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Drawing inscriptions and pictures on flowers.
Know-how in the flower business.
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Talking flowers. Technology drawing inscriptions and pictures on the flowers.

I want to talk about a really working flower business that brings me several thousand dollars a month. Once I had a small flower shop, and not long ago, shoppers who saw this in America prompted me to a new idea.

A few years ago I had a point selling flowers near the metro station Yelizarovskaya. She brought me $ 500 a month, half the flowers were spoiled, and in general I still wonder how much money I had for my life. And somehow I became interested in the inscriptions and pictures on the flowers. My buyers who saw this in America prompted me to this idea.

In the beginning, I did not attach much importance, but somehow before Valentine's Day, I saw a batch of roses with images of Cupid with an arrow from a wholesaler who imports flowers in bulk. Images on flowers looked so natural, as if they were born that way. I took a little on trial and .... I sold everything on the first day and it is only on the eve of the holiday! Immediately ordered a bigger party, and again everything is sold! I have a rather trusting relationship with the supplier of these flowers and, as if by chance, I wondered where I got the pier, how they parted and found out that a party of 10,000 roses had gone in 2 days! And this is with the increase in the price of these roses in 1 dollar! 10.000 for 2 days! This is where the money rush took me. And now everything is in order ...

Through the Internet, I found several ways of applying images to flowers , namely:
1. American Speaking Roses technology (laser printing ... the quality is excellent, only one-color printing), a franchise and equipment for Russia costs about 500,000 bucks !!! naturally expensive ... By the way, it has already been bought by the Ukrainian company “Rozi Shchya Spread”

2. Chinese inkjet for direct printing on flowers - the quality is full color, not bad, but again there are many difficulties. Since at that time the only available option for me was this printer, I bought one such for 3000 bucks. The program serves it half in Chinese - a familiar programmer has been familiar with setting up for almost a week. Very low print speed — each bud needs to be smeared with a special gel, three pieces are loaded into the printer — that is, three flowers must be printed for five to seven minutes, and the flowers are different, they are difficult to sort so that the print is sufficiently clear — as a result, if you have place of marriage - the flower had to just throw out. Under such circumstances, to earn on it more or less decent money is not possible.

3. I continued searching and, thanks to my efforts, I found a way out ... As they say, the problem is a hidden opportunity, because in my case the problem was not the possibility of applying images to flowers, but in a laborious, unreliable and not productive process associated with direct printing on the flowers. Brilliant turned out to be simple as always! I solved all my problems with a simple technology of applying images to flowers - the technology of using a SPECIAL SELF-ADHESIVE MATERIAL, produced in the USA, on which a conventional inkjet prints (using Hewlett-Packard and Leksmark photo). This material is an absolute novelty in the floristic market and has no analogues.

The image is printed on a superfine basis, specially made for sticking on the petals of natural flowers - roses and any other colors. For some ten minutes you can make up to three thousand images, after which the image is cut approximately along the contour and pasted on the petal.

Everything ... The material itself is completely invisible on the flower. This is a kind of know-how , ... since when transferring to a flower, the material itself is not visible (neither along the contours, nor in the spans of letters), but only a clear colorful image is visible, which is much better than using a Chinese printer.

Flower business. Inscription on the flowers.

The image is full-color, clear - even a photograph, even a drawing, a logo or an inscription. One person has time to easily stick images on a dozen colors per minute, while at the same time, the image can be removed for a while, so if you accidentally paste the wrong picture onto the wrong flower, you will not have to throw it away. Write me and I will send you photos of my work and acquaint you with all the details of this business.

In addition, the cost of these images is ten times less than any other method of applying images, and the quality and convenience is incomparably higher. The cost price is approximately equal to $ 0.02 (!) Apiece. I realize 0.2-0.5 per image. I deliver to my customers A4 sheets. On one such sheet 120 - 240 images fit, here and count for yourself ...

Images can be different, in the form of words-wishes, confessions, pictures, logos, photos, in general, all that can be printed on a regular printer.

Major customers are flower manufacturers; wholesalers and retailers of flowers and accessories; Online shopping floristic orientation; advertising companies; companies associated with the wedding service; PR departments of companies; photo studios ... the field of activities is simply huge! For example, there are almost as many flower spots in a city as there are grocery ones.

I have so far managed to master a small part of this list, but I can say that with the exception of isolated cases - all those who have tried my products at least once - become regular customers .

I buy the material directly from the manufacturer and since I myself am not able to make the momentum that he can give me, I decided to offer this idea to all those who want to open a similar business in their region and earn very well. There are no problems with sales, business is conducted easily, there is no need for any special knowledge or equipment, there is no competition either.

If you are interested in this topic, please contact me, I will bring you up to date on this matter and help you get started. I am sure that everyone who is looking for a real business with minimal investment and the desire to earn a lot of money (in a niche that is not yet occupied!) In such a huge and interesting market as floristics , as well as those associated with flowers; advertising; photos, etc. This idea will not leave you indifferent.

I am pleased to answer all your questions and help with the organization of the case.

Author: Nikolay