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Gambling is a game of chance. Symbiosis Online Lotto and Online Casino

ИГРУН - азартные игры разума. Симбиоз интернет лото и интернет казино

"IGRUN" is a symbiosis of the Internet lotto with intuitive games and an online casino with a complex management system.

The slogan of the project is "Honest Gambling" , not just words! The presence of an undeniable proof of honesty in the form of receiving an encrypted answer before the bet (MD5) + ZIP archive, in each game, confirms the absence of fraud!

Post 777 Sapper Under and over the family Kamikaze Sapper Professional Safe (bulls and cows) Point 21 Sapper crazy Swamp land Poker on the Bones Lotto Rock Paper Scissors Game More less Crown and Anchor Reversi on-line game Lines Tournament Game Alic Star wars Russian roulette Game Bomb Game Virus Game Fool Game of Sokdia EDCs game Kamikaze 2 Game Battleship Play Dominoes Game Well, wait! Thimbles game Play Your business heads or tails Egypt

Exclusive games, automatic registration of the player at the first game, the presence of conclusive evidence of the honesty of all represented games - "MD5 + ZIP control of non-interference", high payout (> 90%), instant input / output - only a partial list of pleasantly pleasing, distinctive features of the project.

A real gambling is a game with probability theory and luck, rather than tuning a gaming machine!

It was not difficult to predict that offline restrictions for the gaming business would lead to its migration to the virtual space. This is what happens. The network not only copies real machines and casinos , but also enters into direct competition, attracting players with its advantages.

Gambling - mind gambling

The new project "Igrun" came out with the slogan "Honest Gambling", which it tries to confirm with special methods. For example, the possibility of obtaining an encrypted response before the bet. The project in itself is not just a game, but a symbiosis of casinos and lotto, intuitive games and a complex management scheme.

It is declared that 96% of the funds here are returned to the players in the form of a win. For a real casino such an indicator is unimaginable, for a network business - it is quite real.

All games are written specifically for the "IGRUN" project and are subject to probability theory. "IGRUN" is a game of chance with luck and logic, and not with the setting up of one or another automated element.

For WEB-masters and owners of network resources an attractive " Affiliate Program " is implemented.

Game: Sapper

Rules: Mining field 7x7, 11 min. Mine away! The player has the ability to open any cell by clicking it with the left mouse button. If the opening cell contains a mine, you lose. If there are no mines, a number will appear in the cell, which indicates how many mines are in eight adjacent cells. To mark a cell in which, in your opinion, the mine is located, right-click (or Shift + left button). Open - the left button (the cell should not be labeled). Open a block of adjacent cells - the left button on a cell with a number, if the corresponding number of mines is marked for it.

Game: Sea battle (between players or with a bot)

Rules: the playing field of 10 * 10 for each player with a fleet on it (1 four-deck, 2 three-deck, 3 double-deck and 4 single-decker ships). Ships are placed on the field randomly before the game starts. Ships do not have contact points on the sides, nor do they bend or stand diagonally.

Game: Well, wait!

Rules: the classic game Well, wait, in which the wolf catches eggs. The task of the player is to guess (catch) 1 egg on each of 10 moves. With each turn, the coefficients and, accordingly, the gain increase. Stop and pick up the winnings at any time (except for the game with additional risk). From 1 to 6 the course of eggs falls to 3, and from 7 to 10 the stroke is already 2. The broken eggs in the game do not matter if the current loss of one of the eggs is guessed (the basket of the wolf is directed correctly). You can stop at any turn and pick up the win using the FIX button.

Game: Eagle or Tails

Rules: An ancient game, known in many countries. After selecting the option (Eagle or tails) and betting begins the game. Winning multiplies the bet by a factor of 1.9.

Game: Thimbles

Rules: an old game. In the game it is necessary to guess under which of the three thimbles is the ball. Winning multiplies the bet by the corresponding coefficient. The coefficient for playing with one ball is 2.25. The coefficient for playing with two balls is 1.4.

Game: Stone ... Scissors ... Paper ...

Rules: Clear and well-known game-counters. A win or draw multiplies the bet by the corresponding coefficient. The stone breaks the scissors, the scissors cut the paper, the paper covers the stone. The same sign is a draw.

Game: The Kamikaze

Rules: A field of 10 rows of 5 cells. Each row has 1 mine. Go as high as possible, moving from the bottom up. You can stop at any turn and pick up the win using the STOP button.