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Business plan

Below is a list of materials published in the "Business Plan" section:

  1. Why do you need a business plan
  2. What enters the business plan. Business plan
  3. Elements of a business plan. Summary
  4. Goals are also objectives of a business plan.
  5. Product (service) as an element of a business plan
  6. Business plan. Analysis of the market as if an element of a business plan
  7. Business plan. The marketing plan is like an element of a business plan.
  8. Production plan as if an element of a business plan
  9. Managerial capital is like an element of a business plan.
  10. Sources are also the capacity of the required funds as if an element of a business plan
  11. The financial schedule also assesses risk as if elements of a business plan
  12. Detailed financial schedule (budget) of the business plan
  13. Business plan. Business Plan Design Tips
  14. The practice of drawing up also the implementation of a business plan

Why do you need a business plan

Choosing your own business, it is not necessary to plan how you will organize it. This is the plan of the need for all: for whom you are collecting money for the realization of your project, to the bankers as well for the inverters; to your companions who wish to dwell on their perceptions, as well as the tasks; A main one is you, in order to thoroughly examine your ideas, turn their sensitivity to performance.

Without business - the plan is in general not to be harmed by the commercial activity, and the possibility of a troubled life will be too high.

Business Clans - this is the place where you can get to the heart of the situation in your country. Therefore, a well-made business card is considered to be a common topic of learning the word: whether it is a topic of learning the word.

It is an important part of the project.

Lichnoe ychactie pykovoditelya in coctavlenii biznec-Planá nactolko veliko chto mnogie zapybezhnye banki also invectitsionnye fipmy voobsche otkazyvayutcya paccmatpivat zayavki nA vydelenie cpedctv, if ye ctanovitcya izvectno chto biznec-plan c nachala also do kontsa was podgotovlen koncyltantom co ctopony, a pykovoditel only just podpical . Including in the work of a person, how would he model his future succession, checking on the strength of himself, as well as himself.

Business Plans are usually based on the following reasons :
1. For external use . In order to give a profit in the most profitable way to outside people, for example, to an investor.
2. For internal use . Here, the situation is provided by all the strong and weak sides. This business plan is used consistently as a manipulation tool.

You can achieve accomplishment of accomplished advantages, as well as from a business plan for the sake of external utilization. IN THE PROCESS OF HIS PRESENTATION, YOU WILL BE TO PERFORM MULTIPLE ISSUES WHICH ARE POSSIBLE, NEVER WILL BE WRITTEN IN THE EXTERNAL. However, the implementers of the perpetrator will ask for similar questions to "read the word" for seriousness of processing. Those who are not prepared for these issues will find themselves in a bad situation.

For example, it is possible to find out what was not tested by the program, whether the inventor needed it or his hands-on or not at the same time as his or her programmer. Attempting the attacker can exist in a row, based on the arrival of him as Ded Moposa, and not well-worsened by the strategic fix.

In the end

All options are also a strategy of development should be preserved beforehand, at the press of a built-in biznes-plan. However, if the inventory is turned on by the displaced, the digger will also be guarded, and the company will also have a solid reason for the sake of change. Thus, in the first instance, a built-in business-to-business plan is in the interior of each other.

BIG TIME IN BUSINESS - the company of his own. However, the business plan, made only for the sake of external use, often takes a lot of attention. Vep in a cooperative distributive may be exposed to a disruptive fact.

So, the purpose of the business plan is in that which helps the successors to solve the following tasks:
1. Explore the capacity as well as the developmental implications of the development of the sales market;
2. Estimating the cost of the product by a successful customer-builder, make it possible to measure their value with the help of which they can give their own handicaps to defend their own people, to displace their own software, to defend their own people, to displace their own software, to disprove their own software, in order to disprove their own software.
3. To open up the restrained "submerged" rocks, which are made new in the first years of its realization;
4. Determine those who might be able to control the situation.

It is necessary to say that a business plan is usually written in a perceptive way, and it is followed by an example of 3 years in advance. For this purpose, for the sake of the first year, the warriors of the descendant of the descendant of the descendant of the descendant of the descendant of the descendant of the descendant of the descendant of the descendant of the descendant of the descend

Unfortunately, the planning of our own economy of procurement is not possible with a potential economy, as a result of an economic situation is very difficult for us. Planning in the meantime over time will be erroneous. Many ceychaca limited by the depiction of the plan for the year.

What enters the business plan. Business plan

Any proposed form provides only general representation. Any business has the strength of its own, without due consideration, without the help of any other "standard" of the plan, applicable in any case. It is one of the tested principles of the development of any business plan: it must always be short .

Truly, sometimes, that the perpetrators of the perception of the perception of the perception of the perception of the perception of the perfected, but in the same time, that in the same time, that the reader has not been obscured, the perpetrators are perfected. Most projects should be limited to 10-20 pages.
The content of a business plan is not more painful, and with this, you can use the program by using your own life program, but the person will not have it. In addition, it contains all the important points that are not necessary for me to take, so take it from the rest of your attention.

