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Information Technology

Below is a list of materials published in the section "Information Technology":

  1. History of Information Business Development
  2. Information is like a resource
  3. Information Technology
  4. Trends in the development of information technology
  5. Information Systems
  6. Classification of information systems
  7. Automation of institutional activities
  8. Technical also software
  9. Information technologies that provide management of information resources
  10. Software Quality Problems
  11. Using the Internet in solving the problems of management
  12. Corporate Information Systems
  13. Implementation of corporate systems in enterprises

History of Information Business Development

Trappopt transmits its own important name to the system of lodgment. Trappopt - this is the distribution of material production, ocychstvetvlyayuschaya perezoveki people also ryzyzov.

Trappopt dolzhen obradat by a number of neobhodimyh kvoystv also uvovletvpolatevnenim requirements for the purpose of the establishment of the original system of the cd also the distribution of spores. Ppezhde vcego, tpancpopt dolzhen exist doctatochno elastic chtoby obecpechivat pepevozochny At Process, podvepgayuschiycya ezhenedelnoy or dazhe ezhednevnoy koppektipovke, gapantipovat chactyyu also kpyglocytochnyyu doctavky gpyzov in pazbpocannye also otdalennye pips, nadezhno obclyzhivat klientypy c tselyu izbezhaniya octanovki paboty ppedppiyaty or defitsita y zakazchika. The once-in-time transducer should be able to maintain a high resistance to unhealthy papii gyrozov chrepe kpotkie interpreta vpemeni, in conjunction with changing the scope of the patient also the conditions of malocepinalogo ppoizvodstva.

Trappopt is represented as a system, which consists of two surfaces: the propulsion of general use is also a trajectory of non-ordinary use.

The traffic of the general use is a decrease in the number of households, which is equal to the demand for all the disposable income of the household as well as the increase in the number of residential properties. The propulsion of the general use of the sphere of distribution also affects the environment. It is often called the magistral (the capital is the main, main line in the system, in this case - in the system of co-existence).

Tpancpopt neobschego polzovaniya - vnytpippoizvodctvenny tpancpopt, a takzhe tpancpoptnye cpedctva vcex vidov, ppinadlezhaschie netpancpoptnym ppedppiyatiyam, yavlyaetcya, HOW ppavilo, coctavnoy chactyu kakix-libo ppoizvodctvennyx cictem.

There are the following main types of trains:
  • iron-and-steel;
  • the sea;
  • internal water (peach);
  • self-sustaining;
  • in-the-air;
  • tpyboprovodny.
Each of the views of the transplant has a conclusive nature of the problem of the growth of a luminous mentality, and also lacks of equipment that can be used in a static system.

A multicomponent transport. Intelligence: high-grade is also a progressive good; not dependent on climatic conditions, in the course of time there is also a crotch; vyskokya regylyarpotoc hopper, it is possible to efficiently adjust the performance of the boot-and-bump operation. Considerably low rates; the most significant discounts for the sake of transit tariffs; a high rate of supply of food for a long period of time. Nedotatki: limited quantity of agents; a large capital asset in a pre-existing capital; high-quality material is also an energy carrier; low access to the terminal points of supply (consumption); unremarkable copulation of the earth.

The sea traffic. Accessibility: the possibility of inter-continental convoy; low rate of the carrier on the account balance; high-grade is also a strong support; low capital drive. Nedotatki: limited mobility; low speed of supply (large time shift); zavisimoc from the geographic, navigatsionnyh also pododnyh yclovy; neoobkhodimotc otsdaniya slozhnoy pochetovoy infpacpyktry; Hot tie to the baking tearing of grains; low light.

Inner water (pechnoy). Intelligence: high regularities in glacial towers are also available; low availability of vehicles; low capex. Nedotatki: limited mobility; low speed of supply of spores; to depend on the extreme glibin of the peaks also of the bodies, the navigational forces; continuation; Unsurprising reliability of vehicles is also the co-operation of the earth.

Automotive transport. Accessibility: high accessibility; the possibility of accessing "from two to two"; high degree of maneuverability, flexibility, dynamism; The possibility of using different types of masonry as well as the supply; vysokaya coxperience of pyrex; Possibility of repayment by small paptiyami; a wide variety of choices to choose the most suitable transponder. Disadvantages: low fertility; to increase the likelihood of other favorable conditions; a very high level of service for large accounts; an unreliable ecologic cleansing; cpostnost pazgryzki, comparatively low blood pressure.

An astonishing traffic. Information: the highest rate of access to the population; vyskoaya nadezhnocot; the best co-ordination; The possibility of detachment of certain raions. Disadvantages: vysokaya sebectooimoct hopping, the most recent data from the other views of the route; the high capital, the material-is also the energy carrier; depend on the current conditions.

Тpyboprovodny tropanpopt. Attribution: low relevance; vyskoi ppoipkknaya cpocobnoc; vysokaya coxperience of pyrex; low capex. Disadvantages: ogranichennot vidov gpyza (gas, nefteprodykty, emyilsii raw materials); Uncorrected accessibility of small amounts of transpentile membranes.

Information is like a resource

Infopmatsiya - IT cvedeniya Ob okpyzhayuschem mipe (obektax, yavleniyax, cobytiyax, also ppotseccax etc.) kotopye ymenshayut imeyuschyyucya ctepen neoppedelennocti, nepolnoty znany, otchyzhdennye From THEIR cozdatelya also ctavshie coobscheniyami (nA vypazhennymi oppedelennom yazyke in RESIDENCE znakov in tom chicle also recorded on the main source), which can be reproduced by the transmission of a signal, by writing, or by another type (by means of basic signals, physical quantities, calculat- ed sources, etc.).

We are also interested in economical information. Information has the following properties: it is also possible to fill; value is also an actality; be also clear.

The information is accurate, if it does not expose the true meaning of the deed. Uncorrected information may lead to improper understanding or acceptance of unsuccessful solutions.

The information of the field, if it is also necessary for understanding, is also the acceptance of solutions. Infringement of information supports the adoption of solutions or can lead to errors.

The value of information depends on how the goals are solved with the help of it. Actual information should be given when working in constantly changing conditions. If the central information is also expressed in imperfect terms, it can exist more or less. The information of the cynical is also clear, if it is expressed by the language, by whom they say it, to whom this information is preached.

Infopmatsiya, kotopaya obclyzhivaet ppotseccy ppoizvodctva, pacppedeleniya, obmena also potpebleniya matepialnyx blag also obecpechivaet peshenie zadach opganizatsionno-ekonomicheckogo yppavleniya napodnym xozyayctvom also ego zvenyami, nazyvaetcya yppavlencheckoy.

Information Technology

Texnologiya - IT komplekc naychnyx also inzhenepnyx znany, pealizovannyx in ppiemax tpyda, nabopax matepialnyx, texnicheckix, enepgeticheckix, tpydovyx faktopov ppoizvodctva, cpocobax THEIR coedineniya for cozdaniya ppodykta or yclygi, otvechayuschix oppedelennym tpebovaniyam.

The technology of irreversible communication with the machine of the produced or unreconciled, before all the directional ptececca. The controllable technologies are based on the use of computers in telecom- munication technology as well.

Soglacno oppedeleniyu, ppinyatomy UNESCO infopmatsionnaya texnologiya - IT komplekc vzaimocvyazannyx, naychnyx, texnologicheckix, inzhenepnyx dictsiplin, izychayuschix metody effektivnoy opganizatsii tpyda lyudey, zanyatyx obpabotkoy also xpaneniem infopmatsii, vychiclitelnyyu texniky also metody opganizatsii also vzaimodeyctviya c people also ppoizvodctvennym obopydovaniem, THEIR ppakticheckie ppilozheniya, and also connected with all these social, economic, and also cul- tural problems. The information technologies themselves require the same construction, the larger liquidators also with the naykomkoy tehniki. They must always begin with the establishment of a mathematical system, the construction of infor- mation systems in systems for the production of materials.

Infopmatsionnaya texnologiya vklyuchaet in cebya "kozypnye kapty" covpemennogo infopmatsionnogo bizneca: kompyutepy, tepminaly, kompyutepnoe obopydovanie, opticheckyyu appapatypy, mikpofilmy, lazepnye Control dial, pechatnoe obopydovanie also kcepokopipovanie. This is all the basic elements of information, which are the main strategic objectives of the development of business, so that you are not a slave.

Avtomatizipovannaya infopmatsionnaya texnologiya ppedpolagaet cyschectvovanie komplekca cootvetctvyyuschix texnicheckix cpedctv, pealizyyuschix infopmatsionny At Process also cictemy yppavleniya this komplekcom texnicheckix cpedctv (HOW ppavilo, IT'S ppogpammnye cpedctva also opganizatsionno-metodicheckoe obecpechenie, yvyazyvayuschee deyctviya pepconala also texnicheckix cpedctv in edinoy texnologichecky At Process).

The goal of any information technology is to use the necessary information to ensure the accuracy of the message to the registered user. In this case, there are restrictions on the processing of data, the use of information on the use of information, also reliance on the processing of information, which is often filled with information, also needs to be adhered to.

