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Calculator calculating the payment for an apartment in Kiev

We bring to your attention a calculator for calculating the monthly rent for an apartment in Kiev, introduced from December 1, 2006, based on the tariffs accepted by Kyivrada deputies and signed by our "All Beloved" Kyiv Mayor, Leonid Chernovetsky
Uv. Kyivans, it's not so simple with a calculator.
"Fork" tariffs are diverse and it is very difficult to understand it.
So to take into account all tariffs is not yet possible.
This calculator is only a partial indicator of price dynamics.
The team of enthusiasts is working on additional functions. Thank you for understanding!

The calculator works stably only in Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher. excuse me
Number of registered in the apartment: human
Rent my
m 2 Грн.
water supply
water supply
Heating Apartment area
(2.24 hryvnia per meter 2 per month.)
Attention! Do not forget to add to it electricity, gas and house. phone
print out
Tariffs are taken from open sources, and therefore the author does not bear any responsibility for the irresponsible actions of deputies.
Pay attention, not 3grn, but 2.82grn, not 13grn, but 12.86grn. Our deputies, just some mathematical geniuses in the calculations. :about)

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