Goal plan
Adherence to finances, their purposes are also for the sake of some purposes, they are indispensable.
Short description of the business of his target customer as well
What does your business do not imply the business of your admirers?
What is the right way to call for your business confidence (reporting materials, qualifying driver team, etc.)
Extracts from the main finances
Goals are also tasks.
Analysis Ideas
Main activities are also targets of
Habits of pragmatism

Product (y)
Description of Products / Services also use them
Excellent quality or unique
Technology is also a qualification that is not valid in your business.
Faces / Patients Rights
The future potential

Market Analysis
CONCEPTORS (their strongest also weak sides)
Market Segments
Razpam market also its growth
Estimated Market Share
The states of your customer
Influence of Composition

Planned planning
Design equipment (product / service assurance) - core product performance, complied with the reference
Value of value
Schedule of the trademarks
Methods of simulating sales

Production plan
Displacement space
The facilities
Use by the subcontractor

The management team
Essential sweeping shell
Remittance of the laxial bond
Short conclusions on the numbering of the perception also

Volume of interconnection
From here it is intended to get the data of the money, in what form also to what terms
Milestones return

The main features of the financial plan are also estimated at a
The volume of sales, profits, savings, etc.
Risk also what kind of it can be avoided

Prediction of the volume of sale
Profit estimates also
Anliz movement of availability (every month for the first year, and then nearly)
Year round balancing gear

Elements of a business plan. Summary

Your business plan should start from the output.
You will write them to the last one, but they must be the first pillar of your business plan.
Conclusions should be short - no more than 1-2 pages.
Summary - this is a comfortable advertising document, because it contains the main provisions of the entire business - plan. This will be a single part, which will be read by the majority of potential investors. However, the investor will always know the following information:
  1. credit size
  2. for what purpose,
  3. the foregoing expiration points
  4. Who else is saving the project,

Goals are also objectives of a business plan.

There should be an analysis of the ideas. Do not forget about scheduling episodes. Planned to cover the declared objectives and objectives of the enterprise.
analysis of the perception of ideas (SWOT-ANALYSIS)
SWOT - abbreviation of English words:
Strenth - force
Weafness - fun
Oportunitis - Opportunity
Troubles - Loss

This analysis is also referred to as a systematic analysis . Strong also the weaknesses of the ideas - these are the characteristics of the ideas that co-exist can be traced by the p- predminators, on the co-ordinate, they will be a part-time-for-the- They are usually in touch with the present time.

There is no need to see the following factors:
- the organized (the organized-right form, the availability of the facilities of the public or private);
- marketing (place of location, marketing package, market, its own package; candidates: what the product (service) will be different from an outlet
- technical (generated funds: status and pecypses);
- financial (available from the collective);
- cadre (skills are also prone to serious deficiencies, just ideas reflecting ideas, knowledge, and also the names of the governor).

For example, strong :
Dear cheese;
high professionalism;
cheap product (service);
product novelty (services);

no sklada;
large cost -> high price;

Possibilities are also THROUGH - these are the characteristics that those who are not controlled by the President can also be positively influenced by the future. There is no need for the following factors:
political decision;
socially active medium;
technical remedy;
child memory.

It is imperative to detect the factors that caused the appearance of the ideas as well as its manifestations. (Problems with the world),

raise professional outcome;
There is an opportunity to get a new product;
the use of new materials, new raw materials;
Goodwill legal credit policy.

the appearance of the contributors (but there can also be a strong stance).

Purposefulness .
Success in the world of business by the decisive form depends on three elements:
Awareness of the status of this moment;
Clear faith in the level that you have gathered to reach;
Planning for the transition from one state to another.
The disease also appreciated the idea, you thereby determined your condition (strong also weaknesses, potential also).

Concluding an estimate, it is not necessary to attach to the formation of objectives as well as tasks. This process is made up of 2x stages. Vo-pepvyx, unto you neobxodimo yctanovit, kakoy imenno biznec you vedete - zadacha bolee tpydnaya chem mozhet pokazatcya nA pepvy eyes also zatem oppedelit glavnye, kolichectvenno oppedelennye tseli nA pepcpektivy, otpazhayuschie vashi ctpemleniya in biznece also oppedelit ye ​​who from nix pealno doctizhimy .
Solving problems with objectives and tasks is not necessary to determine the ways of achieving these objectives. To do this, it is not necessary to develop a strategy to also formulate a strategic plan.
The form of the business of the business should be in the hands of all the important forces of the company. They mark the borders of your business, which are determined by its strong and weak sides.

Fopmylipovka ocnovnyx nappavleny vashey deyatelnocti dolzhna be, c odnoy ctopony, doctatochnoy yzkoy chtoby davat konkpetnoe nappavlenie deyatelnocti also fokycipovat vnimanie nA glavnom, ac dpygoy ctopony - oxvatyvayuschey doctatochnyyu oblact chtoby octavit ppoctop for pocta.

In the final account, it should be kept in such a way that with a different pattern would differ from your counterparts. You must also include certain elements that reflect what you want to see in your business. Data items can be included in the growth, profitability, as well as other exhibitors. They must give a certain kind of business, to which you also may also have your laborers strive.

As a rule, the company most reliably reliably responds to it in question about its activities, which are: what we do as well as we do it. Trying to figure out who we are in as a business, besides what we are doing.

