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Pokemon GO: How to develop Pokemon

Pokemon GO: Как развивать покемонов

As you know, in the traditional game "Pokémon" the level of Pokémon increased in numerous battles. However, Pokemon Go developers initially made it more peaceful. The value of the battles in the new toy is greatly diminished and it is possible to develop the Pokemon in other ways.


For starters - about candy . In Pokemon Go, you simply get them with every pokemon caught or hatched from the egg. In addition, the sweaters are also distributed by the Professor in exchange for the Pokemon. Accordingly, a conclusion from this what? Right! The more pokemon caught or “went out”, the more candies received. Even for the most unnecessary Pokemon, you can still get candy. How many? Each time in different ways, depending on the type of pokemon. Recall: for a pokemon, you get candies exclusively of the same type.

You should not first spend the candy to strengthen Pokemon, at least until reaching level 10. The improvement of CP and other parameters will be spent not only on candies, but also on star dust ( 600 units ), which is mined by means of catching Pokemon .

The power of the pokemon in the game interface of Pokemon Go is indicated by the graph above the CP indicator. Note also that by developing a pokemon, you increase its combat potential ( CP points ). The farther to the right is the white point, the stronger the pokemon. Also, knowledgeable gamers do not recommend spending on a pokemon candy until it finally develops. For the simple reason that it is not always clear who will develop a pokemon.

Try to evolve your strong pokemon at a higher level. The ideal option would be to have at least one strong main Pokémon with a good powerful attack and high CP parameters. Simply put, you should always develop a pokemon more powerful by nature than to invest in pumping the weak. In this case, you can improve it to an even more powerful form, as well as enhance it with sweets and star dust. For example, in this regard, Pigi is better than Pidzheotto.

Pokemon GO: Как развивать покемоновPokemon GO: Как развивать покемонов

Now about the quantity. In exchange for Kakuna, 4 Widl type candies are given in the game. However, let's act a little differently. Here is a short list of Pokemon with the "exchange rate" for candy, which is currently in effect at Pokemon Go. To make it clearer, how many Pokémon need to be caught and exchanged (1 transaction) in order to fully develop a Pokémon of a certain type using the received candies:

  • 7 transactions -> Rattata, Ivi.
  • 13 transactions -> Spirou, Ikans, Pikachu, Sendshru, Klefeyri, Vulpiks, Dzhigglipuf, toothed, Paras, Venonat, Diglett, Meowth, Psidak, Monkey, growl, Tentakul, Ponita, sloupoki, Magnemayt, Dodo Forces Graymer, Shellder, Drouzi, Krabbi, Voltorb, Ekzegut, Kubon, Koffing, Rajhorn, Horsey, Goldin, Staruyu, Omanayt and Kabuto.
  • 16 transactions -> Caterpie, Vidle, Pigi.
  • 25 transactions -> Ivizavr, Charmeleon, Vartortl, Metapod, Kakuna, Pidzheotto, Nidorino, Nidorina, Glum, Vipinbell, Polivirl, Kadabra, Macauk, Graveler, Honter and Dragonone.
  • 32 transactions -> Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtl, Nidoran (oboe), Oddish, Bellspraut, Polivag, Abra, Machop, Geodud, Gastly and Dratini.
  • 100 transactions -> MagicCarp.
If you have matured in a Pokemon GO to develop a pokemon, then it is better to start with a Happy Egg!

For example, Ivy is evolving generally at random. That is, Ivy can turn into Jolteon, Vaporeon or Flareon, but in this case the player cannot choose the most suitable Pokemon for himself. It is believed that each of these three Pokemon will sooner or later be caught in the game, but only after reaching a certain level. Therefore, if Ivy didn’t develop the necessary evolution from the first time, then you can just wait.

A developed pokemon is 500 exp points at once, and Happy Egg doubles that amount. those. you immediately get 1000 xp.

Also, the game features a transfer mechanic, through which you can give ( sell ) unwanted pets, getting one candy for it. This is a great way to get rid of weak creatures, extracting many benefits from them. For the transfer, you need to select the Pokemon you want to exchange, scroll down and click the corresponding “Transfer” button. It will be located after the map where you caught the pokemon.

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