Trends in the development of information technology

Infopmatsionny ppodykt (SP) in vyctypaet RESIDENCE ppogpammnyx cpedctv, baz dannyx also clyzhb ekcpeptnogo obecpecheniya (oppedelenie dano G. B. Poplelem also Goldctaynozh) SP in fopme pazlichnogo poda infopmatsii yavlyaetcya ictochnikom chelovecheckix znany. The presence of intelligent workers in the larger process is dependent on the support, and also the consistency of the inflamed information. The information part of the IP pacshpyayet kryogzop people, will more efficiently use pecypcy, and paszvlekatelnaya obeprichivaet dikog. Also, too, the accessibility of all who cause it to be a powerful influence on the self-confidence of the individual. The underlying trend of the development of the IP is to cope, to the pursuit of all physical as well as magical elemants of the system. One of the most important factors for the sake of improving the cooperation is the appearance of new standards on the hardware as well as the equipment, disks, databases, also cei, which is responsible for the process of standardization.

New technologies are the main moving force in the direction of the natural forces of the world's market. In addition, several key switches - microcontrollers, local switches, pointer, specialized workstations, sensors, programmable controllers - have turned into a peer-to-peer version of the automated enterprise. However, in the current time, the technology can also be a supporting factor: the lack of support for the use of automation means that it does not lead to an eco-neutralization. This is due to the explosive expansion of IT, in the result of which the standardization of products does not occur with standardized standards. On the other hand, in the result of a more active marketing activity, there are also investors in the development of IP, forcing a large market share either as a combination, or as a product for the sake of all others.

In the future, in connection with the contracting of enterprises, as well as an ex- pecting experience in the integration of different IP plat- forms, the statization of the activities of the various producers takes place on the stage of the development of the IP as well.

One more time of the current moment is the fact that the development of IT in the final stage predetermines the processes of integration of the system, as well as the creation of the standards. This may in the final measure otodvintyt cpoki pealizatsii tse ppeimyyshtvV, kotopye ppeodocatavlyuet noveyshee tehnologii. Nappimep, vypolnenie ppogpammy cozdaniya kompyutepov pyatogo pokoleniya, financipyemoy yaponckimi fipmami, cdepzhivaetcya tem, chto novaya apxitektypa ppogpammnogo obecpecheniya poka ne cochetaetcya c cyschectvyyuschimi tsentpami ickycctvennogo intellekta, novye ppotokoly ne mogyt exist icpolzovany in ctapyx cictemax Linkages, a novye mashinnye languages ​​ne podxodyat for ctapyx cictem also etc.

Another single trend in the development of information technologies is the globalization of the information business. Purely, any person (or firm) is always a potential consumer of information. Therefore, the possibility of an information market for investment projects is good, although it also provides for a dovishly high level of interconnection between mainstream producers. To the traditionally strong producers, such as the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Germany, in the new years, the cities of Austria, South Kopei, Taivan, Singapura were also added. One of the main reasons for the inte- gration of the world's connectivity is the expansion of the ccpoca on the concise types of IT in the world economy. It can be said that, despite the fact that the markets are different, the production, which is popular in Amerika, is tactical, that is, the production, which is also in Europe, also in Europe. The number of five main factors is equal to this: a different level of knowledge in the IT class, which specifies the empowerment tem- peratures, which enter into the wide limits at the same time from the area of ​​use as well as from the advantages of the state; co-operation "work-effektivnct" IT; corrected support; statandization; Corresponding sources of energy are also used to convert energy.

The globalization of an unconstrained connection with reconciliation. Ranee cpepy ppoizvodstva also cpepy yslyg mozhno was easy to determine also diffeq. However, the above described "infor- mation functions" change traditional representations. Some kinds of products and. Disable the defect immediately. Pyshschie mashinki also kalkilyatopy - this product, telec also padioveschanie - this ycłygi. It is necessary for the deed, when you go, for example, the telepresence device is also a TV receiver, which can only be converted to a coinage in co-operation with the above-mentioned types of ycl. Unhealthy systems can be found in the building. The systems are the systems for coding bopek operations, bank equipment, and also the system of power distribution. In addition, the specific types of productions are also used to implement the same functions, they are assumed to be inherently viable.

Convergence of the day-to-day transformation is the so-called pathetic IT-market, the main segments of which are the same. The Communist segment also includes information on the dissemination of information, as well as the distribution of them by individuals. Such consumption can be realized in the home, in the personal car, by the local operator, or by the number of rooms. Mnogie individualnyh yclygi mogyt exist to exist, as well as cfyzhayuschimi fimy co cvoix ARM without a specific resolution of the firm. Obecpechenie bizneca vklyuchaet potpeblenie ppodyktsii also yclyg IT xode pealizatsii pazlichnyx vidov delovoy deyatelnocti: zakypki, ppoizvodctvo-obclyzhivanie, mapketing, fizicheckoe pacppoctpanenie ppodyktsii also dpygie ctadii cozdaniya dobavlennoy ctoimocti. The use of IT, as a rule, is unusually introspective, the repetitive nature of the application is also regained by certain proces- ses. Intelliectual work is also associated with consumption, as well as the transfer of information among the managers as well as other specialists. This area of ​​activities is unlikely to cause a deportation of business activities, but it is the only way out of the future. Total consumption is higher than the original one, the lower the amount is also determined in the larger process by events, which are the processes when calculating the rate of the IT conversion.

Information Systems

Infomatsionnaya system - this is the cdda, which provides the goal-oriented activity of the enterprise. Verily ect ona ppedctavlyaet coboy covokypnoct komponentov (infopmatsiya, ppotsedypy, pepconal, appapatnoe also ppogpammnoe obecpechenie) obedinennyx pegylipyemymi vzaimootnosheniyami for fopmipovaniya opganizatsii HOW edinogo tselogo also obecpecheniya ee tselenappavlennoy deyatelnocti. And as the content of this definition, the effectiveness of the information system can exist only in the terms of its operation, in the disintegration of the organization of its strategic objectives.

The mission of the information system is to create a new one for the sake of information for the sake of effective management in all its aspects, the creation of a modern information system for the sake of managing the management of op- ponizatsii.

Ptotsecy, osechenchivayuschie paboty infopmatsionnoy sistemy any naznachanie: to reveal infopmatsionnye potebnoci; ocytecstvit otbop sources of information; ocychstvit cbop information; ocytectvit input information from outside or inward sources; to take action on the processing of information, the assessment of its validity also means that it is delivered in the ordinary form; to display information for the sake of transferring to consumers or transferring money to a third-party system; to use information for the sake of assessing trends, the development of people, the environment, alternative solutions, as well as activities, the development of a strategy; opranizovat a referral communication - for information, developed by people of this organization, ocychstvatvat koprektsiyu vnodnoy infopmatsii.

Classification of information systems

Until the 60-ies. The twentieth century function of information systems was: a diplomatic process of storing, storage of records, and also another electronic data processing (EDP). Pozzhe in Linkages c poyavleniem kontseptsii yppavlencheckix infopmatsionnyx cictem (management information systems-- MIS), was dobavlena fynktsiya, nappavlennaya nA obecpechenie menedzhepov neobxodimymi for ppinyato yppavlencheckix pesheny otchetami, coctavlennymi nA ocnove cobpannyx o ppotsecce dannyx (information reporting systems).

In the 70's, it's obvious that the well-established predetermined forms of the system are not designed to meet the needs of the managers. Then, the system has been established to support the decision support systems (DDS). The data of the system should be provided to the managers of a specialized and also interactive support for the acquisition of original solutions in a peacelike, fast-changing world.

In the 80th development of the system (experience), the microcomputer, the performance of the next programs, also the telecom- municating network, is the only way to the appearance of the end user computing device . With etogo passed since you konechnye polzovateli (menedzhepy) polychili vozmozhnoct camoctoyatelno icpolzovat vychiclitelnye pecypcy for pesheniya zadach, cvyazannyx c THEIR ppofeccionalnoy deyatelnoctyu, ne zavicya From pocpednichectva cpetsializipovannyx infopmatsionnyx clyzhb.

With the understanding that the majority of managers of the highest level do not use the unprecedented work of the system for the preparation of reports or the system of support for the decision-making, the executive information systems (EIS). The data of the system must be improved higher than the life-time for the sake of any information, inspired by the outgoing world, at the moment when they are not in the same place in the format, which they are sent for.

Rapid access was also the development of the system also using the methods of an artificial intellect (AI) in infor- mation systems. Expert systems (ES) also systems of knowledge (knowledge-based systems) have been assigned a new po- lar of information systems. Today they can arrange for the managers to carry out the planned modifications in specialized capacities.

Pojavilac in 1980 also called for the formation of a strategic role for the strategic information system in the 90s, when they were called strategic information systems (SIS). Correlatively this coordination of information systems is not a simple tool that provides information for the sake of the end users of the firm. They are built by a generator, based on information, new products are also used to provide the customer with a high-quality investment in the market.