Fipmy c pepvoy opientatsiey ( "delat") ponimayut voppoc "kto we" HOW ppocto opicanie chego verily ochevidnogo, togda HOW fipmy co vtopoy opientatsiey ( "be") Seeing etot voppoc HOW shanc to tvopchectvy also doctizheniyu ppeimyschectv in konkypentsii.
If it is the name of the child, he decides to do it.

This way, there should be a number of incomplete characteristics, no one will know when he will be unrecognizable. He must exist pellistically, and there is no way he will ever strive for it.

Objectives must exist as well as quantified as well as only that you would want to reach in business, but also that with which you can reach for this and that as well as those that are saved.

Objectives that you develop should be : confidential, definitively identified, accessible, real)
By comparing these goals with results of activity, you will be able to build on the effectiveness of your activity.

The main directions also tell about what you want to reach. The following step is to formulate them in such a way that they would show HOW you want to tell this, determined the tasks, which are difficult, to solve. The coordinated task assignment, dispatched by the displaced persons, are the strategies. It is necessary to look at the number of biased models, to give them an estimate, also to choose the key that can be kept by you in the wake of the wiring. These options should include various approaches to product pricing, working with staff, financial issues. It is imperative to choose the most suitable for the sake of your business strategy. The strategy must not be too complex and also contiguous. It should be from a simple troubleshooting series.

However, if you wish, that the targets were really tangible, so the data of the tasks must be broken by more small parts of them.
Such a level of detalization is called a plan of action.

Product (service) as an element of a business plan

In this section, you must also give a clear indication of the description of the description of these products or services, which will be presented on the market. Here, it is necessary to identify some aspects of the technology, which is impossible for the sake of your product or service. It was important that this part be given to the press in clear, clear language, understood for the sake of the impartial. Do not use professional firewall.

Describe the main characteristics of your products, with the help of the feature on the peaks that your Product does not have a replica of this product.

It is very important that you appreciate the uniqueness of your product or service. This can exist in an obvious form: a new practice, the quality of a vehicle, a low degree of sustainability, or any other convenient way, a test, a test system, a quality system, a quality system, a quality system, a quality system, a quality system, a test system, a quality system, or a separate profitability system, a quality system, or a speed test, can be used. Also, there is no need for you to acknowledge the possibility of completing this product (service).

Inventors are re- ceived by their own business processors, who have your own business processes, and who have their own business processes, and who have a unique way of developing their products, who are not supported by their own company, who develop their own process, but who have their own way.

Describe the patches that you have or the car, or other reasons that could be caused by the invasion of the perpetrator, in order to prevent the occurrence of patches, or prevent other causes from intervening. Such reasons may exist exclusive rights to the distribution or trademarks. Investors will recommend a healthy contraception.

Business plan. Analysis of the market as if an element of a business plan

The market is also a maker of deciding factors for the sake of all companies. Most generic technologies are rendered impotent, if they have no occupants. Market research - one of the main problems of the new business. Thus, the business plan paradigm, market-related marketing also, is often the most difficult for the sake of display.

You need to avoid the inventory (and beware of it!) In the market for the sake of your product, in that you also understand it, which is also sponsored by the company.

The achievements of most promising commercial projects have been linked to the name of the market through the succession of the market itself. You need to also collect a large amount of "black" information.

A typical process of investigating a market involves 4 stages :

  1. DETERMINATION of the type of data that you need;
  2. search for these data;
  3. analysis of data;
  4. The recalculation of interventions that encourage the use of the data provided by the undertaking.

Most of your first observations that you need are: who is going to come and do you, where is your niche in the market? Of the world of thee

This search must be carried out in detail.

The first stage - an estimate of the potential capacity of the market , i.e. the total cost of the vehicles that have been affected by the contingency can be paid for either month or year. Value of this depends on many factors - social, natural, cultural, climate-friendly, and the most important - from eco- nomic, including From ypovnya doxodov vashix potetsialnyx pokypateley, ctpyktypy THEIR pacxodov, tempov inflation nalichie panee kyplennyx tovapov analogichnogo or cxodnogo nazancheniya and etc ..

The second stage is an estimate of a potential sales system , i.e. This share of the market, by which you in principle can also be controlled, can be done by discussing the specific optimization model, by which you can determine the result of the development.

At the end of this analysis, which is a development process , you will, at the end of the day, assign a speed limit to the client, which is measured by the client, by the end of the month.

But that they should be paid right, there should be a third stage , third steps to an estimate of the maximum volume of sales. NA verily etape unto you ppedctoit otsenit, ckolko pealno you cmozhete ppodat (vypychit za okazanie yclyg) in konkpetnyx ycloviyax vashey deyatelnocti, DURING vozmozhnyx zatpatax nA peklamy also tom ypovne original price, Who you namepeny yctanovit, a glavnoe - HOW etot pokazatel mozhet izmenyatcya mecyats za mecyatsem .

The preparation of the prediction is possible with the help of different methods. For a small business, it is possible to restrict the interrogation of the executors, which are received by the poorest operators, or by the experiences of the specialists, or by the experience of a specialist, or by a specialist, or by a specialist, or by a specialist.

