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Home ZOO business. A good opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

Author: Andrey Koval

The idea is not new, but for pet lovers will have to like.

Who only in childhood did not dream to get a dog, fish or parrot. And when you matured, it was not up to you, now you are thinking about where to make money , what to do to create your own business . You have such an opportunity to catch up and get a good profit. And if you have children, then no doubt you will find support in the family, and besides, there is someone to care for them.

You can breed cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, canaries, etc. But I want to mention only the most promising types of pets, which can be bred at home and receive a good income and great pleasure from it.

Breeding chinchillas. First of all, chinchillas are valued for their valuable fur. The cost of a chinchilla fur coat is measured in tens of thousands of dollars. Chinchilla skins cost about $ 40. The demand for skins is huge.

Well, if you feel sorry for ruining such cute little animals, you can breed them for sale, which cost from $ 80 to $ 180. It is possible to sell them through ads in the newspaper or to take to the pet store for half the price.

Chinchilla. The size of chinchillas is 2-3 times smaller than rabbits. They eat like rabbits only 10 times less. It is so easy to engage in breeding chinchillas that it is accessible to everyone, and it is possible to do this even in an apartment (there is no unpleasant smell from them, as from hamsters). One female brings about 3-5 chinchillas per year, respectively, 10 females can bring about 40 chinchillas. Further consider, what income is provided to you.

Dog breeding. In this case, it will be about decorative dogs, such as Chihuahua and Toy Terriers (pocket dogs).

Toy Terrier

The weight of these dogs from 800 gr. up to 2 kg. What makes these breeds better than others? On this account I can name two good reasons:
- small-sized dogs (pocket), respectively, take up little space and eat little;
- the cost of puppies ranges from $ 1000.

Having at least one puppy available, the profit is 1-3 thousand cu. per year, you provided. And if you have several. ...

Even if you have a dog, then according to all the rules after mating, the owner of the second half is obliged to give you one puppy or a monetary equivalent (as agreed).

Breeding aquarium fish .
Of course, it is possible to breed guppies, neons, swordsmen, but you will not get much profit from this. I propose to breed "kings of aquariums" - Discussions.

If you think that the content of the aquarium is quite a troublesome thing, then you are greatly mistaken. The technology is now developing in all sectors, including the aquarium business: filters, heaters, compressors, lighting timers, etc. Even to clean the aquarium will not give you labor.

The sizes of discus are up to 20 cm in diameter, and have the most diverse colors. The cost of a one-year-old discus is $ 100, and two months from $ 10. The rarer breeds of discus, respectively, are even more expensive - $ 500. such as pigeon blood.

Pearl Discus.
Discuss "pigeon blood"
Leopard discus.

There are also drawbacks in this matter - you need to have a couple of aquariums (one for keeping 400 l., And the second for breeding 100 l.). Discussions are very fastidious fish, so it is necessary to breed them: read the literature and communicate with experts.

The female during spawning debugs from 60 to 600 eggs. It is impossible to keep such a number of discus in one aquarium;

Breeding parrots . Perhaps breeding wavy parrots, lovebirds, Corell. They are the most domesticated birds that breed in captivity.

You can ask the pet store, what they sell and what Photos of wavy parrots you will buy parrots. In all cases, even breeding the most inexpensive budgerigars is a fairly profitable business that you can start with three or five pairs. Each pair is capable of breeding two, three times a year, offspring (5-7 parrots). The more birds you have, the cheaper food will be for your pets.

For birds you need to build a spacious aviary, suitable for this purpose barn, garage, attic, etc. It must be remembered that the more spacious the cage / aviary, the less debris around, the bird grows healthy and large.

rabbit cages

Breeding rabbits accelerates . This type of business is suitable both for middle-class entrepreneurs and for owners of summer cottages on a farm. As we are talking about large scale - the construction of minifarm breeding rabbits accelerates.

The new technology summarizes the benefits of accelerated development and low costs. Its efficiency is almost 20 times higher than traditional rabbit breeding. The acceleration of animal growth greatly rejuvenates their meat, which in quality compares favorably with beef, pork, and lamb.

To get yourself a pet, you no longer need to buy expensive books. And all the instructions and tips on the breeding of certain pets, you can freely find on the Internet. Register on the forums, relevant topics and you will surely help the experts in your new hobby. But if you will be a burden even elementary actions, such as feeding or taking care of your pet, you may not even need to start.