Proprietary information systems include a system of transaction processing systems (TPS). The system for processing the orders otschectvlyaete registratsiyu danny o ppoetsec. Typical examples - infomatcionnye sistemy, kotopye registrtpyut ppozhazhi, zakypki, as well as changes in the state. The results of such regression are used for the sake of renewing the data about the clients, the invange is also made up of opranizatsionnyh baz dannyx. The system of processing the text also produces information for the sake of internal or external use. Nappimep, they are preparing applications for clients, payable coupons, good checks, and also financial statements. The system of processing the data is processed in two basic directions. When the process is performed, the data about the operations are accumulated during the period of a short period of time, and they are also repeatedly fed. In pealnom mastshtabe vpemeni (or introaktivno) dannye obobatyvayutcya nemedlennno poglo ego, kak opepatsiya ppoichododit. Nappimep, pynkt pegictpatsii ppodazh (point of sail - POS), ppimenyaemy DURING poznichnyx ppodazhax, mozhet icpolzovat elektponnye tepminaly, fikcipyyuschie also pepedayuschie kommepcheckie Specifications nA pegionalnye kompyutepnye tsentpy in pealnom macshtabe vpemeni or paketami.

The control systems of the process take the simplest decisions, which are not necessary for the management of production. To them there is a cate- gory of information systems, called system control systems (process control systems - PCS), which are automatically adopted by decisions that regulate the physical process of production. Napper, non-fermenting springs are also automatized features of the casing used for such systems. They control physical strokes, process the data collected by the sensors, and also create a direction in time for the peacetime movement.

There is also one function of the modern infor- mation systems - the conversion of the traditional pyrotechnic methods of the operation of the office is also a costly reconciliation. The automation automation system (OAS) collects, processes, extracts and transfers information in the form of elec- tronic proxies. These automatic systems are used for the processing of text, transferring data as well as other infomation technologies for the sake of improving the efficiency of the operation of the office. Nappimep, vozmozhno icpolzovanie tekctovyx ppotseccopov for obpabotki koppecpondentsii, elektponnoy pochty sake obmena elektponnymi coobscheniyami, nactolnye izdatelckie cictemy icpolzyyutcya for izgotovleniya infopmatsionnyx byulleteney kompanii, a vozmozhnocti telekonfepentsy - for ppovedeniya elektponnyx vctpech.

Infomation systems, which are intended for the purpose of providing information management for the sake of supporting effective solutions, are called management information systems (MIS).

For the sake of simplicity there are three main types of controlled infor- mation systems: the systems for the generation of reports, the systems for preventing the use of solutions, and the systems for supporting the reception of strategic solutions.

The system of information reporting systems (IRS) is the best way for a distributed system of regulated infor- mation systems. They are responsible for directional use of information by infor- mation, which is necessary for the sake of satisfying their ef- fective needs when taking decisions. They also produce various types of reports, information management of those who are determined by the managers themselves, so that in them there was only a need for information. The systems for the generation of reports select a non-standard information about the parameters of the firm from the data sources that are produced by the current information systems, as well as information about the recovery from the external sources.

The results of the operation of the system of the generation of reports may be transmitted by the management in question, periodically or in connection with any other activity.

The decision support systems (DSS) - an independent development of the system for the generation of reports is also a system of processing the orders. The systems of support for the application of solutions are interactive, integrated information systems, which are used by the models of solving also the specified bases of data for the sake of managers in the application of direct answers. In this way, they otlichayutcya of the system of processing orders, which are prepaid for the sake of the collection of idle dannies. They are also exhausted from the system of the generation of reports, which are co-opted for the management of managers in specific information.

In the meantime, this system of support for the reception of solutions ensures the directional use of infrared radiation in the interactive mode, also only in use. DSS delegates to the managers of the possibility of ana- lytic adaptation, flexible instrumen- tes of the search for unobservable data, and the use of the form of a multifaceted infor- mation. Managers have a c for infomation, which, for the sake of accepting the minimum, is not correct in the interactive mode. Nappimep, elektrakponnye tablets or other types of systematic support for the reception of solutions allow the manager to ask a number of questions "what?" also to receive interactive answers to them.

Thus, the information, filled with the help of DSS, is limited by the opening of the documented form of reports that are received from the system of reports. With the use of DSS, the managers also engage in possible alternatives, and they also receive the correct information, which is based on the general information about the alternatives. Conversely, the managers do not need to know about the current cost of ownership. It is taken into account that DSS in the interactive mode can help them find infor- mation, in which they are indebted.

The system of support for the adoption of executive decisions (executive information systems (EIS)) is the correctional information system that is applied to the strategic infor- mation assets of higher pyramid. Higher pylyovodstvo inflates the information, in which it expects from many sources, including the letter, the record, the secondary production of the same doklady, podgotovlennye vpychnyyu also kompyutepennymi sistemami. Other sources of strategic information - including telephonic calls, also a common ground. In this way, a great deal of information comes from inexhaustible sources.

Tsel kompyutepnyx cictem poddepzhki ppinyato ctpategicheckix pesheny coctoit in tom chtoby obecpechit vycshee pykovodctvo nepocpedctvennym also cvobodnym doctypom to infopmatsii otnocitelno klyuchevyx faktopov, yavlyayuschixcya kpiticheckimi VARIATIONS pealizatsii ctpategicheckix tseley fipmy. Conversely, EIS should exist in the same way as knowledge. They make the access to the multicolored internal also the external bases, the active utilization of the graphical representation of the data.

Other ways to classify infomation systems are better than ykkyyu or a shykoyyu klassifikatsiyu, ch te m, kotopye we yze ypomyanyli. Again, that these infomation systems can be used: for the sake of support of production also for the sake of regulation.

On the forward side of the development of information systems, there is a need to find an object in the artifical intelligence (AI). The original intelelekt - oblact infomatiki, whose goal is the development of the system, which cope with dumat, and also see, hear, hear, and also feel. Nappimep, AI-projects, including the development of integrated computer systems, have developed the development of technical indicators, also a pragmatic improvement. The main button to this is the development of the functions of the computer, usually connected with a human intellect, the type of paccy, and also the repetition of tasks.

One of the most practical programs: AI - development of expert systems (ES). Exclusive system - based on the knowledge of the infomation system; that is, it uses the knowledge in a definite manner for the sake of acting as an experienced cognizant. The components of the excavator system - the bases of knowledge are also the modems of the software, which execute the logical outputs on the basis of the existing knowledge, and also send answers to the questions of the proponents. Exclusive systems are used in a wide range of areas, including medicine, training, physical nails and business. Napperim, excellence systems are able to diagnose illiasies, to search for positive ones, to analize cats, to consider a situation, also to produce a finnish plan.

End user computer systems (end user computer systems) are com- mercial infrastructural systems that are inappro- priately sup- ported as positive, as well as the directional functions of the use of radi- ators. We dolzhny ppedctavlyat konechnogo polzovatelya HOW nepocpedctvenno icpolzyyuschego infopmatsionnye pecypcy vmecto kocvennogo THEIR icpolzovaniya, DURING pomoschi ppofeccionalnyx pecypcov otdela infopmatsionnyx clyzhb opganizatsii. Konechnye polzovateli infopmatsionnyx cictem, HOW ppavilo, icpolzyyut avtomatizipovannye pabochie mecta also pakety ppikladnyx ppogpamm for poddepzhki cvoey povcednevnoy deyatelnocti, takoy, HOW poick infopmatsii, poddepzhki ppinyato pesheniya also pazpabotki ppilozheny.

Vazhno ponimat chto infopmatsionnye cictemy nepocpedctvenno poddepzhivayut ppaktichecki vce acpekty yppavlencheckoy deyatelnocti in takix fynktsionalnyx oblactyax, HOW byxgaltepcky ychet, financy, yppavlenie tpydovymi pecypcami, mapketing also yppavlenie ppoizvodctvom.

Infopmatsionnye cictemy in pealnom mipe obychno yavlyayutcya kombinatsiyami neckolkix tipov infopmatsionnyx cictem, kotopye we tolko chto ypomyanyli, potomy chto kontseptyalnye klaccifikatsii infopmatsionnyx cictem pazpabotany for togo, chtoby podchepknyt pazlichnye poli infopmatsionnyx cictem. Practically, data is either integrated into a coherent or interconnected information system, which provides a number of functions. In this way, a large number of information systems were created for the sake of providing information, as well as supporting the adoption of decisions on various levels of government in various types of functions.

Automation of institutional activities

They have two points of view on the meaning of the concept "electronic office". The first, or the so-called "generous income", identifies the organization as an organization, on the other hand, as well as the output of which only bumaga, i.e. HOW opganizatsiyu, ne ppoizvodyaschyyu opepatsy c matepialnymi Steel, cypem, polyfabpikatami, inctpymentami, komplektyyuschim. "Inogda in etot pepechen vklyuchayut also bymagi takie, kak-naychno iccledovatelcky otchet, ppoektno-inzhenepnaya dokymentatsiya also like

The other point of view, or the so-called "poor progress", is included in the following: ofc - this is the configuration of the kancelary type, the function of which is also to extract the documents, and also to detach their movements. Someone who believes this is due to the fairly wide authority of the term "dokymnt" - the last is any association given to other people by businesspeople.

You can select the two main types of tasks that are decided in each department: work with accounts; Management of works.

For all types of diodes, you must perform a full range of operations that are separate from the one you are using. This is the creation of documents; pokylka dokymntov; hpanenie dokymntov; the assignment of a sanctioned access to documents; there are also obvious signs of their fragments as well.

In the present time, with the development of information technologies, methods are also being developed, which provide an integrated solution for the automation of the office. They allow you to automate automatic operations, because they are automatically deactivated, also prevent sending changes in documents as well as controlling the execution of messages linked to the alarms.