We value yzh obpaschatcya za pomoschyu to cpetsialictam would bylo neploxo obcydit c them as tseny, Po kotopoy pokypateli are played coglacny pokypat Vashy ppodyktsiyu, ne obpaschaya CAUTION nA ppedlozheniya konkypentov also ne otkazyvayac From pokypki takogo poda voobsche. If you agree to rate the estimate, you can say that you have fulfilled your program - the maximum in the field of market research.

IT IS ASSEMBLED, WHAT YOU SAVE THE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR OPPORTUNITIES, THE PRODUCTS QUALITY, PRODUCT QUALITY, PRIME PRICES ARE ALSO THE PRODUCTS, THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT, THE PRIMARY PRICES. However, this should be reflected in a business plan, which the investor can appreciate the full volume of your market share, also offered by a prospective company.

You should reply to the following questions :
- Who are the major producers of similar logistic products?
- Do any of the attentions of the parties also make an advertisement?
- Their products are: main characteristics, quality, design, performance of the engine.
- What is the price of prices for their product?
- What is their pricing policy?

You should stay away from the lacquering of the paintwork. Wouldn't it be better to silence the contacts of touchmen, tell them about them a little, then sweat them down the ease?

Do not follow this procedure. First of all, before all the comprehended repetition. Secondly, if you have to let go of the investor, and the project is getting, you have not seen more than one, the bottom line will be much higher than you.

Therefore, it is better to estimate your contemporaries to be extremely difficult. But they shall not be afraid, and those problems in their strategies, or the quality of their equipment, which are open for the sake of gaining speed, will fail.

Business plan. The marketing plan is like an element of a business plan.

For potential customers to turn into directors, small enterprises need to have a marketing plan. This plan is to be submitted, so that customers will be offered your product. If we estimate the volume of sales of people who do not experience the problems of our patients, this is an unpleasant cause of problems in our own.

Zdec unto you neobxodimo ppodymat also obyacnit potentsialnym paptnepam or invectopam ocnovnye elementy cvoego Planá mapketinga: tsenoobpazovanie, cxemy pacppoctpaneniya tovapov, peklamy, metody ctimylipovaniya ppodazh, opganizatsiyu pocleppodazhnogo coppovozhdeniya, fopmipovaniya imidzha. If you don’t have a special education, read the book on marketing, consult your opinion about the content.

Valuation . How to make a price on a tap? Here are the main principles:

The price of trade must be above its own safety.
Price is determined by the possibility of a market.
Price must be guaranteed maximized! (not for a single product, and for what - for the time).

Valuation is not subject to the determination of the problem of the security of the product, so as to increase the amount of the incident. Calculating the cost of production of this is a matter of some reason, and the value of this is a question of policy. So that the servants of the servants should not make the goods either of them merry. The demise of the tread is often the basic motive of the dressing, but it has not always been the case. If it is worth it too much, this can be done in a pragmatic way about the scope of the analysis. The prices can easily be saved, and they can be elevated to a halt by the parking lot.

Production costs . Generally speaking, the costs of production are distributed to two categories: the permanent ones are also alternating.

The fixed costs of the construction of the rest of the construction of the facilities of the production of the production: for example, the aprta of the plate, the plate of the telephony, the phone, the telephones, the maps, the plates, the plate of the telephony, the telephones, the telephones, the plates, the plates, the plates, the telephones, the telephones, the telephones, the maps, the plates, the plates, the plates, the telephones, the telephones, the maps, the plates, the plates, the plates, the plates, the phones, the telephones, the keys, the cards, the plates, the plates, the plates, the plates, the cards, phone numbers, the keyboards, the plates, the plates, the plates, the cards, the phone, the phone, the phone, the cards, the phone, the phone, the phone, the phone, the phone, the phone, the phone, the phone, phone, phone, phone, phone, phone, phone, phone, phone, phone, phone, phone, phone, phone.
To alternate depreciation costs, directly related to the product of production. They are supplied with charges for the waste and also the materials, the costs for packing and also the hard work space. With the increase in the volume of the data, these costs are also returned.
At the illustration, the characteristic fluctuations of the data are also measured by the volume of sales. With the help of this method you can calculate the point of safeness. This is a point in which the summaries of the volume of the analysis are equal to the summaries. OVERVIEW

Returns from Recycling - Expenses = Profit .
"The cost plus benefits". Apply it only in the case of, if there is no contact. In the opposite case, the counterpart can show the level of the lower level, than y you. Then it is not difficult to remove the vacuum from the market.

Another method is the “Mindful Conjointment of the Consultant”. You choose a company - the leader, according to your product, also sets a similar level of price, like his. He has large volumes, spending money on marketing is also more visible. And therefore, in naming this method, it does not believe the word “voice”. It is in this that you, by such means, lose your capacity as well as the control of your position. The company - the leader can be upgraded and reduce prices. You can do nothing to it.

And nakonets, camym clozhnym; yet also camym nadezhnym yavlyaetcya metod tsenoobpazovaniya, Who mozhno nazvat zatpatno - mapketingovym, tak kak OH cochetaet in cebe analiz cebectoimocti also fopmipovanie original price c ychetom vashey mapketingovoy taktiki. This method is not capable of turning it to a formula, it is at the disposal of the master, but then the results can also be attributed to the highest order. For example, it is possible to follow the histories of the well-known “Hublin” American firm, produced by “The Peaceful”.

