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Battle City [PC]

Battle City (eight-bit tanks)

Battle City ("Battle City") - known in Russia and the CIS countries as "tanchiki." One of the first games for the NES platform. Its predecessor was the arcade game Tank Battalion, released by Namco in 1980.

The action range is visible from above. The player must, controlling his tank, destroy all enemy tanks at the level that gradually appear from the north of the playing field. Enemies are trying to destroy the player’s base (at the bottom of the playing field in the form of an eagle) and his tank. At each level, you need to destroy twenty enemy armored vehicles of various types. If the enemy can destroy the base or deprive the player of all lives - the game is lost.

The game consists of 35 basic levels. Level - a square box of 169 sectors (13 × 13). With the passage of 35 levels, they begin anew, but enemy combat units have more health, and a bonus appears when they hit them.

Enemy tanks:
There are four types that differ in speed and durability:
ordinary tank (100 points);
armored personnel carrier, which is characterized by increased speed (200 points);
rapid-fire tank (300 points);
a heavy tank (armored car), which can be destroyed in four hits (the tank changes color depending on the remaining strength) (400 points).

Fourth, eleventh and eighteenth tanks, regardless of type, appear iridescent colors. If a player enters such a tank, a bonus appears on the card. In the event that the "bonus" tank is a heavy tank, one hit into it for a bonus to appear. If you do not take a bonus before the appearance of a new overflowing tank, then the bonus disappears.

When playing alone on the map there are no more than four enemy tanks at the same time; when playing together no more than six. A total of twenty enemy tanks on the level.

Tank ("life"). Adds a player one life.
Five-pointed star (medal). Improves the player's tank (one star - the speed of the projectiles increases; two stars - you can take two shots until they reach the obstacle; three stars - the tank can pierce concrete walls).
Hand grenade ("bomb"). Blasts enemy tanks on the map. No points are given for this.
Watch`. For a while, stops the enemies and their shooting.
Spade Temporarily makes a brick wall of the Concrete Headquarters, which protects it from enemy projectiles.
Helmet. Temporarily makes the player's tank invulnerable.

In just one level, it is possible to get three bonuses. Taking a bonus brings 500 points. The bonus appears after hitting a flashing tank. These tanks appear fourth, twelfth and eighteenth tanks in the overall sequence.

It should be noted that initially the developers laid the possibility of two more bonuses (a place in the CHR ROM allowed). At least, the graphics of one bonus (in the form of a pistol) were always present in the original game, and the graphics of the second bonus became a drop, which could appear only when showing a secret message from the developer. Moreover, the bonus appearance algorithm is such that initially it was possible to get the bonus index from the pseudo-random number generator, and then select from the array directly into the ROM: .BYTE 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3.

As you can see, the last two bonuses were replaced with, respectively, a hand grenade and a clock. Therefore, they are statistically more common.

Battle City was one of the first games where two could play at the same time. Both tanks appeared at headquarters. If another player gets into the tank of one player, he stops for a while on the spot.

The Game Boy version of Battle City is more complicated, since the map does not fully fit on the display. Therefore, while the player is in some corner of the map, it is possible that one of the enemy’s tanks will pick up to the base and destroy it. This is compensated by the radar, which is not in the NES version, as well as by the possibility to stop the game and examine the playing field, “tearing” the camera away from the player’s tank.

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Battle City [PC] (eight-bit tanks) Battle City [PC] (eight-bit tanks) Battle City [PC] (eight-bit tanks)
Battle City [PC] (eight-bit tanks) Battle City [PC] (eight-bit tanks) Battle City [PC] (eight-bit tanks)