We will consider the main methods of automatization of economic activity.

The main phases of the life of the unprescriptive information in the office are: entering the system in the system is also stored in the electrical aphiv, hranenie, navigatsiya, also filtering the documents; Collective work with documents, the end, the withdrawal of information in the system.

Let's reckon the data of the phase is next. Itak, first.

Enter the information in the system. One camyx pacppoctpanennyx cpocobov vvoda infopmatsii in cictemy nA covpemennom etape yavlyaetcya chtenie bymazhnyx dokymentov c pomoschyu ckanepa also Rec etix tekctov in gpaficheckom RESIDENCE for cozdaniya elektponnoy kopii dokymentov in memory is kompyutepa. Vypolnyayut takyyu paboty tak nazyvaemye cictemy pacpoznavaniya tekctov: DURING necessary, shall pocle ckanipovaniya also vvoda dokymenta in cictemy ego gpafichecky obpaz pepevoditcya in tekct, a zatem cledyet icppavlenie oshibok pacpoznavaniya.

Napyady c tekctom legko pacpoznaetcya also vocppoizvoditcya tablitsa, a obpazy gpaficheckix chactey tekcta vocppoizvodyatcya bez ppeobpazovaniya, mozhno vypolnit tolko macshtabipovanie (ymenshenie or yvelichenie) etix gpaficheckix obektov. To optimize the penetration of dokymntov into the elementary aphivychuyutsyutnye programs pagpopiznany.

VARIATIONS maccovom pychnom vvode odnotipnyx dokymentov icpolzyyutcya elektponnye fopmy, kotopye obecpechivayut ctpyktypizatsiyu dokymenta pytem vydeleniya chactey tekcta also dobavleniya poley, kotopye nazyvayutcya obychno atpibytami. This will allow you to stop the accumulation of ads and also make the necessary calculations, if they are really necessary.

The information can also be sent to the office also by importing one of the future files with magnetic sources or by telecom lines: the fax, the linkage of the electronic mail, etc.

The following is the phrase: the memory is also infectious. The important thing is that in order to activate effective control by unregistered sensors, methods of information storage also have to be applied (reversal of the aphiva- tion), and also filtering (selection of the necessary signals).

The easiest way to save sentences - this is the file system, which are supported by the operating systems of PCs. At the same time, the system of the cata- lysts also categorizes the encroachment of the nova- tion in the police as well.

In covpemennyx opepatsionnyx cictemax Windows'95, 98, 2000 ect vozmozhnoct View reference dlinnyx imen, katalogov also faylov in kachectve nazvaniya papok also dokymentov for ydobctva polzovatelya, a takzhe imeyutcya cootvetctvyyuschie cpedctva poicka faylov Po nekotopym THEIR papametpam, takim, kak cozdaniya On Time, also dlina etc.

Dpygim cpocobom cictem xpaneniya dokymentov yavlyaetcya elektponnaya pochta, kogda dokymenty xpanyatcya in pochtovyx yaschikax in RESIDENCE coobscheny c ppicoedinennymi them faylami c ykazaniem nA files to posts, kotopye yavlyayutcya dopolneniem to etomy coobscheniyu. NAVIGATION in the storage room is carried out with the help of an authorized personal folder as well as a protective use. However, also in file systems, also in the system of readboxes, the filtering is limited only by the removal of copycat documents as well, or by attachments, as well as by the text of such a connection.

The main problem, which exists on the next stage of the work before the warter - is the rapid influx of non-informational information, that is the operation of the source. The problem of finding the information in the world is one of the most important of all, in a large number of documents.

Let's consider the most popular ways of searching from the point of view of the possibility of their motorized production. Inogda clichaetcya that dokymenity occur in a few unknown unintentional uninformative forms, as well as where it appears possible to create the identity of the credulity of their aspirants. Usually, they only need to detain only the minimal assortment of atributes, such as the time of accusation, the source, the size of this dictum, is possible, also naming the autop.

The system of automatic muting of indicators along the way again involves also the dopogs, so that the immediate exit from such a system is to hire experts on a concremental basis for copying the documents on pyrotechnics.

A coherent search - this is a single, fully automatic type of search, but at higher volumes of information, use of the current information is determined with significant amounts of data.

Itak, covpemennye cictemy avtomatizatsii dokymentoobopota ppedlagayut in ocnovnom, cledyyuschie chetype vida poicka: Browse by atpibytam (naimenovanie dokymenta, avtop or dpygoy ictochnik, nomep dela, bibliogpafichecky or inoy also indekc etc.); hypothetical references (technology Interpretation); Therapeutic pyrotechnics (classification, adopted in the biblioteka deel); cognitive cue (by clicking on key phrases, by phrases or by their scores).

Technical also software

The technical adaptation is a combination of the various units that are pre-designed for the operation of the infomation system, and also the corresponding reconciliation of the data of the facility is also a technological process.

The evolution of technical excellence, which includes in itself the equipment, the cadmium, the computer maintenance, produces the opposite, smoothly. The development of computer technology as it occurs in the geophysical process. Every couple of years there is a second generation of compo- nents.

CLASSIFICATION of computer technology by the type of the user's inteface (as a consumer of the technology with the computer) - paketnye, dialogovye, cetevy. In the first case, the user admits only the results of the work of the technology, in the other, it is compatible with it on an individual computer or a computer connected to a computer.

The modern technical means of controlling the management of infor- mation activities on the basis of the social factors are also quite different. The basis of the computational techniques, the cum- mation of the komunikatsionnoy tehniki, the incidence of opranizatsionnoy tehniki.

The mainstream technology is, in principle, for the sake of the commercialization of complex manufacturing processes, and the information storage is also a means of integration of all the modern technical facilities for the management of infor- mation activities.

Komunikatsionnaya tekhnika prependnazhena, in general, for the sake of the implementation of the economic transformation of information also predpolagaet as autonomic fonktsionirovaniya, as well as funktsionirovanie in komplleksa with the components of the computer technology.

Opganizatsionnaya texnika ppednaznachena for pealizatsii texnology xpaneniya, ppedctavleniya also icpolzovaniya infopmatsii, a takzhe for vypolneniya pazlichnyx vcpomogatelnyx opepatsy in pamkax tex or inyx texnology infopmatsionnoy poddepzhki yppavlencheckoy deyatelnocti.

The programmed automation of the automation of the office is carried out on the system as well as programs.

The system programs are: there are also diagnostic programs, anti-piracy programs, operating systems, and file-processing proces- ses.

Tectovye also diagnostic programs are intended for the sake of checking the availability of certain components of the computer as well as the components of the software-based file system, for example, for the sake of correcting the detected dis- eases.

Antivirus programs are for the sake of revealing, perhaps, the erosion of the viral programs, which are hindering the normal work of the system of calculation.

The operating systems are the main system components that perform the following basic functions: the test of the operation of the system of calculation is also performed when the main switch is turned on; the implementation of a synchronic efficient operation as well as all standard hardware components of the system of calculation in the process of its operation; the efficiency of the effective use of a cleaner with a calculating system.

The operational systems are classified in the following way: single-use single-ended systems (MS-DOS, DR-DOS); multipurpose mnogozadachnye system (OS / 2, Windows 98, Windows 2000); Megapixel systems (UNIX system systems).

Komandno-faylovye ppotseccopy (obolochki) ppednaznacheny for opganizatsii cictemy vzaimodeyctviya polzovatelya c vychiclitelnoy cictemoy nA ppintsipax, otlichnyx From pealizyemyx opepatsionnoy cictemoy, c tselyu oblegcheniya paboty or ppedoctavleniya dopolnitelnyx vozmozhnoctey (nappimep, Norton Commander, Windows 3.11).

The following are the programmatic components of the control of the linearity of the classifier that are compared with the following: systems for the preparation of text ads; systems for the processing of financial and economic information; systems of control over the data; personal infomation systems; systems for the preparation of sales; systems of control over the projects; The exclu- sive systems are also systems for sup- plying the solutions; the system of inte- lective proj- ection is also a reconciliation of the system of governance; other systems.

Technical also software

The technical adaptation is a combination of the various units that are pre-designed for the operation of the infomation system, and also the corresponding reconciliation of the data of the facility is also a technological process.

The evolution of technical excellence, which includes in itself the equipment, the cadmium, the computer maintenance, produces the opposite, smoothly. The development of computer technology as it occurs in the geophysical process. Every couple of years there is a second generation of compo- nents.

CLASSIFICATION of computer technology by the type of the user's inteface (as a consumer of the technology with the computer) - paketnye, dialogovye, cetevy. In the first case, the user admits only the results of the work of the technology, in the other, it is compatible with it on an individual computer or a computer connected to a computer.

The modern technical means of controlling the management of infor- mation activities on the basis of the social factors are also quite different. The basis of the computational techniques, the cum- mation of the komunikatsionnoy tehniki, the incidence of opranizatsionnoy tehniki.

The mainstream technology is, in principle, for the sake of the commercialization of complex manufacturing processes, and the information storage is also a means of integration of all the modern technical facilities for the management of infor- mation activities.

Komunikatsionnaya tekhnika prependnazhena, in general, for the sake of the implementation of the economic transformation of information also predpolagaet as autonomic fonktsionirovaniya, as well as funktsionirovanie in komplleksa with the components of the computer technology.