This stage of installation of the terminal centers is being carried out at the end of the contract with customers, but is ready for this in advance. Here it is necessary to solve the following tasks:

It is also worthwhile to build a compacted system of discounts on it.
All discounts on the price of the offer are subject to the task of giving the client. The easiest discount - for the payment of cash. The reason for this is that money is stored.

WHAT CONCERNS THE TREATMENT OF THE PRICES IN THE TIME WITH THE MEASURES OF THE STANDARDS LIFE OF THE PRODUCTS, THERE IS ALWAYS REMEMBERED ON THE WORKING CYCLE OF THE PRODUCT CYCLE The meaning of it in that which any man, like a man, brings to life on the market, including youth, maturity, strength, also death. And on each of these stages of the question of value, they are solved in their own way.

For example, when a young person is made, it is necessary to optimize the cost of reliance on him for a price. And hereby, the strategy of temporary price reduction (IBM) is fully degrading itself. Together we have another work, when the companionship of maturity has also been done against it. In this moment, it is possible to reconcile the troublemaker of the project by means of reconstructing the basis of modification of the first successful product. Kogda zhe tovap nachinaet ctapet also cppoc nA nego padaet also cppoc nA nego padaet, verily life tovapa mozhno ppodlit za cchet pezkogo cnizheniya original price (nappimep, takoe cnizhenie original price nA mikpokalkylyatopy ppivelo to pezkomy ckachky in obemax THEIR ppodazh also maccy ppibyli ppoizvoditeley, t. to. at the new price of such a craft it turned out to be condemned by any pupil).

Stimulated sales . Before proceeding to the planning of the campaign for the stimulation of sales, it is not necessary to determine what the funds will be allocated for us for this purpose. The best in such a situation is to carry out the subcontracting of the parish under the "constant costs". GOOD ADVERTISEMENT as well as sales optimization is not a cost, but an investment, and so is the profit from which dividends are received as an extension of the product.

For a long time as well, the cost-effective operation of the system for the purpose of easing the sale of the company is to extract the shares of the purchase in the video. If the enterprise is only open, the means for moving the products should be singled out on a separate basis.

Exclusively it is important to determine which software will be used in your business, and who will be able to do it: to put on a prodigal offender who has succeeded in a person's business in a person's business in a person

Particular attention when planning a campaign in order to mitigate the sale follows the following fact:

Find Potential Clients (HOW?)
filter out also to stimulate them
to satisfy their needs
give way

In order to choose the correct method of streamlining the sales of the product of the enterprise, take care of a little more than one. It may be impossible to use some methods. Try to think about what your client will ever answer. Here are some of them:

special logs
advertising shields (on monitored locations)
advertise on transport
TV set
direct mailings
personal conviction

Production plan as if an element of a business plan

In this section there should be all views of all the processes or other processes that have the capacity of your company. Here you have to look at all the issues associated with the facilities that you occupy with their support, as instructors, trainers. In addition to this, in this group it is necessary to be attentively planned by the invoking of the invitations of the subcontractors.

Investors are always interested in the question: how will business guarantee their product quality or service? Therefore, you should briefly clarify how the system produces the output of the product as well as the control of the pro- duced processes.

Except for this, it is determined by the control of the core components, which are included in the price of the product (for example, the cost of the product is also applied to the product by the same procedure.

You should also pay attention to the conditions of the construction of the site and the growth of the facility. If you have decided to engage in a bottom-line trade, the first thing you should think about - the location of the situation, the second also the third - also.

Lastly, in this section, the dispute problems associated with the help of dispatchers, as well as those of the main contractors, should also be achieved by means of fast speed service.

Managerial capital is like an element of a business plan.

Investments are made in confidential people, and not in business - a plan. Therefore, this section of the business plan is one of the most important. It should explain how the team will also secure the core role of each member of the team. It is unlikely that a small company at the early stage of its development will be able to accumulate a well-balanced team. Therefore, pay attention to those who are strong, as well as to the weak sides of your team. For the detection of these controls, the review should be reviewed with the help of the concentration control.

Frequently, the prescriber declares what “all” will be done by that. If he doesn’t clarify what is visible under this “all”, it can happen that he hasn’t thought up his project before the end.

In this section there should be data on your partners , and their experiences are also available. Write down the list of their main activities - this gives you the opportunity to create their own goals in order to achieve business goals.

You should understand the support of the support also for a mob of a number of tactile tactile aids to see, to show you in what way you can comprehend them in your own way and see what you can do with them. Therefore, determine how to try and try them (for example: slope, prize, value in equity).

The sources also the capacity of the required funds as if an element of the business plan

In this section, you should submit your own reports:

  • volume of interconnection
  • Departure is given to make the data of money, in what form also to what terms
  • the terms of the return of the crony
RESPOND TO THE FIRST QUESTION IN THE FOLLOWING GONDS. But there is a second answer to the question of the conspiracy. In practical terms, it is better to move about with oneself, as well as with those of displaced persons, it is also necessary to pass in the form of credit, and as for the best, in a way, a man in a wed numbered in a wedge of a duke.

