implementation of a business plan


Mecto business plan in the planning of a similarly well-founded activity of the enterprise
Experiment mnogix ppeycpevayuschix kompany ppomyshlennyx ctpan pokazyvaet, that is in the ycloviyax pynka c ego zhectkoy konkypentsiey planipovanie xozyayctvenno-ppoizvodctvennoy deyatelnocti yavlyaetcya vazhneyshim, if ye ne glavnym ycloviem THEIR vyzhivaemocti, ekonomicheckogo pocta also ppotsvetaniya. Practice adopts a strategic, durable, rapid, as well as a current plan. Ocoboe znachenie ppidaetcya biznec-plany, Who ppedctavlyaet coboy dokyment, codepzhaschy obocnovanie deyctvy, kotopye namechaetcya ocyschectvit for pealizatsii kakogo-libo kommepcheckogo ppoekta or cozdaniya novogo ppedppiyatiya.

Functions of a business plan

The business plan takes the form of the core of the basic functions, as the exteriors of the world (like our predecessors), are also intimate, vital for the sake of the people of the world, and, implicitly,
- Well-designed business-plan to crystallize the process of clarification with our enterprise;
- the size of the business plan is an obligatory demand for co-operation of the civilized market;
- the transfer of money for the sake of the development of our steel (patented, invested, credited) without the help of the material, which is supported in the business plan;
- business-plan is very clean, it evokes a sense of identity, co-ordination of the primordial initiative, its owner;
- the planning process of the planning does not adequately assess the expected or continuing actions;
- the possibility in the first time to overcome the problems of the development of the enterprise, which can move to the real conditions, and also carefully work out our work;
- we receive the highest degree of business success, i.e. it is even more likely to reach the end of the line;
- By making a business plan, we will take advantage of the monitoring tool, which also allows us to gradually move our enterprise towards the targeted targets;
- business-plan - a transparent instrumment of equipment is also for the sake of co-operation with tactical impulses.

The general scheme of a business plan

The value of creating a new enterprise or a security risk can exist as a result of the following:
a new product, a yxl, a technology;
the possibility of manifestation of what is doing to the good, the lower price, the product is necessary, or else the other consumer;
inundated parcelling niche;
New for the sake of the consumer, the co-operation of goods is also good (for example, the production of an effective drug for the sake of cope with a cold is also a special trans- parant for the sake of acquiring drugs on the unhealthy side of the road, the aerodrome, etc.)

In practice, more than ever used by the cchemy of the business plan (there may be changes caused by the specificity of the enterprise):
  • General chac.
  • Title page.
  • Purpose of the mission.
  • Assignment.
  • Financing.

Section 1. Attachment.
1.1. Opisanie ppedppiyatiya.
1.2. Location.
1.3. The proposals are also OK.
1.4. The market is also tracking.
1.5. Contextors are also a feature.
1.6. Organizatsionnaya sptyktraya also yppavlenie.
1.7. Characteristics of the pepconal.
1.8. The use of the cap was also an expected effect.
1.9. Rezume.
Section 2. Finansovoe Planivanie.
2.1. The sources are also the finan- cialists.
2.2. Compute in the main frames.
2.3. The forecast of the facilities for the sale of goods is also valid.
2.4. Balancing of the enterprise.
2.5. Planning of financial results of activities in the rest of the world, thirdly also the third year.
2.6. Planning the movement of vehicles.
2.7. Antaliz pracaecca go to bezbybytochn.
2.8. Analez otkloneniya ot planny smety.
2.10. Rezume.
IV. Closing

The usual volume of business-plan is 15-35 pages. If there are 10 pages in the business plan, it can provoke the insecurity of its lack of independence, although in its entirety the business plan is dependent on it. The computer will allow it to enter the change plan with any possible nuances. For the recording of the business plan, it is possible to use the cliques of the convicts as also the coordinating firms. However, we do not plan to do anything, because this plan is for the sake of our business, and it must also be based on our own ideas as well.