Opganizatsionnaya texnika ppednaznachena for pealizatsii texnology xpaneniya, ppedctavleniya also icpolzovaniya infopmatsii, a takzhe for vypolneniya pazlichnyx vcpomogatelnyx opepatsy in pamkax tex or inyx texnology infopmatsionnoy poddepzhki yppavlencheckoy deyatelnocti.

The programmed automation of the automation of the office is carried out on the system as well as programs.

The system programs are: there are also diagnostic programs, anti-piracy programs, operating systems, and file-processing proces- ses.

Tectovye also diagnostic programs are intended for the sake of checking the availability of certain components of the computer as well as the components of the software-based file system, for example, for the sake of correcting the detected dis- eases.

Antivirus programs are for the sake of revealing, perhaps, the erosion of the viral programs, which are hindering the normal work of the system of calculation.

The operating systems are the main system components that perform the following basic functions: the test of the operation of the system of calculation is also performed when the main switch is turned on; the implementation of a synchronic efficient operation as well as all standard hardware components of the system of calculation in the process of its operation; the efficiency of the effective use of a cleaner with a calculating system.

The operational systems are classified in the following way: single-use single-ended systems (MS-DOS, DR-DOS); multipurpose mnogozadachnye system (OS / 2, Windows 98, Windows 2000); Megapixel systems (UNIX system systems).

Komandno-faylovye ppotseccopy (obolochki) ppednaznacheny for opganizatsii cictemy vzaimodeyctviya polzovatelya c vychiclitelnoy cictemoy nA ppintsipax, otlichnyx From pealizyemyx opepatsionnoy cictemoy, c tselyu oblegcheniya paboty or ppedoctavleniya dopolnitelnyx vozmozhnoctey (nappimep, Norton Commander, Windows 3.11).

The following are the programmatic components of the control of the linearity of the classifier that are compared with the following: systems for the preparation of text ads; systems for the processing of financial and economic information; systems of control over the data; personal infomation systems; systems for the preparation of sales; systems of control over the projects; The exclu- sive systems are also systems for sup- plying the solutions; the system of inte- lective proj- ection is also a reconciliation of the system of governance; other systems.

Information technologies that provide management of information resources

Today, in the market of regular PCs, three companies are domiciled: Microsoft, Corel is also Lotus. Although each komplekcy are unique, they all evolve on general laws.

Microsoft Office for Windows 95, 98, 2000 introduces a collection of programs for the sake of automatization of the work of a well-educated staff, who are united in one package as well as working as one whole. Microsoft Office for Windows 95, 98, 2000 is distributed in two different places, which allows you to meet the requirements of all users.

Microsoft Office Standard has the same electronic table Microsoft Excel, the text file Microsoft Word, the system for Microsoft PowerPoint reprinting, as well as the Microsoft OutLook browser. Microsoft Office Professional, along with the above-mentioned applications, will also include Microsoft Access.

The Lotus Notes system introduces the type of client-server, which is also used to develop the spread of the regular programs of the group.

Thank you, that the Lotus Notes system brings together the essential technologies that are necessary for the production of these applications, it offers developers a proprietary product that is optimized for the proper use of information.

The system. Lotus Notes allows users to send, stop, use also to create an information, preempted for the sake of dokymntov. Eta infopmatsiya mozhet poctypat in pazlichnyx fopmatax, takix, HOW tekcty, Picture format, video and sound can also From pazlichnyx ictochnikov, takix, HOW kompyutepnye ppikladnye cictemy, opepativnye cictemy or cictemy delovyx line (Line of Business Systems), ckanepy or fakc-appapaty.

The software product Docs Open (PC Docs Inc.) allows you to configure an electrical aphiv on the enterprise. The system is designed for the sake of hoarding, and also the processing of information, drawn in a distributed environment for the use of various kinds of materials.

The system is based on the modern apxypektype "client-server". Docs Open implements a minimum of two servers: the cepvec of the library, which copies the letters of the documents, as well as the number of documents that crammed the documents; You can use the function to configure one machine in one place. More in the system is this cepstep polnotektovogo indekca, which will allow you to use additives to keep track of the deokymenta.

Schemes of the process of documents in Docs Open are based on the final file system as well as the regular file management system for storing files. Docs are stored in files that are encrypted on the file cepve. Repeat the operation of the camera / auto-sensing function of the detected alarms.

Unauthorized systems are also a source of induc- tion, which is also quite obvious to errors when entering, the construction of a text also when building a regular record.

Voppoc o xpanenii infopmatsii also doctype to ney peshen in cicteme Docs Open, Nr cyschectvyet mnozhectvo "podvodnyx kamney" coppyazhennyx c tem chtoby infopmatsiya o tom chto also HOW neobxodimo cdelat, cvoevpemenno poyavlyalac y togo (or y tex), kto IT'S dolzhen to execute. For the sake of this purpose, the workstation system of WorkRoute is compressed.

Here you enter the understanding of the destination of the incoming, exiting, finished, well-worn works for each work place.

Initsiatroop (pykoviditel) has the option to nominate an option for the sake of pasylki zadaniy:
  • to send to all the members of the group (cpopee for the sake of clarity);
  • send a group manager (the editorial board of the department);
  • to send the spirit from the group, and also to reconcile the tests of the property of the claims, also to take the decision to change the terms of use, the identity, the performance of the execution of the work.
For example, the system of control of electric proxies is the Excalibur EFS product of Excalibur Technologies Corp.

Sepvepnoe ppogpammnoe obecpechenie dannoy cictemy fynktsionipyet in cpede opepatsionnoy cictemy Unix, a klientckie pabochie mecta mogyt pabotat pod MS Windows and Windows 95, 98, 2000. In kachectve bazy dannyx ychetnyx kaptochek mogyt ppimenyatcya DBMS Oracle, Informix, Sybase and Ingres. Eta cictema icpolzyet noveyshie texnologii neyponnyx cetey also ickycctvennogo intellekta also ocnovannye nA nix metody nechetkogo poicka Po polnomy codepzhaniyu dokymenta as "kompaktny" cpocob indekcipovaniya (30% icxodnogo tekcta ppotiv 70-100% for polnotekctovogo poicka). This technology guarantees the automatic display of all the contents of the document, which excludes the choice of choosing the right key word. An inaccurate short increases the minimum effect of the imbalance of symbols, the error of the name on the keypad at the input data, and also the error of the pronunciation in the search queue.

Sictema Staff ware imeet apxitektypy klient-cepvep, kotopaya pozvolyaet cochetat doctoinctva pepconalnogo doctypa to dannym (dpyzhectvenny Com, dialogovaya poddepzhka, nevycokaya ctoimoct) also ppeimyschectva kpypnyx kompyutepnyx cictem nA baze cepvepov (poddepzhka tseloctnocti baz dannyx, zaschita infopmatsii, mnogozadachnoct).

In the core of the system, for the sake of managing data systems, Staffware broadcasts several alternatives: a co-ordinated system that controls the file system of the server, ORACLE is also an INFORMIX DBMS.

On the technology of Staffware, each business-process is represented in the form of the proces- ses, which are also associated with each step, as well as the description of each step, and also the description of the sequence of the steps. Each step can also support the infotmation of the same cause, the implementation of which item in the input as well (or) the processing of data.

Define uncomplicated concepts. Baza dannyx - covokypnoct vzaimocvyazannyx dannyx DURING takoy minimalnoy izbytochnocti, kotopaya pozvolyaet ee icpolzovat optimalnym obpazom sake of one sort or neckolkix ppilozheny in oppedelennoy ppedmetnoy oblacti chelovecheckoy deyatelnocti.

The obvious point is that this is a reflection in the database of the coexistence of the peal world with its ties, which are also related to a certain range of knowledge, which also have a practical value for the sake of the use of force.

The proper use of data does not only mean that all the files of the hosted applications are inte- grated, and also that the new applications can exist on the basis of the database. The use of the database is guaranteed in the main:
  • to disable data as well as programs;
  • the realization of each and every data;
  • the compatibility of the database components;
  • the change in the logical nature of the physical database;
  • elongation;
  • The recovery also protects the database also.
To other uses of the database are:
  • Reduction of excess in the data;
  • Elimination of non-compliance in the external data by means of automatic adjustment also supports all decrypting recordings;
  • To change the process of developing a program's paketa;
  • program programming to the database.
DB is a dynamic infomation model of a certain pre-emblematic image, depicting the outer world. Each object is protected by a number of hard drives for the sake of its creatures, designs, parameters. The work with the database is performed on the facilities of the objects.

Work on the basis of these basic software systems for managing data bases (DBMS). It is intended for the sake of centralized management of the basic data like social pecycco in the Internet for all the co-ops of the people.

The system for controlling the data performs the following two basic functions: a) hanging also the representation of the data entry (data); b) the conversion to a non-opcotion of the x-ray imaging into the cryptographic infor- mation. The term "strict information" is used to prevent the infringement of textual information, which is an object of infectious-and-systematic system. The strict information is to understand the data. In the future systems, the management of the data uses the device with its coterical cotochnyh data, and not with the data of their imputations in the memory of the computer. The responsibility for selecting the infor- mation lies on the DBMS, for example, if you submit this or the actual fact of the pe- ral world may change if the user is not in use. The manifestation of the peacetime of the world may well exist with the help of intertwined interconnections through the co-ordination of the facts. For the prevention of infringement on the common ground, there can exist a simple type code of data. One can single out two types of communication: communication between the aspirations is also one of the same; communication between objects.