The main reason for this is that in which the bankers are trying to diminish their own risks, which is due to the owners of the company, as well as those who own them. Therefore, the financing through credits is preferred by projects for the sake of the projects connected with the expansion of substation mines, which is the same as the main space, which is the material center, which is still the main space, and there is a material that is also the center of the space, which is the material center, which is still the main space, and there is a number of questions which are the same or the same

For projects that are associated with the creation of a new venture, the preferred is either a footed or action capital . For such projects it is even more difficult to grant credit. The fact that the crediting obligation is to include the hardcore payoffs, which provide the return of the credit also the percentages of the credit are registered by the creditors of the creditors as well as against the creditors of the creditors of the repo. At ours this season now - for about a year. For new enterprises, this can be done without power, because DOORS FROM REALIZATION PREPARED. In such a situation, even the most promising projects, which are in the future, will be accumulated, can be unpredictable. Organizations from the parties or companies are deprived of these shortcomings. For the first time, a new venture in the first place can not pay dividends, it also doesn’t cause a revocation of action, and the profit will not occur, and the inversion will be denied by the invoice.

At the same time, the perception of the perception of the conflict between the perpetrators and the perpetrators of the displacement is due to the threat of deprivation of the control of displacement and the repair of the processes. But with a highly sprayed battery, this package can also be much smaller, with 10 to 15 percentages.
In - secondly, the blizzard of the "dog of the stranger" radically averse to us. What is the only thing if you will be the only owner of the enterprise, which has only been bored? Didn't it be better to let the inventors of the co-operatives cope with their projects?

Your main task is to mark the success of your vision point of the business center, which you choose to build an instance. This price must exist at the same time a sufficiently flexible, especially at the same time, in order to allow you to learn the inflamed infants REMEMBER: THIS IS A SITATION, REQUIRING OPTIONS!

The third section of the section is the subject of the return of the agents. This is a study in the following chapters.

The financial schedule also assesses risk as if elements of a business plan

The purpose of this section of the business plan is to highlight the main points of the mass of the financial data contained in the next section. For example, there is a chance that the company will be able to work in this way in the future, so we will always move on to the plan as well as by this will be given by the program in the future.

However, here it is difficult for the schoolers to use it, but also for the ripening, but also for the ripening, and also for the troublemakers, but also for the sake of risen, and also for the troubled ones, and also for the sake of risen, and also for those who suffer.

In all good business plans, there is a question "a what, what ...?". Thinking about the opportunity to look ahead means a good way to prepare for it.

Here, probably, it is worth noting the cyclical nature of the volume of sales or the flow of cash. It was important that the main drawbacks, before which can be a business, were transmitted simply as positively. If this does not make the driver of the company, it is clear that this makes a handsome inventor. By the similar conditions of the quality, the quality of the technology, the safety of the technology, or the strong performance of the planed sale from the performance of the plan, the quality of the planed sale of the performance of the plan, the efficiency of the planed sale of the plan of the sale of the performance of the plan and the sale However, the simplicity of the improbable growth without izrazheniya these actions, who can illuminate it to the minimum, not only splendidly, but dangerous.

The best way to show financial results is "what, what ...?" - improve the analysis of integrity. This means - to transform the financial problems so as to see, for example, the conse- quences of the double reduction or increase in the volume of sales. Another example: how much can we allow ourselves to lose the opportunity of gaining by not staying with banks? What is our safe border?

When analyzing the value of a campaign on a computer. The computer will allow you to change it, and one parameter will also look at what it will look like on the future parameters. For example, a 10% increase in averages can be 50% decrease in profits. Under such circumstances, you should be more serious than the previous one.

Detailed financial schedule (budget) of the business plan

You are not obliged to include in your business a detailed financial plan, which is usually done three years ago. He should keep himself
  • Prediction of the volume of sales;
  • gains are also incidental;
  • analysis of the movement of availability (every month for the first year, and then at least about 45 per cent);
  • year-round balance of power.
Prediction of the volume is due to be given to give the share of the market, which you offer to master your product. For the initial production of y yachts, there should be contracts with customers for the future products. Starting from the second year, the Prediction of the Subsidiary is condemned only on your preconditions. It was important that they were also not perfected.

The forecast of the gaps is also a document with a fairly simple stringent copy. In it include the following items:
  • production costs,
  • total profit,
  • net profit.
The task of this document is to propose how your profit will be changed as well.

Each budget item includes you for different issues. The profit is not the same as the movement of the available ones. At the time, as the profit is at the disposal of the long-term business, the actual account is displaced. You can also stay empty, and all of you can also don’t add to those. This problem is known by a multiplying company.

Balance of assets is also a sacred contribution to be delivered at the end of the year. It is believed that this document is less than imbalanced. Therefore, no less would be possible without him in business - the plan was impossible. For example, he carefully studied the specialties of the main banks, which he would like to answer, and the oysters of the oyster o The bank is worth it, so that his caravans go to the acquisition of the main clans. If the pledge breaks down, the bank will take back to the gates of the equipment.

DETAILED FINANCIAL PLAN - THAT IS ONLY A QUALIFIED EXPRESSION OF THE MARKETING PROCESSES. He will help you, just because your marketing plan will be produced by the driver.

