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Business in the manufacture of mechanical anti-theft devices.

I want to offer to review your home business. All production is located in the apartment. On the design obtained US patents and certificates of Israel. Unfortunately, business is not free. We work as a family and I attract several people as needed. Business highly profitable by reducing all sorts of unnecessary costs.

Although taxes in Israel are among the highest in the world! Profitability is currently 40-45 percent.

The anti-theft system was developed by the engineer Mikhail Shtarbeker. The system was repeatedly tested and upgraded for several years, until it was fully tested. It should be noted, the design was successful. The system has been tested and approved for use in many countries around the world, including Russia.

Description of the mechanical anti-theft device.

Mechanical anti-theft system

The anti-theft system is functionally executed in the form of 2 separated blocks.
1. Blocking module to release the system.
2. Remote - turn off the system is located in the car.

When arming, it locks the circuit of the hydraulic brake of the car, and in the presence of a manual transmission, it is possible to connect the clutch hydraulic drive through the second circuit of the system. Modern modifications along with the brakes can control the engine compartment lock and starter interlock chains, the spark pump fuel pump, etc.

Disarming is carried out by means of a special code key with an individual code supplied with each system individually. The control code is programmed by the manufacturer. This makes it impossible to select a code. The signal from the control panel cannot be scanned due to the fact that during its operation it does not emit any signals that allow them to be scanned. And lastly, the power supply system needs ONLY disarming. To lock the brakes after the arming mode, does not need electricity.

Anti-theft system is absolutely safe to use . The presence of double protection against accidental power and the need to use a special key makes it impossible for the unauthorized arming of the system, and blocking the brakes when the vehicle is moving. In addition, the system is designed in such a way that even if unauthorized activation of the system occurs, this does not affect the operation of the brake system. Just by pressing the pedal the system will not unlock!

High reliability and originality of the design position the mechanical anti-theft system by one of the leaders of security automobile systems. The most expedient installation on cars from the so-called "risk group", but the moderate cost of the system makes it available for installation on all cars.

Costs and profits.

My equipment costs were around $ 10,000. since I was buying CNC equipment. This is a desktop version of a lathe. The same drilling and milling. All the equipment I purchased in St. Petersburg. All equipment class proffi! The rest comes with a set of documentation.

Upon request, I can provide a service in completing the necessary equipment. This is an option and turns out to be free as a gift and is not included in the package.

The cost price of the product in Israeli shekels is 1100 NIS minimum (depending on the configuration of the device). (the course for 02.02.2009. 3.8shek. = 1 dollar) The price for the final buyer is regulated ONLY by the manufacturer. On the basis of its additional costs and also appetisia! (as a recommendation - GREEDNESS in immediate return is NOT WELCOMED!)

Who is interested in cooperation write on Regards ! Engineer Mikhail Shtarbeker, Ashdod. Israel.

Author: Mikhail Shtarbeker