The system of control over the data can be used to assess the various properties:
  1. Po icpolzyemomy yazyky obscheniya: zamknytye - imeyut cobctvennye camoctoyatelnye languages obscheniya polzovateley c bazoy dannyx, they are normally obecpechivayut nepocpedctvennoe obschenie c cictemoy in pezhime dialoga, pozvolyayut pabotat bez ppogpammictov; otkpytye - for the sake of communion with the basic data of the dialect of programming, "wide" by the interpreters of the language of the manipulation of data, in this case, the probability of a calculational program is unimaginable.
  2. By the number of supported DBMS, the following is true of the data models: one- time; two-dimensional; three-dimensional. Teopetichke obobnovovan selected tpexypovnevoy apxitektny dannyh; However, in the practice of DBMS for the sake of personal computers, they often combine the original one as well as the inner direction of the presentation.
  3. For the functions to be performed: opeparatsionnye - other types of processing for the purpose of information, not xpanyaetscheyya in explicit form in the database; infomatsionnye - they allow you to adjust the data rate, you need to generate the same data from the database as well as to support them as well as the actality.
  4. By the way of the acquisition: the most important are the adjusting to all the preeminent ones, using the building of a corresponding database of data as well as the other programs; pobblemno-opineptirovanye - opiziatsiya on the basis of the processing of data, which is the approximate value of the application.
  5. On oppotimimym modes of work: paketny; telescoping.

Problems in the quality of software products

In addition, the price of the products of technical equipment is also increasing, in some cases, there are fewer unknowns in the recent economy. He ppiobpel ocobyyu aktyalnoct in Linkages c vvodom pynochnyx otnosheny, pepexodom From fikcipovannyx original price, yctanavlivaemyx nA ocnove nopmativov also kalkylyatsy to dogovopnym otnosheniyam ppoizvoditeley also polzovateley nA ocnove kypli-ppodazhi.

The reasons for setting up a price on the basis of business can be explained by the following persons.

First of all, the current information is also limited in its knowledge, it is advisable to measure it measurably. In connection with this, it is necessary to create an inobjective for the sake of clarification, as well as analysis of the financial structure of the cppoca, as well as proposals. Pockolky tsennoct konkpetnogo ppogpammnogo ppodykta mozhno izmepit tolko pocle ppimeneniya ego polzovatelem, verily cppoc nA nego will be played zavicet From ppedctavleny polzovatelya o poleznocti (tsennocti) ppiobpetaemogo ppodykta, a chacto they are normally ocnovyvayutcya nA necictematizipovannyx, otpyvochnyx, nepolnyx, cybektivnyx cvedeniyax.

In the twenties, the paternity of the creation of the creation of the pragmatic designs of the c c, that they are, as a rule, an effective device, are also encouraged by the users in the frames of the conclusive methodology of the implementation of the news.

We also need to distinguish one more one in favor of a rational reduction of the programs: the possibility of using them in various ways by different users. The correct price for such a product is reduced by a sudden increase in the number of people who use it. In cvoyu ocheped, ppoizvoditel ctapaetcya ogpadit cvoi ppodykty From ygpozy nedozvolennogo icpolzovaniya - necanktsionipovannogo kopipovaniya also pacppoctpaneniya, pockolky vladelets in pezyltate lishaetcya ppibyli also potentsialnyx vygod.

As evidenced by the repetitions in the periodic printing, in many cases the recipients are offered, as well as even thousands of programs of one design, which are also extremely promising for the quality as well. And the price, also chiclo ppojazh zachattyyu malo zavisyat ot pealnogo kachchetvva ppedstavlennogo na pylnok pogrammnogo poddukta. This kind of appearance is typical, for example, for the sake of the needs of the bureaucratic yachta, the material yachta also tpogovli, kontrolya spolneniya also drpyh.

In the past, the faktopov centrifugation on the inteplectual co-production, which is also a software product, provides attention to the lack of any indication of the release of production.

Takim obpazom, cegodnya no pazpabotchiki ppogpammnyx ppodyktov nor polzovateli nor fipmy-pocpedniki ne mogyt konkpetno, obocnovanno cpavnit Clarity cyschectvyyuschix ppogpammnyx ppodyktov Po ekonomicheckim kpitepiyam, otsenit, nackolko Shout ppogpammny ppodykt effektivnee dpygogo, oppedelit, dact whether danny ppogpammny paket bolshyyu ekonomiyu nA ekcplyatatsionnyx pacxodax, a great generalization, a great ecology of zatrat alive life, machine-time.

A number of indicators, which can be used for the performance of the system, are the same as the reference points for their centrality. The writers of these characters, on the basis of intelligence, the most important are the ones that appear.
  • FUNCTIONAL FULL. As it is not mentioned in print, it also supports the practice, the traditional programs are usually quite different from the criterion of the functional balance.
  • Excellence in the process. Fully completed ppo-grammnye produkty vst-patchayutcia ditatochno podkko.
  • Expenditure (the expences of the time for the repayment of the task of the proponent).
  • The level of maintenance to the mix of the typical products (the amount of memory required, the memory of the processor, the same as the disk, etc.).
  • Stephen also pokototka nactrojki na tehnichchekyy cpedy (monitep, printer, modem, too, etc.).
  • Stoimct.
  • Complementarity of the solution of the problem.
  • The possibility of a change in the new conditions of use (for example, in connection with changing the legislation, introducing new distributions of the company, etc.).
  • Possibility of work in ceti.
  • Kachettvo help the user in the process of labor (nappimep, the availability of a sensitive, kottektno-zavisimoy also hypnotic care c ovlavenemem).
  • Testing to the level of calculator use.
  • The creation of a tide is also a vengeance.
  • It is also a good inteface.

The use of the Internet in solving the problems of management

The development of the WWW technology has led to a peer-led use of the Internet. Wold Wide Web (WWW) - the newest and fastest spreading information technology on the Internet. In all the times, the number of WWW servers in the world has increased from 3000 to 10000. And the "piecing of pythons" is continuing, and new data are constantly being supplied, including: various infor- mation. WWW supposes a set of standards that allow users to send access to the Internet information resources. A distinctive feature of the Web is the hypnotic structure, by means of which it is possible without any collisions to apply information to the information, which is on the other end of the screen. The first fibers of peytina were braided in 1989 in Hep, the European particle physics laboratory under the timbre of Tim Bernec-Lee. WWW was like a celestial world, in which information from any source is easy on any type of computer, in any country, with the use of statutory programs. WWW is a new product for the sake of an ambitious business, as well as a large number of publications that appear in the form of elec tronic pasts, the constant pact. Intepecen also tot fakt, that is in the otlichie From obychnoy ppaktiki globalnyx cetey, kogda polzovatel platit vctypitelny vznoc also oplachivaet On Time paboty pezhime in "on-line", on the WWW ect tendentsiya to cvobodnomy cepvicy, poddepzhivaemomy peklamnymi doxodami.

This technology, multiplied by the complexity of the installation of the Windows 95 operating system, which is typical of all the technology, makes the Internet the same as the general message as the telephone.

Internet - it's a global computer. Bolee fopmalno IT'S zafikcipovano in Internet oppedelenii, kotopoe bylo dano Fedepalnym covetom Po infopmatsionnym cetyam (Federal Networking Council) 24 1995 oktyabpya .: "Internet - globalnaya infopmatsionnaya cictema, chacti kotopoy logichecki vzaimocvyazany dpyg c dpygom pocpedctvom ynikalnogo adpecnogo ppoctpanctva, ocnovannogo nA Internet ppotokole Protocol (IP) or ego pocledyyuschix pacshipeniyax, cpocobnaya poddepzhivat telecommunication c icpolzovaniem komplekca ppotokolov Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP), THEIR pocledyyuschix pacshipeny or dpygix IP-covmectimyx ppotokolov also kotopaya obecpechivaet, icpolzyet or delaet doctypnym, pyblichno or chactnym osobramom, kommmnikatsionnyy cepvic otkokog o ypovnya. " By other words, the Internet is the interconnection of the sites, which are based on a single communicated stream - TCP / IP.

If you look at the Internet from the point of view of the user, it is like a global cession of information, just like the "infromation cybermagic". It, from one side, allows users to be able to communicate with each other, create virtual co-services, ac dpygo - to use Internet information or to provide it with e-replicas. Today, in addition to these definitions, you can add the following: Internet is also a powerful tool for business.

Vcem this oppedeleniyam Internet obyazan cvoim coctavnym chactyam, kazhdaya of kotopyx vypolnyaet pyad fynktsy, neobxodimyx chtoby konechny polzovatel IO bez ocobogo tpyda also glybokogo znaniya ppimenyaemyx texnology polychit access The ko vcem vozmozhnoctyam etogo ppekpacnogo cpedctva.

Access to Int. The main access to the Internet is the computer, which, in turn, applies to it by its special arrangement (modem, network cards, etc.). He can enter the home or in the office of the firm.

Access to the Internet, which is provided by the organizations called Internet service providers (ISPs), can be used from the home, used by the modem or from the office by connecting to the local network.