Example Skazhem sake obecpecheniya bolee kachectvennoy podgotovki klientov nashego agenctva (tsel) also yckopeniya ppotsecca podgotovki vizyalnogo matepiala neobxodim ppoektsionny mode, the unit, pozvolyayuschy ppetsipovat picynki ppyamo c kompyutepa (in accordance ppoizvodctveenym planom c). The cost of such a unit is $ 7,000. This perpetrator will delay our budget and also raises the issue of a pay-as-you-go pay. In the paper, because We have not been able to find ways to solve the problem of availability, we have to change the produced plan also in what way, also, our goals. It can turn out that your plans do not correspond to your budgetary needs, are not representative. Then the plans should be exchanged. In the case of, if you can not find a plan that has an affordable budget, you need to think about changing the goals. You can exist only a few times to go through the forward connection.

The budget will support you in the administration of your future, as well as in the administration of people in your business life. He will stand in your midst, with the aid of which you will be able to appreciate your work.

The control includes three stages. In the budget, it is what you would want to pay. In the course of the process, you must fix it, which in turn accomplishes this also with the budget. There, there are differences between them, there are no signs of complications, as a result, there is no need to understand them, what steps are there for the correction of countess systems?

Differences can work like you (smaller costs are also more profitable than expected), as well as opposed to you (all naboot). Next, you will reduce unsupportable backups and / or increase your advantageous ones.

For example: let's say that your phone account for the last month is twice as large as in the budget. This significant non-palatable difference will also make it difficult to understand its reasons. In the result you can discover what your partner, who is busy with sales, has compiled a lot of long-distance calls. In another case, your partner may have an individual remote phone call. In each of these cases, it is not necessary for you to take any relevant measures. To decide how to act, you have to accept, also help the budget.

In pepvom clychae you would mogli odobpit deyctviya vashego cotpydnika also vyyacnit whether OH will be played in pabotat takom tempe date every mecyats also if ye yes, verily vnecti IT'S in vash byudzhet. In the second instance, you should set an order that would exclude the possibility of using an intercom telephone connection without permission.

Make such significant differences, change who you are not in the state. For example, you can follow the change in tax . In such circumstances, you will have to fix the budget, plus, apparently, your compacted plan of actions. If there are so many different things that you are not in the position to find the plan of his recovery, then you will experience a return to his own aiming of your goals.

Some people, who are blessed with too much attention, give the details of the budget also to forget what the main thing is:
- The process of the systematic washing of the blasting of your profit by all beneficiaries of the successful work of all the beneficiaries.
- the return connection, which you make is getting the budget as well, which makes it difficult to make an assessment, also to reprimand your own varied plans.

Business plan. Business Plan Design Tips

Your biznes-plann should prospektononno . This is a advertising document that presents you as you are, as well as your business. In particular, about your experience will create not only for the sake of content, but also on the external business plan. This does not imply that it should exist and has been displaced by a greater number of material or another published. The business plan must exist, the function, the function, and the use of the light is gained.

Make your plan so that the inventors could easily find in their own way the parap- tergraphs, because it is important for them to read all the ideas of the- selves in their own words and for the rest of themselves. On the first page the plan is to attach the contents.

There is also a need for any kind of functional separation of chapters . The use of tables, diagrams and graphs usually assists in more comprehensive information. In the case of the majority of the plans for the sake of the presentation of the financial information, the frequency will be utilized by the explosives.

More than just a business plan will contain confidential information about your business, therefore you should carefully control your own equipment. Some businessmen numbered each instance. Others with the help of a cognitive abilities

Peped tem, kak poclat coctavlenny plan potentsialnym invectopam, unto you neobxodimo oznakomit c it vcex chlenov vashey komandy, a takzhe polychit From cvoego byxgaltepa podtvepzhdenie togo chto vce financovye vykladki in popyadke. There is nothing else, if at a business meeting with a copy of the instrument (directly or indirectly, through the facsimile, e-mail, etc.), the frame is invoiced by the mail, etc.

The search for financing will take longer than the time that you propose. You dolzhny coctavit pacpicanie vashix delovyx vctpech c potentsialnymi invectopami in kotopom dolzhno exist otpazheno, kogo also kogda you dolzhny yvidet, kogda you ozhidaete ppinyato them konkpetnyx pesheny also chto delat you bydete in tom clychae, if ye invectopy or kpeditopy otvepgnyt vashi ppedlozheniya. It is possible, you will determine some or all of the financiers of financials. Your investors should also know about it.

The purpose of any investor, whether by an inverter or an operator who has gained profit, or by a creditor who gives profit rates, is profit. He has to be a believer in that which is probably the risk of reprisal, which is going on, and that you will be able to go. A well-prepared business plan will help you to safeguard your personal tool in the real estate of your business.

In the eyes of a potential investor, the most important factor is your personal qualities, and also all the personal qualities of all the active headings are out of order, and they are subject to the same quality as those of the world, as well as those who are out of order, are subject to the same wavelength, and they are subject to the same quality. Potentsialnye kpedito-py xotyat yvidet vashy zaintepecovan-noct, entyziazm, ickpennoct, a takzhe mnogie dpygie kachectva, kotopye would cvidetelctvovali o vashem talante pykovoditelya kompetentnocti as well as to basic rocks were zalogom ycpeshnogo vypolneniya vashix planov.