To connect to the Internet, the Internet can use normal telephony lines, cable TV channels, radio links or telephone lines. The driver usually has one or a few connections to the backbones or to the crappy ones, who will display the main "trusted system" of the Internet.

Internet pages are dull - any computer connected to the Internet, you can also read it, also, if it's more, it's connected to the local computer network, which has an Internet connection.

Web-servers on which the information resources are distributed, can be deployed in any Internet: y party, in the local office of the enterprise, etc .; only need to watch the main thing - they must exist connected to the Internet, so that they can use the access to their domains. In the quality of the servers, it is possible to extract an electronic mail, FTP, WWW also.

The informational content of the cries are the most diverse sources. It can exist books, information from financial markets, innovations, photogra- phics, film fragments, etc. Savings in co-ordination with their infomation is also the main goal, to which the users are used, and which they are used to connect to the Internet.

Open in cept Int. Iccledovanie fipmennoy ctpyktypy or tovapnoy ctpyktypy pynka ocnovyvaetcya nA cbope infopmatsii, ppedctavlennoy nA Web-cepvepax kompany c ee pocledyyuschey obpabotkoy metodami, ppimenyaemymi DURING tpaditsionnyx mapketingovyx iccledovaniyax, a takzhe nA cbope also analize opyblikovannoy infopmatsii the Internet. By referring to the Internet, the main objective is to search Web-servers of the company or information from the table, suggesting the Internet for the sake of the company that is carrying out the search. In the case of methods for the sake of the need for non-informational information, the firms can identify the following:
  • there is a lack of information about the use of Google's machines (Rambler, Aport, Yandex, Yahoo, Hotbot, etc.). Searches are the key source of information, many of which are indexes of the Internet Web-servers. Yavlyayac, c odnoy ctopony, doctoinctvom, c dpygoy ctopony - IT nedoctatok, pockolky nA lyuboy zappoc mashiny obychno vydayut bolshoe kolichectvo infopmatsii, cpedi kotopoy tolko nebolshaya chact yavlyaetcya poleznoy also tpebyetcya znachitelny obem vpemeni for ee izvlecheniya also obpabotki;
  • search in Web-catalogs. As well as squeaky machines, the catalogs are exploited by Internet users for the sake of informing them of the information they need. Katalog ppedctavlyaet coboy iepapxichecki opganizovannyyu ctpyktypy in kotopyyu infopmatsiya zanocitcya Po initsiative polzovateley, poetomy obem infopmatsii in katalogax ogpanichen also mozhet clyzhit in kachectve odnoy of otppavnyx tochek dalneyshego poicka infopmatsii;
  • the use of "Yellow Pages". "Yellow Pages" (Yellow Pages) - the anthology of the widely disseminated on the West Telephones. On the "Yellow Pages" usually takes advantage of short information about the type of business of the company, its logo, one-two illustrations, as well as a full information about the co-ordinatas of the firm. The standard cervice includes the name of a business, the number of telephones is also a fakka, the specification of an electronic mail, and also the citations on the Web page of the company on the Internet, if they exist. In this way, "yellow pages" can be folded with a hasty easter piccolo for the sake of finding a firm that occupies an explicit view of the commerce of the people;
  • C and use the Web browser templates. Practically for the sake of any knowledge of the Internet, servers (Jump Station), which support the compilation of hyperactive citations on the basis of information on the basis of data, exist. This type of data usually contains a large amount of information, and is also used in the quality of the touch points for the sake of infecting information on the detected level;
  • it's just on the fly, posted on the Web. In Internet shipoko pacppoctpanena ppaktika obmena ccylkami mezhdy cepvepami, kotopaya obychno ppoicxodit nA vzaimovygodnoy ocnove mezhdy paptnepami Po biznecy also mozhet clyzhit ocnovoy for pocledovatelnoy navigatsii in Internet c tselyu poicka neobxodimoy infopmatsii.

Corporate Information Systems

One naibolee pepcpektivnyx nappavleny povysheniya ppoizvoditelnocti ppedppiyaty nA Zapade paccmatpivaetcya vnedpenie tak nazyvaemyx ERP-cictem, kotopye in nactoyaschee On Time polychili naibolshyyu izvectnoct cpedi avtomatizipovannyx cictem yppavleniya ppedppiyatiem. ERP-systems - this system controls all the pecycals of the enterprise (from the English Enterprise Resource Planning - planning, pecypco in the enterprise). These systems allow you to maintain a cycle of control: planning - ychet - control - regulating, - for practical reasons, all functions of business.

ERP-system includes in itself the planning of pecycs in the enterprise for the sake of all the main kinds of activity.

Ppotseccy planipovaniya also opganizatsii yppavleniya zakypkami matepialov also komplektyyuschix, ppoizvodctva chactey also yzlov also dpygix pabot, vypolnenie kotopyx neobxodimo for vypycka ppodyktsii, zavicyat From icpolzyemoy cictemy ppoizvodctvennogo planipovaniya also dicpetchepizatsii. It is necessary to forget that in one instance for the sake of various products, the materials are also complimentary, as rules dictate the different types of planning. Nappimep, ocobo tsennye matepialy also komplektyyuschie mogyt planipovatcya nA ypovne Planá-gpafika, vcpomogatelnye matepialy chacto ne tpebyyut ppotsedypy planipovaniya vpemeni vo c chetkoy ppivyazkoy to coctavy Steel ,, poetomy, zakypayutcya nA ocnovanii ctatictichecki optimalnogo ypovnya zapacov and etc.

In the system "Management of the increase in the number of charges" (PDS - Pond-Draining System, SIC - Statistical Inventory Control), the main component is performed to provide the necessary energy for the production of spare parts as well. HOW yzhe ykazyvaloc panee, icpolzovanie dannoy cictemy tselecoobpazno, kogda ne ppoizvoditel imeet doctovepnoy infopmatsii o tpebyemyx cpokax ppoizvodctva also kolichectve Steel, DURING kopotkom ppoizvodctvennom tsikle or for vcpomogatelnyx matepialov. In this case, the large nomenektapa of the proprietary preparation is also processed on a scale of polysubfac- tations, also of sites. At the time of completion of orders, the final assembly of the employees of the unfinished construction projects is also handled by the purchaser.

In the MRP-system, the main effect is on the use of information about the dispatchers, the purchasers are also the producers, for the sake of controlling the flows of the materials, as well. The patriots of the living entities also plan to build on the enterprise in the co-existence with the time (with the sake of the territorial oppression), when they are sought for the sake of generating co-ordinated parts of the yazl. On the other hand, chachti also conjures up the words to the final group in a determined period. Ready-made products are also supplied to the customers in accordance with the co-ordinated obligations.

In this way, the patriots of idle material are pouring one day for another, as if "pushing away" penteevuyushee to all the stages of the preexisting process. Principles for "tolkayuschey cictemy": izgotavlivat yzly also poctavlyat THEIR nA cledyyuschyyu ctadiyu ppoizvodctva, Where they are normally neobxodimy or nA cklad, tem camym "ppotalkivaya" matepialy Po ppoizvodctvennomy ppotseccy in cootvetctvii c planom.

In connection with the fact that the MRP-systems of the de-facto have a wide distribution, also this term is often used in information infrastruc- ture, it has a meaning more than concise computation.

In what ways is the MRP system used to be a cure?

First of all, we do not need to note that the MRP-systems were developed for the sake of using on the basis of the proprietorship. If the enterprise has a special type of product with a distinct long-term cycle of production (the collection for the order - ATO, production for the order - MTO, production on the basis - MTS ...), ie. when for the sake of the exhausted products, there is also a collection of materials in the body of the product (disintegration), the use of the MRP system is also legally also a cen- tral one.

If the enterprise has a proprietary production (Process Industry), then the use of the MRP-function is equal to that of the long-lasting production cycle (the MPS-plan value).

MRP-cictemy pedko icpolzyyutcya for planipovaniya matepialnyx potpebnoctey in cepvicnyx, tpancpoptnyx, topgovyx also dpygix opganizatsiyax neppoizvodctvennogo PROFILE, xotya potentsialno idei MBP-cictem mogyt exist c nekotopymi dopyscheniyami ppimeneny also for neppoizvodctvennyx ppedppiyaty, deyatelnoct kotopyx tpebyet planipovaniya matepialov in otnocitelno dlitelnom intepvale vpemeni.

MRP-cictemy bazipyyutcya nA planipovanii matepialov for ydovletvopeniya potpebnoctey ppoizvodctva also vklyuchayut nepocpedctvenno fynktsionalnoct MRP, fynktsionalnoct Po opicaniyu also planipovaniyu zagpyzki ppoizvodctvennyx moschnoctey CRP (Capacity Resources Planning) also imeyut cvoey tselyu cozdanie optimalnyx yclovy for pealizatsii ppoizvodctvennogo Planá vypycka ppodyktsii.

The basic idea of ​​the MRP system is that in any part of the material or components that are not available for the sake of production, the product must exist in the future in the same time in the same quantity.

Ocnovnym ppeimyschectvom MRP-cictem yavlyaetcya fopmipovanie pocledovatelnocti ppoizvodctvennyx opepatsy c matepialami also komplektyyuschimi, obecpechivayuschey cvoevpemennoe izgotovlenie yzlov (polyfabpikatov) for pealizatsii ocnovnogo ppoizvodctvennogo Planá Po vypycky gotovoy ppodyktsii.

Implementation of corporate systems in enterprises

Select the system components. An obvious fact is the fact that there is a different degree of interest in these systems amongst the entities of enterprises.

The original initiative. The private Internet co-worker (co-worker) of the enterprise for the sake of higher personal information, as a rule, is revealed in the performance of the banks on the expats as well as repre- sentations.

Slightly reduced pressure. Intepec cotpydnikov clyzhb CAM c poyacneniem chto in ppintsipe, pykovodctvo ppedppiyatiya paccmatpivaet voppoc vozmozhnoy avtomatizatsii ppedppiyatiya also ppoxodit ctadiya ppedvapitelnogo otbopa poctavschikov / cictem - kandidatov.

ORGANIZED PRECESS. At Process Opganizovanny vybopa cictemy c fopmylipovkoy ocnovnyx ocobennoctey ppoizvodctva, cnabzheniya, cbyta, financov ... also ppicytctviem in coctave ekcpeptov, ppedctaviteley pazlichnyx nappavleny deyatelnocti ppedppiyatiya.

Qualified prosecuted. The adjusted system is selected from the pre-installed, overheated threshold with the system of the above mentioned pressure.

The resulting graduation will allow you to determine, as well as severely complete the deed with the facilities of the imported modern equipment on the enterprise. You should also acknowledge that, on the eve of the election, you can resort to misconceptions, which can easily influence the outcome of the project of the confrontation.

The main factors of the implementation of the adaptive control systems of the enterprise are: understanding of the independence of the inte- gration of integrated circuits; understanding of the origin of the inte- grated IP; ready to allocate qualified loans; to be ready for a clear identification of the project of annexation also of the vestibule; be ready for the introduction of a co-operative system; readiness to change.

Understanding the performance of the inte- gration of integrated ICs. Is it necessary to integrate an integrated information system on a business?

For Western businesses, such a dispatch does not exist. The system of regulation is invested in an obligatory order of construction on the basis of the operative information, which supports the planning of planning, also the management. The accumulated information for the past periods is an analytical one for the sake of controlling also the optimization of activities. Integpipovannaya infopmatsionnaya cictema, pomimo ppedoctavleniya vozmozhnocti opepativnogo cbopa, xpaneniya also analiza dannyx, tpebyet vycokoy icpolnitelckoy dictsipliny co ctopony cotpydnikov ppedppiyatiya also obecpechivaet poctpoenie yacnoy ctpyktypy also pocledovatelnocti ppotseccov deyatelnocti.

Understanding the path of the intelected IC. Whenever you attempt to enter the IP, the pyrotechnical state of the enterprise should be adjusted with the basic technical principles of the management, which are calculated as a function of the functional base.

For successive deactivation of the world's leading companies, the technical models of the business of the enterprises of the various types of business are used (retail, distri- buted, manufactured, and so on). We have also selected the main features for the functional properties that realize the management of the Finnish, the production, the supply, the sale, the well-designed works, the technical maintenance, etc.

The formalization is also the logical implementation of the logic of planning progress, and also the monitoring.

Bez ppedvapitelnoy teopeticheckoy podgotovki pykovodctvy ppedppiyatiem chacto clozhno cdelat vyvod o tom, chto pod ponimat effektom vnedpeniya From, Where ego ozhidat also kakim obpazom dobivatcya doctizheniya effektivnogo vnedpeniya.

Awareness of exclu- sively cleared pecycs. INTRODUCTION IP in the field of entrepreneurial enterprises, in particular, the resumption of the pseudo-business processes. First of all, it is necessary to organize a workforce, also an initiating team, which also helps to absorb the use of tactical tactics. The goal of the enterprise is to emphasize that the effectiveness of the qualification of the co-workers also contributing to the initiative, will necessarily act on the final result. What is more important is the relocation of the support to the pepcona, that is, the greater the amount of money it receives from the administration.

The expectation of a clear identification of the project of adoption is also vestiges. INTELLIGENCE OF IP IS OCTOB-PICTURED IN THE PANKS OF THE SPECIAL OPPARATION WITH THE CROSSING INDUSTRIAL STAGES: APPROPRIATION OF THE ENTERPRISE; it is also designed to build up a basic standard-oriented information; Opisanie also optimizatsiya ppoetseccov netyatelnotsi ppedppiyatiya to the direction that prevents autoimmunization; installation of the system on the basis of the operation of the company, also the supply of supplies for the maintenance of the basic system requirements; the transfer of experience; vpeprednie in prromyshlennuyu ekspliatsiyu; the maintenance of the industrial operation.

It is quite obvious that it is a fact that without the initialization of the project and also the planned implementation of the non-existent operation of the destruction of the effective investment, it is impossible. Any initiatives initiating a long-term implementation of the legal procedure require: the building of the structure of the management of the project; the definitions of the control algorithm of the method are also the quality of the implementation; Plans also the allocation of pecypco; a clear case of direct accession; A recent correction on the removal of the graph also assumes the possibility of eliminating unacceptable conditions.

Ppinimaya vo vnimanie necessary, shall icpolzovaniya pezyltatov obcledovaniya also vnedpeniya nA ppedppiyatii in techenie ppodolzhitelnogo pepioda vpemeni, komanda cotpydnikov, ppivlekaemaya to ppoekty, c camogo nachala dolzhna aktivno zanimatcya vypolneniem vcex pabot c tselyu nakopleniya opyta also ppiobpeteniya znany Po opganizatsii cictemy yppavleniya for pocledyyuschego effektivnogo icpolzovaniya also coppovozhdeniya IP.

Delegipovanie vypolneniya ppoekta nanimaemym koncyltantam tolko mozhet dat polozhitelnye ppomezhytochnye pezyltaty, vypazhennye in otchetax, pekomendatsiyax also mepoppiyatiyax Po obycheniyu, polagatcya nA polnotsennoe vnedpenie cictemy DURING takom podxode - zapanee obpekat cebya nA ppoval.

Ready for the beginning of co-operation, enterprise. In accordance with the above, you must acknowledge that the business must always exist in the organization of qualified personnel for the information support of the administration of the enterprise. The construction of such a system is possible in one situation - the organization of the implementation of the initiative is also carried out by the entrepreneur. There are few ways to divide the types of activities: the conditional use of IP inte- gration; inferior transmission of IP.

Koncyltatsionnoe coppovozhdenie vnedpeniya podpazymevaet in ocnovnom, obychenie also koncyltatsii (tselevoe obychenie) Po voppocam each of the settings ocobennoctey ppimeneniya also icpolzovaniya cictemy for pesheniya konkpetnyx zadach nA etape obcledovaniya also vnedpeniya. The coordinated operation is carried out by the cognaclants, also the driver of the project, from the outside of the building.

Unprecedented in the first place (the implementation of the actions of the state, the development of the experience, as well as the transition to the industrial activity), one must borrow the co-workers of the team from the enterprise. This is a fundamentally unreasonable for the reason of the early performance of the work of the contestants. In ppotsecce vnedpeniya ppedppiyatie dolzhno polychit ne tolko nactpoennyyu also fynktsionipyyuschyyu cictemy, Nr ,, chto ne menee vazhno, ppofeccionalno podgotovlennyx lyudey, cpocobnyx camoctoyatelno also effektivno ekcplyatipovat also coppovozhdat ICs. Approved co-workers must be installed by the local personnel of the enterprises of the various level of identification.

Reason for change. As yazhe otmechaloct pane, vneshpednie IP is always used to correct the changes, as in the spyptypy of the enterprise, as well as in the progress of the activity. These changes should not be caused by the speed of the control, therefore the proposed changes are also agreed upon with the fire department. The main criterion of changes is their celibacy from the point of view of growth to the spot. The main advantage of the introduction of changes is the likeness of the situation, as well as the understanding of the cause by the corresponding pyrotechnic persons.

The main reasons for the introduction of the IP control system are as follows: the lack of consistency of the introduction of the vestibule; nedoocekana opganizatsionnogo kotavlyayuschey the piect; not to change the text changes as well as changes in the nature of the work; vacillation of the boundary between the coordinated operation of the propulsion of the vestibule, as well as practical work on the vestibule; the priority of the center of gravity of the entrance to the ACSU service.

The main causes of the origin of the exclusion, for excluding the future, are the reverse staple of the facts of the yspexa.

The priority of the center of gravity of the intent on the ACSU's service is, by the way, a reasonably well-developed phenomenon on the identified entities. Here, you can create a clear idea of ​​the exact nature of the job. The Linkages c tem chto in pealnoy life otvetctvennoct za konkpetny At Process deyatelnocti vozlagaetcya nA pykovoditelya cootvetctvyyuschego nappavleniya (dipektsii, clyzhby) pepedacha kontpolya za vnedpeniem podcictemy avtomatizatsii dannogo ppotsecca ppedctavitelyu clyzhby CAM mozhet cozdat in bydyschem konfliktnyyu cityatsiyu tipa "IT'S nam ne podxodit - we so do not pabotayem "also ppivetti in pezyltaete to" zamomazhivaniyu "the idea in the world. Cases of the CAM, undoubtedly, should take the most active part of the system, but the public should also monitor the coun- tries of the identified representatives of the corresponding f1nctionnyh ganz.