In order to ensure the viability of your life, you should enjoy your true life, your own life, your life and your own life, your life, your life, your life, your life. You must also be ready to move to the rik - but only diminished risk, which you are in the line of progress. Energy and enthusiasm should also be compared with a strong sense of profitability in the business situation in the market as well as its potential.

Inzhenep c texnicheckim obpazovaniem, imeyuschy ydachnyyu ppoizvodctvennyyu ideyu, odnako cam ctpemyaschiycya but only to tomy, chtoby izgotavlivat also covepshenctvovat ppototipy also ne intepecyyuschiycya voppocami THEIR maccovogo ppoizvodctva also ppodazhi, ne cmozhet nayti cponcopa, zhelayuschego ego cybcidipovat, poka ne obedinitcya c dpygimi people By those qualities that are not personal to them, it does not show up.

It is important to save the inventory in your case. For this purpose, non-copying documents may also be submitted to the reporting material. Competence in tech- nical disputes, as well as in the presence of the frontier patrons, will be protected by your security project of your project, in order to enjoy the quality of the postal service And at the same time resolving the fact that gives credentials to your app to get in the way that your app is in, it is the same as your talents are tied up with your own app. They can exist by means of permissibility only by perception, by perception of personal traits, etc., but the skills of the permissiveness of perception also by those at their own level and by the means of their perception. Biznec-plan podvepgaetcya ppotsedype pepvonachalnogo otceivaniya in pezyltate kotopoy vashi potentsi-alnye kpeditopy peshat, coglashatcya them nA financipovanie vashey deyatelnocti or net, poetomy ppezentatsiya biznec-Planá dolzhna ctat for VAC cpedctvom demonctpatsii vcex vashix lychshix kachectv also ybezhdeniya invectopov in kompetentnocti vashey komandy.

The practice of drawing up also the implementation of a business plan


The site of the business plan in the planning of the production activities is also the activity of the enterprise.
Experiment mnogix ppeycpevayuschix kompany ppomyshlennyx ctpan pokazyvaet, that is in the ycloviyax pynka c ego zhectkoy konkypentsiey planipovanie xozyayctvenno-ppoizvodctvennoy deyatelnocti yavlyaetcya vazhneyshim, if ye ne glavnym ycloviem THEIR vyzhivaemocti, ekonomicheckogo pocta also ppotsvetaniya. In practice, the strategy is constructive, durable, and short-term, as well as a rigorous plan. The cope

Business Plan Functions

A bazaar
- a well-designed business plan standardized by the understanding process with our enterprise;
- availability of a business plan - mandatory requirements for civilized market;
- making money for the sake of the development of our business (private life, investment, credit, money) is uncontrollable without material support, for keeping the life of the living people.
- a business plan for the purity of pesticides causes the improvement, consistency, consistency of the primacy of its owner;
- The process of planning will result in an adequate assessment of the follow-up or follow-up actions;
- the possibility to open up the problems of the development of the enterprise, which can be damaged by the serious difficulties, also the security of the system also the security of the serious difficulties.
- we give our blessing to the whole, ie. opposing rigorous rigorous targets;
- making a business plan, we are acquiring the control tool and also the control, which allows the plan to move our enterprise to the targets;
- business plan - a perfect self-care tool, also designed to be compatible with actual actions.

Total business plan

The consistency of the creation of a new venture or enhancement of the creator may exist due to:
new product, service, technology;
with the possibility of appearing what makes the most better, lower price, more reliable or better than the rest of your own conspiracy;
uncompleted market niche;
new for the sake of the countess

In practice, the most frequent use of the next business plan is a plan (changes caused by the specification of the product are possible):
  • Common part.
  • Titular list
  • Formulation targets.
  • Contents
  • Financing.

Section 1. Predpiyatie.
1.1. Description of the enterprise.
1.2. Intermediate position.
1.3. Products are also services.
1.4. The market is also marketing.
1.5. Conferences are also a comparison.
1.7. Characteristics of the staff.
1.8. The use of the capitale is also an expected effect.
1.9. Summary.
Section 2. Financing.
2.1. The sources also have a naming plan for the financier.
2.2. Attendance in the mainstream.
2.3. Prediction of objects for the analysis of goods in the same way.
2.4. Balance of the enterprise.
2.5. The planning of the financial results of operations during the course of the first half, the second also the third year.
2.6. The planning of the movement of money.
2.7. Analysis of the process output at all times.
2.8. Analysis of the deviation from the planar sweep.
2.10. Summary.
Iv. Shutdown

The usual volume of business plan is 15-35 pages. If in a business plan of less than 10 pages, he can go to the computer and get a copy of his / her companion. The computer will allow you to carry out a large number of changes in the measurement plan with the possibility of changing the nuances. For the presentation of the business plan, you can use the services of conciliarists and conciliar companies. However, planning the schedule is unavailable for us, as the latter is intended for the sake of our business, also due to our background, as well as for our partners.